Sunday, August 27, 2006

i shouldn't have titled the entry Project Runaway

I wrote a six-paragraph entry about how I wasn't sad that Robert Best was leaving Project Runway. My Firefox hung, I haven't saved it, it is now lost somewhere between my fingertips, through the LAN cable and the router, and Blogger server who knows where.

Shit. Crap. And insert other cursing words that of course I am not familiar with.. [Now insert Y!M-styled angelic emoticon.]

today's one liner

It's like falling completely in love all over again with YouTube after seeing this clip which I almost didn't believe that it coulda been there.

[for those of you who have trouble accessing youtube pages, it was one of the result when I did the search with keywords: good morning singin rain. If you know what I mean.]

Saturday, August 26, 2006

today's one liner

Should I cellotape my eyelashes up to keep my eyes open and watch Emmy awards?

Friday, August 25, 2006

on dates or something like it

Current books read: About a Boy by Nick Hornby. I told you so. - watched dvd: STOMP out loud. Amazing!!

Know what, having a date is like picking the right grooming product. It can smell good, look good, feel good, and appropriate for you .. But leave you in the morning with an iffy feeling and sure that it's best to call it off. At least that what happened to my last date shampoo picking.

I need one promptly. Because apparently, I have left one in my hotel room in Heidelberg. Mine was a Haut und Haar (Skin and Hair) product from Adidas. I always kinda worry everytime that I picked a 'this and that' grooming products. Shampoo and conditioner? Never bought one. But this Adidas thingie is so provocating. First it is said that it was developed with athletes. (WOW). Second, it smells good .. I mean sportily good. It can be a great weapon to combat my after-gym-hour sweat.

So I bought one. And also another one from Nivea with a gimmick saying it contains Aloe Vera.

I brought the Adidas bloke to Switzerland. But as I said, I left it in the bathroom in the hotel in Heidelberg. Unintentionally. Because yesterday I needed to hit the gym, I brought the Nivea bloke to my gym. I used both to wash my hair and skin.

The Adidas bloke is nice. Smells good. As I said previously, it is sporty and active without being over-the-top manly. It feels good. Soft, soothing and non-sticky. Produces enough bubble for the hair, and skin. The problem is, like other Adidas shower gel, it's too fluid. I think the engineers in Adidas did this on purpose .. you know, to let us finish it quickly. :( My hair, which is super spoiled and has dandruff, had no problems with it. It survived until the next hair-washing without without me scratching my hair and letting some pseudo-snow fall on my shoulders. Ew!

Enter the Nivea bloke. The one with Aloe Vera. Unlike the blue Adidas, it comes in a green color. I think it's for the sake of Aloe Vera. It's less fluid than the Adidas. Smells softer (but still sportively soothing). Good amount of bubble. The packaging, though, is not as good as Adidas bloke.

Then came this morning. This morning, I woke up with a terrible itch on my head. ITCH! OUCH! The itch was felt like an I-am-allergic-to-your-cat itch than I-need-to-change-my-undie itch. So I knew right away. It must have been the Nivea bloke. I rewash my hair with another shampoo and thank God, the itch was gone.

It was hard and awkward though. I know that we can't be together again. Well perhaps we still can be together, but I won't take it with me to my gym, to the pool, to the squash arena, or to other places where I need to bring only one bottle of grooming products to the shower room. It will still stand still in my bathroom though, because of Aloe Vera? Last time I heard it's still good for the skin as well. But not the skin up there on my head.

You will be missed, sweets!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

you know it's time to cut your hair when ...

[backstory for those who's interested: We were in Luzern. Or Lucerne in italian. Luzern is in Switzerland. The city has the best landscape ever. So fucking awesome. Anyway ....

The picture was taken after (1) I had a morning shower where I washed my hair (biggest mistake ever!). (2) We'd just finished a two hour ferry ride around the lake. That means .. (a) I had to stand outside (on the deck) because I shot like immensely many amount of pics. (b) For two hours the wind was playing my hair around. (3) There were no mirrors around. (4) My companions would have been dead-shocked if I primped myself in front of an exposed mirror or mirror-like. (5) I just took a picture of my companions and they weren't smiling. I would feel like an idiot if I decided to pull my cheeks farther up. (6) I hate posing. Especially when the shutter must be operated for some seconds. So. Long story short, look at the picture.

But for your eyes only, I was contemplating to post it here. But if you can't make fun of yourself, you won't be able to handle people that do. Just look at today's "today's one liner" post. Ohmigod, I was just having an Oprah moment.]

... you started to look like that gay guy from American Dreamz (with a zee). There are just too many tackiness in that sentence alone.
In LuzernCrap.

today's one liner

Oogling at Jake Shears in this clip, made me feel want to audition for Indonesian Idol and rock that stage badly (alright, I admit, pun intended).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

we drove almost one thousand kilometers to two different cities in switzerland ....

... and all I can see is crappy and yucky Starbucks Coffee houses like these almost everywhere. [Exaggerated sentence is included as always.]


BTW, good to know that Rupert Everett is kinda on the same page with me. You go, mate!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

yeah, i do have lips. but they're not servicing anybody right now.

Current books read: How to be Good by Nick Hornby. Hell yea, I'm gonna have a Nick Hornby decathlon!

I hate lip service. I hate them. Hate them. If they were alive and doing annoying stuff exactly like mosquitos flying around the house, they would have been gone the first time I heard the buzzing of their wings.

I hate the fact when people say something like, "It's been great! We should do this again some other time.." It doesn't mean that we will do this another time. I mean why can't people just say that stuff when they really mean it? And when they don't feel it, or they don't really mean it, they should have just kept quiet.

"Nice to meet you.. Have a save drive home." is enough. There is no harm done to the other party believing that there would be another time. Gosh ..

I think the reason that I hate lip service is (1) I'm not a good lip service people. Sweet talk and such fail me. When people ask me where I was coming from (a typical Indonesian lip service), I would have rambled on saying things that I did some hours before, rather than, "Home." or "School." And if the place I visited is embarrasing or is not interesting enough, I always came up with something like, "Well, you know .. around .. the thing is that I don't have so many task this week, so .. you know .. around .." Doh!

(2) I'm (still) too naive. I (still) believe in things that people say to me are the truth, even far away from a white lie. So it's been fun and I'll call you soon for me means that it was fun, and they will call me soon. And soon means soon. Not two months soon and so on.

(3) I think positively, in a way of taking things that are advantageous to me. That made me thinking that .. OK .. we're having a good time .. we can do this some other time and so on.

So when on a certain occasion people say, "I'll send you a message." or "We can chat during the week." or "I got your number, so don't fret." And none of those shoulda woulda coulda things happen .. It is time to say ...

.... lip service should go to hell.

Or is it only me being 26? ;)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

today's one liner

I wanna grow up to be a decathlete.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

strange little thing (no, I'm not a fan of Ms. Tori Amos)

I started as a harmless visit to IMdB to find an answer to a question that I asked in my friend's blog. So of course the snap-shot top box-office list kinda stole my view.

OK, honestly. How often this thing can happen? Eh? It's kinda once in a lifetime don't you think?

I just wished a bit though that the number 3 and number 4 films would have followed suit like Miami Vice: The Movie, or The Descent: Ooh, yeah!. That might have had put them higher in the rank. :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

today's one liner

Monday morning means the start of the madness of Foxtrot (the comic strips, that is), and this week, it looks like that we're gonna have a real bumpy hillarious ride in front of us.

Friday, August 04, 2006

today's one liner

Panic mode: my DVD-ROM can not read DVD that contains season 2 of Project Runway.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

today's one liner

With a similar theme to the previous one liner, I've heard the first one minute and thirty-five seconds of this sampler for like 379 times yesterday only. (thanks Lisa M.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

today's one liner

I can easily pee in my pants hearing 'One Night Only (Deena's version)' from 'Dreamgirls', so I took them off really quick listening to Beyonce's which is superbly awesome.

today's one liner

It's official, I LOVE ROBERT BEST.