Monday, September 25, 2006

today's one liner

I, wholeheartedly, am jealous of this bloke's photoshopping skills.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

today's one liner

I'm gonna read as much as possible definition, explanation or whatever on passive-agressive behaviour, because I recently worriedly suspect that I were a guy with one.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

first look

I am gonna gotta keep it short.

Project Runway Collections.

I was shocked to find that most people are agreeing with me. I think the best collection is Laura's. But one problem, it's not springy. I found Jeffrey's positively surprising. I was kinda glad, because I was really pulling for Jeffrey to be the top 4 (not three, though) just to see his collection. It's far beyond not-disappointing. I still hope he didn't win, though (eventhough it's very possible that he does).

Uli's is good. I was kinda relieved to see that not all of the stuff is a flowy patterny dress. But somehow nothing very wow-y about it. Her final look is totally fierce, though. Michael's is unfortunately surprising. In a negative way. Disappointing. I just couldn't figure it out. I think there's a bit of this and that in every piece of his collection, but it's not solid. Sorry, Michael.

The winner? Of course I want Laura. But it's OK if it's Jeffrey. *knockonwood*

Survivor: Cook Islands

Yay! The Asian-American kicked ass! But .... why is it the two teams that finished first in the immunity challenge consisted of three men and two women? I know it is purely coincidental, but still.

I like Becky. But I think she's going to be the Cindy (Guatemala) of this season (go far, to be cut in the final 5 or 4). I like JP, but I think he's going to be Nick (Exile Island) of this season (eye-candy who's voted off "first" after the merge because of physical threat). I like Ozzy, he reminds me of a portuguese friend of mine.

It turns out that the premiere episode was disappointing. I mean despite all the drama and rumor leading to it, it was merely a first episode of Survivor, that you realize that every season Survivor, eventhough have different twists, turn, dramas, is always only about that. Ah, well.

The Amazing Race.

Huahahahhahahahaha. I bet, that the producers of The Amazing Race were spending their summer watching and laughing at their show's rip-off: Treasure Hunters. And then they had a meeting, and made a pact like, "Let's show these guys why we are winning emmys four times in a row."

The 10th installment of The Amazing Race came back with a vengeance of a dreadful season 8. It was fully revamped, superbly edited (pun intended). It was shitty though when one of the teams was eliminated before it reached the pit stop, and they did it in front of all of the other teams which is kind of heartbreaking. Oh, Drama!

Favorite team: Duke and Lauren. Not because of Lauren is the first openly lesbian racer, but I always fond of Parent-Kid team. David and Mary is a comic relief. Tyler and James? Hmm .. I kinda suspect that their names are actually Tyler James and James Tyler. How cool was that. But honestly, this is the first race that I find that none of the team was annoying. But perhaps one of them has a Flo hidden deep inside their soul.

Too bad Arti was eliminated second. She's the prettiest among them all. Vipul is a lucky bloke.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

today's one liner

I kinda worry for not being worried about Andy Roddick might triumph Roger Federer tonight.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

today's one liner

Shit, shit, shit, SHIT, I wish I would have watched this match!! I saw it!!! It was heartbreaking for sure ...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

today's one liner

Ohmigod whatta great graphic!

PS: and solely because of that, I'm definitely gonna see the movie.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

how fucking difficult german is

Even a writer as caliber as Mark Twain once wrote that german is awful. More than that, complicated. The rules were there to make your life more miserable. Twain didn't emphasis it with the f-word though.

So last night, at home, I took Der Grosse Deutsch-Test which was shown on RTL. The reason is, because I always love watching things on TV that I could play along with. Perhaps that's why I love TV-quizzes so much.

Other reason was that, after three years living here and almost four years studying the language (not intensively, of course) I just wanted to see how am I really doing with this broken german. Is it mendable broken? Or straight-to-the-garbage-can broken?

First test

OK. It was dictation. :D

I made 38 mistakes! :D (the snapshot was made after the show, though, so it doesn't reflect my real dictation test).

10 of them is due to the missing comma in my sentences. Dort ich Stunden lang bis ich endlich gefunden wurde, und zwar von einer phänomemal großen Spinne. I didn't use a comma for that sentence.

9 of them is because I can't differentiate between words that should have been written together or not. Like nichtsdestoweniger instead of nichts desto weniger. spazieren zu gehen instead of spazierenzugehen.

4 of them was spelling mistakes. Like I was writing misverständ instead of missverständ. I am so proud of this.

And 15 of them is because I made a hearing mistakes or never heard of the word. Like merkeln instead of Mäkeln, Schämel instead of Schemel, herrlichten instead of helllichten (come to think of it, that's not the correct way to spell herrlichsten as well.. :)) But I got hanebüchen correctly, eventhough many people in the studio neither have heard it or knew its meaning as well. YAY!

Second Test

Second series of test was twenty multiple choices problems divided into four categories: spelling (I kinda forgot the actual word), big or small letters (you see, German uses big letters in the middle of a sentence. sigh), Dudenspiel (guessing the meaning of a new German word that's been officially put to the Duden dictionary), punctuation marks (here I was hoping the most mistakes).

Annoyingly, I still made tons of mistakes in this test. Nine, that is. I made, respectively, one, four, three and one mistakes in each category. Very surprised in the last one.

Some of the mistakes were made because I didn't know any rules for the problem .. :) Some were unfamiliarity with words on the problems (especially on the Dudenspiel). And some because, well, people made mistakes. :D

So anyway, in total, I accumulated 47 mistakes, which earned me the most bottom group of people who took the test last night. Hurrah! I was kinda disappointed, though. I thought I would do better than the bottom. The upper limit for the group was 45, so I was three mistakes too much.

But it was unbelievably shocking to see how they decided the limits for the notes.

So, Mr. Twain. Where can we find a time to sit together over a coffee to talk about that awful language also known as German?

PS: Wanna play along?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

today's one liner

Eventhough I kinda loathe his stage performances passionately, I have to admit that I am a bit (a bit!) jealous with Anthony Callea.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

somewhat nature boy

Current books read: About a Boy. Finished!

I'd really like to start the story with a solemn hymn with words like, "There was a boy. A very strange and enchanted boy." But it's been taken, right? And the boy I'm talking about, wasn't really enchanted. He's more like ... cursed. :)

He had an ongoing shaky relationship with his hair. One day he loved it to death, another day, it felt like he should let it all go.

He was once contemplating if which cities he should be living in, based on the fact which city had the best water to nurture his oh-so-very sensitive hair.

He successfully made peace with himself that he had to say goodbye to all of them anyway one day. On that day, there would only be two choices: be happy about it, or be very happy about it.

But until that day comes, he wished that he could cherish moments like this a little bit longer. :)

I hope that answered this question sort of. :)

[Honestly, I am more than less uncomfortable to publish myself posing while someone took my picture. This entry was made just because.]