Saturday, August 06, 2005

paying debts..

This weekend, is about paying debts. Things that I said I would do (to others or just myself), but I hadn't. Yet. Well, here's one by one.

To Geget. Due date: sometime last year. Sowwy.. Here's some snaps of my room in Hamburg. The first room in an apartment that I rent. Just realize that I don't have a full shot with me. Click on the stack of pics.

Update: Don't forget to check individual page of the album to see the notes..

To Rama. Due date: May 2005. Here it is Tori Amos' concert poster that I talked about. I took it in S-Bahnhof Friedrichsberg. Hamburg, district Wandsbek. The missing S is not my fault. It's the frame of the poster.

To Holger. Due date: sometime this month. The secret behind this picture is that I only changed my hair color to purple, using Adobe Photoshop. Here's the half color changed of my pic. I increase the opacity of the layer so that you can see the fake color. I told you, as you are agreed seeing is not always believing. Sweet technique, eh?

To other readers, especially Mieke since he's the one asking for it. Due date: some weeks ago. In here you can find the song mapping of "When You Tell Me That You Love Me". I decided not to post it since it's too loonnggg.. and may make some peeps get bored. Yawn.

click here

To Jason. Due date: two weeks ago. Your pics is on the way. I sent it via my Gmail account.

To myself. Due date: sometime last week. Picasa rocks!! Flickr rocks!! But Picasa supports Hello, and Flickr supports its Uploadr. Hmm.. any chance of "accommodating" Picasa with Flickr, guys? Not in a million years I suppose. Hehehe..

After messing around with flickr for about two hours, enjoy some of pics that I made in this one year.


holger said...

danke, nun versteh ich! :-))
schwarz steht dir aber besser.

Rama said...

wow, thanks for posting the poster. itu kelipet ya? do'i sekarang lagi konser lagi di amrik huhuu...kapan ya kesampean *sigh*