Sunday, August 28, 2005

curiousity, curiousity

Expected TV program: KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, 16. September, RTL II

curiousity #1

Well, I must say, that after last week of marathon, and some episodes of watching Desperate Housewives in Pro Sieben, I'd still say this thing. It's a stupid series consists of fifteen minutes of story, with hours and hours of spices, which I find them boring and pointless and old-tricky.

Maybe I'd taken the series in a wrong way. You see that one of the reason I finally watch the series after I got bored of it, is because I am dead curious why Mary Alice killed herself. After I know the reason, I said, "Why Mary Alice, what did you do?" Because shooting herself at that point, is just ... stupid. Gosh.. You know what you should do, Mary Alice? You should kill the blackmailer. At least you've done it before..

But what I hate more than the irrational Mary Alice, is the cliffhangers. Because they can make me give in and watch the new episodes on September 6th. I wish Mike Delfino got killed. Now that's a story. Let's hope so.

Love philosophical phrases thrown by Mary Alice at us each episode and Julie Mayer, though. Wait. Is her last name Mayer?

curiousity #2

After reading that Yahoo! is buying Konfabulator (what the hell is Konfabulator?), I got seriously curious of knowing what it is actually. And today, I read in a blog somewhere, that Konfabulator is similar to Firefox plugins, so I decided to give it a try. It turns out that...

Konfabulator is the answer to all my wishes some following weeks!! My favorite tool so far is Power XP. Finally I am one click away from turning off my lappers.

curiousity #3

Google Talk!Has a great e-mail notifier!!! But still I don't think that I can migrate 100% from Y!Messenger because all of my friends are there. Poor Google Talk, now it's only acting as my gmail notifier. Anyone tried it?

Friday, August 26, 2005

If the leaves aren't green, I'd say it's autumn

Current book read: Matilda by Roald Dahl - music in ear: Mama by Il Divo - watched dvd: *beep* and *beep*

Sorry, a short post without a pic. Pundung ceritanya, because of the dreaded and constantly changing weather this week. And guess what!! Leaves on Lauenburger Stra├če have started to fall. GOSH!

But still thank God that the sun shone on as we went canooing (sp?). Eventhough something unexpected happened. *wink*

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I am not destined to be a photographer, even in the level of a blogger

Current music in ear: I Got You by Anthony Federov

Last weekend I was in Berlin. One of the best weekends that I got to spend visiting new places, meeting new people, and throw myself in a 100% German-speaking community (where're the guts come from?!). So after a blast of 3 full days of speaking and listening (seriously, because there's only Die Drei ??? Hörbücher in the mp3 player), I have to say that I regret it the most that I realized that I left my camera in the apartment on the second day I was there.

The second day, was the best out of the three of 'em. Goin out to a place named Strandbad Wannsee where you can take a dip to swim on the lake, or like some Europeans looking at my brown skin green-eyed-ly, lie down in the sun. The attraction of the lake is the slides located somewhere in the end of the swimming area. Only about 3 meters high, sliding down that thing brought a memory of how I love nature and longed of bathing in a lake.

Swimming back and forth to the slides also concluded something: I have to start swimming regularly. Again! Because I nearly drowned of the third time swimming back to the shallow area, eventhough it was only 50 m long! Gosh..

Anyway, this whole camera affair is still hanging around me, but I hope not for a longer time. Remember the whole Prague thingie? Or the time that I finally had a ride on top of Kohlbrandbrücke? Or the first time I went to the new Hamburger Dom? Or the day I finally had a chance to take an Alsterrundfahrt? Yep! That all went without a single picture because I left my camera somewhere.

Now it's added up to, "Remember Strandbad Wannsee?" Yup. That's the day when I left my camera. Again.

Conclusions, anyone?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Genius is in the House

Current music in ear: various - expected TV program: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, some time in September!!! - watched dvd: none, but did Desperate Housewives marathon

Ve-heeerryyy genius. That's what I said right after I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You know, the story of Charlie Bucket's journey through a Chocolate Factory captured my heart as I grow up. And it is just such a pleasure to see its remake in 2005. And it was so amazing that a genius is working for it.

The genius that I am talking about is Danny Elfman. Eventhough he cut some of Dahl's evil words, Elfman did a very very very good job in composing all of the oompah loompah's song. For me, Danny Elfman, who started to be one of my movie composers to be remembered as he wrote music for Spider-man, has written a very... 2005-ishly appropriate. Hehehe..

And surprisingly, as I watched Desperate Housewives marathon this weekend, I met again with this genius. For me, things like this always happened. Like when I heard Tomorrow (from musical Annie) five times in only two days from three different medias, undeliberately. JO! in cidence.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Current want to read book: Specimen Days (Michael Cunningham, 2004)

Rodrigo is one of the winners!!! Hurrah!!

But this means that I have to install the Y!Messenger with voice then.. Sigh. Let's see..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I would have not written this entry if I weren't madly in love with the Shield

Current books read: The Reading Group [trash! will switch to Oi, Ref!] - watched dvd: the Office (BBC Series, 2001-2002) ; the Player (Robert Altman, 1990-something) - study reading: Worldchanging

Well.. I spent almost half a week last week to watch a bloody good series titled the Office. It is so damn good that you can watch it all for three times a day, because, get this, to finish their two seasons and two finale episodes, the Office only takes less than 8 hours to watch . Hehehe... So, take it three times a day, just like the prescribed medicine.

Well, the Office has been recorded as the only british comedy series to ever win a Golden Globe. And they (the geniuses behind the Office) made a great fun about it. Eventhough actually, they were all pretty humble about the fact of just being nominated. Catch their remarkable experience in the Globes featurette in their Christmas Special DVD.

I think, the Office is a product of a series of brilliantly made decisions. First, the perfect original concept that continues to a superb execution. Witnessing the first episode that I watched (season 2, episode 1) I kept thinking how can they come out with this concept, i.e. mockumentary in the first place. Next decision is how I think it was perfectly casted. I am pretty sure that they already talked about that it will be better if they have a group of non-famous persona than blockbuster guarantee-ers. So from David Brent to Keith, they are all perfect. My favourite is the lovely Dawn Tinsley.

Last smart decision is how they decide that the Office will not be longer 12 episodes plus 2 finale. It is just brilliant. It came, and it became an instant classic. I was kinda wanting some more after watching the second season, but after watching the first one, I kinda understand why they end it. Love it love it love it.

Now what was with the title? Well, the reason that I love the Shield is because of its being created as a documentary-like series. I thought it was so original. But after seeing the Office, I doubt that the Shield was all original. But for a little conspiracy theory: the Shield was originally titled the Barn. The Barn is how the cops in the series call their... OFFICE! So, the Shield = the Office. More or less. Hehehee..

Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute. Just cute!

Don't bother to click the link, though. It's about The Amazing Race season 8. CUTE!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Current music in ear: Bizet's Carmen [don't laugh!] - expected TV program: Death Becomes Her, VOX, Di. 20:15 - study reading: world changing

Well great. Now Yahoo! Messenger introduce super messenger, integrating PC to PC call. So they are working like Skype now, I guess.. Hehehee..

Not so eager to install it by the way, because it can mean a handful of bandwidth coming my way. Hehehe.. Or is it not? ;)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

test post

Current book read: The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith -
music in ear: The Lion King the Broadway Musical, esp. Shadowland -
expected TV program: none -
watched dvd: The Office the complete 2nd series; Carmen Jones; Ripley's Game -
study reading: Environmental Economics blog.

This is a test post.

Monday, August 08, 2005

this is it

OK. I give up. This is the farthest I can go. Well, I'm pretty aware that using CSS that means dealing with cross-browser issues, and I shouldn't be bitching and givin up on it. Well, but I just still don't know how to deal with IE bug, if it is a bug, and I don't even got the chance to check it in other browsers.

Ah well, in the mean time, by the way. Here's my current template. I like it the most when I'm viewing individual post page. (cue for Narcissus to enter the stage. heheehee..)

time wasting errr.. spending... errrr.. wasting.. errr..

Sigh. Just spend a whole day (yesterday, by the way..) of doing something, which turns out that the approach that I did was wrong. Shoot!! It sucks when things like this happened, you know.

Wait a sec. Does it really suck? Or is it just me? Because I really don't like to make mistakes.. Sigh..

Anyway, must find a time to fix all, hopefully I won't have to do it from the scratch as before, and hopefully it needs half of time, and hopefully it starts now!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

test pic

originally uploaded by bieourself.
this is a test of how flickr send this to blogger

paying debts..

This weekend, is about paying debts. Things that I said I would do (to others or just myself), but I hadn't. Yet. Well, here's one by one.

To Geget. Due date: sometime last year. Sowwy.. Here's some snaps of my room in Hamburg. The first room in an apartment that I rent. Just realize that I don't have a full shot with me. Click on the stack of pics.

Update: Don't forget to check individual page of the album to see the notes..

To Rama. Due date: May 2005. Here it is Tori Amos' concert poster that I talked about. I took it in S-Bahnhof Friedrichsberg. Hamburg, district Wandsbek. The missing S is not my fault. It's the frame of the poster.

To Holger. Due date: sometime this month. The secret behind this picture is that I only changed my hair color to purple, using Adobe Photoshop. Here's the half color changed of my pic. I increase the opacity of the layer so that you can see the fake color. I told you, as you are agreed seeing is not always believing. Sweet technique, eh?

To other readers, especially Mieke since he's the one asking for it. Due date: some weeks ago. In here you can find the song mapping of "When You Tell Me That You Love Me". I decided not to post it since it's too loonnggg.. and may make some peeps get bored. Yawn.

click here

To Jason. Due date: two weeks ago. Your pics is on the way. I sent it via my Gmail account.

To myself. Due date: sometime last week. Picasa rocks!! Flickr rocks!! But Picasa supports Hello, and Flickr supports its Uploadr. Hmm.. any chance of "accommodating" Picasa with Flickr, guys? Not in a million years I suppose. Hehehe..

After messing around with flickr for about two hours, enjoy some of pics that I made in this one year.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I got a walk-in wardrobe!! Just some days ago I watched a home improvement program on TV and wonder, hmm.. It will be quite nice if I got a walk in closet. You know, the one like Carrie Bradshaw's.. And today at room besichtigung schedule, it turns out that I got one of those walk in thingie.. Whoppeee...

Pics and other stories will be published soon. [I shouldn't have written this. The last time I wrote this, nothing happened even after months. Sorry..]