Sunday, August 28, 2005

curiousity, curiousity

Expected TV program: KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, 16. September, RTL II

curiousity #1

Well, I must say, that after last week of marathon, and some episodes of watching Desperate Housewives in Pro Sieben, I'd still say this thing. It's a stupid series consists of fifteen minutes of story, with hours and hours of spices, which I find them boring and pointless and old-tricky.

Maybe I'd taken the series in a wrong way. You see that one of the reason I finally watch the series after I got bored of it, is because I am dead curious why Mary Alice killed herself. After I know the reason, I said, "Why Mary Alice, what did you do?" Because shooting herself at that point, is just ... stupid. Gosh.. You know what you should do, Mary Alice? You should kill the blackmailer. At least you've done it before..

But what I hate more than the irrational Mary Alice, is the cliffhangers. Because they can make me give in and watch the new episodes on September 6th. I wish Mike Delfino got killed. Now that's a story. Let's hope so.

Love philosophical phrases thrown by Mary Alice at us each episode and Julie Mayer, though. Wait. Is her last name Mayer?

curiousity #2

After reading that Yahoo! is buying Konfabulator (what the hell is Konfabulator?), I got seriously curious of knowing what it is actually. And today, I read in a blog somewhere, that Konfabulator is similar to Firefox plugins, so I decided to give it a try. It turns out that...

Konfabulator is the answer to all my wishes some following weeks!! My favorite tool so far is Power XP. Finally I am one click away from turning off my lappers.

curiousity #3

Google Talk!Has a great e-mail notifier!!! But still I don't think that I can migrate 100% from Y!Messenger because all of my friends are there. Poor Google Talk, now it's only acting as my gmail notifier. Anyone tried it?

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Charlie Hendrawan said...

jadi tertarik juga sama konfabulator... ;D