Wednesday, December 01, 2004

did you notice?

Two weeks ago, I noticed a different look on my choir leader. I don't know why, but I think there was a certain glow coming from his face. Well, maybe he was just using the latest facial product and it worked well for him. Maybe there was something that day but no changes on the following day. Or maybe he did have something going on with his life and it worked very well.

Now, did people notice the difference in me? Hmm.. these past few days, a dramatic change happened, not in my life, but in my thoughts. It racked the hell outta my brain. And the changes will take consequences very soon.

Let's see whether it's for the better of for the worse. Either how, I hope people do not notice it (then why the hell am I writing this fuckin' blog, then? :D), so that I can keep quiet and no questions will be asked.

Well, they didn't notice the changes should it be noticable last month!! That can shake the whole my world and no-one even notice. Two reasons. I hid it so bloody well, or they just didn't fuckin care.

The latter is the more possible thang. Hehehehe..


Anonymous said...

No, I didn't notice, but fuckin' care to.. Hehe.. I'm so not the one expected to notice and care for it,right?..

Anyway, what is it? what is it?..
Let me see.. were you thinking of doing a nose job? huauaha.. or some surgeries in unseen parts of your body? That's absolutely unnoticable.. but supposably profitable.. hiehiehie


Mike said...

If it's not in your word of saying, how should we know. Maybe it's your appearance so I am who are at the other side of the world don't recognize anything different in you. It doesn't mean I'm not care either.