Saturday, March 24, 2007

the night of the right song choice - idol top 11

Ahh ... American Idol. Days and days after. Well, like two, that is. Reason for being tardy? Fucking internet can't be accessed from my lappers. I kinda suspect that my modem was actually the problem, rather than blaming that telkomnyet. Damnit!!

A short look back to last week’s elimination round, I was honestly shocked that Haley Scarnato was not on the bottom three. I am really really seriously curious to know her fanbase. Does she have like 300 sisters married to men with 100 siblings or something?

This week's theme is supposed to be British Invasion or something like that. It turns out that the theme was secretly (and accidentally) changed to "The Night of the Right Song Choice". Well not right "right" per se, but at least accommodating. Contestants tonight keep picking the right song over the right song. So safe to say that it was a really entertaining night. Well, almost.

Take Gina Glocksen, for example. She might be relieved to find that she can finally pick a Stones' song this week. So she rocked the stage. But I kinda like her performance in front of Lulu more than the one on that stage. Hmm.. Maybe it’s because Lulu is so awesome and Simon Cowell is really not.

I'm still not sure on who to put to face Melinda Doolittle in the finale. For me, I'm torn between Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. I kinda hope that one of these boys make it to the finale, just so that the finale won't be a sing-off night showing diva vs diva kinda thing. In other word: boring.

But thinking about those two boys, I figured out though who to put opposing Melinda that night. It should be a boy with Blake's beat-boxing, Chris's vocals minus the nasal, Blake's smile, Chris's size, Blake's fashion, Chris's personality, Blake's way-of-opening-mouth-while-singing, Chris's eyes, Blake's musical talent, Chris's I-used-to-be-chubby story and Sanjaya Malakar's hair. Ooops. I'm drifting.

From Melinda Doolittle vs Lakisha Jones race update. I wonder who from these two may turn to be last year's Chris Daughtry. Always perform really well, only to find that the vote wasn't enough to keep them in the competition and finish fourth. I also wonder who from these two will may be season three's La Toya London. Always perform really well, only to find Simon saying that their performance is now boring and finish fourth.

I think Lakisha has a more difficult time because if she doesn't step her game up, she will quickly lose her appeal. And believe me, appeal is important with capital "I" in this contest. I like her last performance. Really like it. I actually thought that she brought more colour than she usually did. The range, the twists, and the diamonds, of course. But I know that kind of performance will not draw interest for a lot of people.

Speaking of appeal, guess who lost their appeal this week. Uh-huh. Stephanie Edwards. What's up with this chick? Don't get me wrong, her performance is still actually one of the best vocals of the night. But that's that. There's nothing more to it. I felt that she (again) opted to go for the dramatic effect rather than the fun effect. And there you go, the drama didn't pay off. Not very good.

Eventhough Jordin Sparks got good praise, I kinda think that the drama effect may also hurt her if she stays like this. Come on, we don't need drama. If we need one, we'll ring Antonella Barba for sure.

Still speaking about appeal, guess whose appeal stays with them this week. Uh-huh. Haley Scarnato. When she sang, I said to myself that I didn't know that her voice could be this flirtatious. And then Simon took the words out of my mouth. And then that humongous family of hers will fast-dial her number and she will be safe.

I honestly thought that Chris Sligh could have been Mr. Personality of the season. But ever since his teletubbies comment, I think he pulled back a little bit. And that "bit" is now "lot". He's not so hilarious anymore. He's just ... meh. But there is a Mr. Personality up there out of the bunch. So Chris Sligh is officially robbed. The new Mr. Personality is Gina Glocksen. Yay! So let's change the title to Ms. Personality.

It is so fun watching Gina in her interviews, in her features, I mean everywhere outside her performances. She's the realest (errr ... you know what I mean) contestant this year if not ever.

Phil Stacey really could use a fashion advice. But then again, what fashion advice can you give a married unstudly marine guy? Still love ya, Phil. Still love ya.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

curse and other rambling - idol top 12

As in the words of Randy Jackson, "What's goin' down, baby, what's really goin' down?" Err.. this opening sentence doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the post, I just feel like to writing it.

I was wondering whether tomorrow, the curses of American Idol will return again. The first curse is every year besides the first one where they did the cutting differently, the first casualties of top 12 is always a female contestant.

This curse could have actually been lifted when I included Jared Cotter in the top 12. I think, if he were there, he would have been the first one to be voted off. Alas, that happened only in my head.

Enter Haley Scarnato. Last week, I thought that she could be the first one to go home. Again, she's a girl, outsung by other girls for sure, and I can't really think about her fanbase until now. That's why I got so confused that she's through to top 12.

I agree with the judges, though. Haley had a moment. And a good one that is. For the first time, I think of Haley as attractive. Whoa, surprising, right? She's not as bad as I can remember. Weird.

I didn't agree with Paula, or Pauler as Simon would have called her, she thinks that the audience may not know that someone messed up their lyrics. Haley messed up her lyrics, by the way. But sweety, that's why they invited TiVo. To record performances like that and rewind-replay it until we're done making fun of it.

Second curse. Two of the first casualties of past first final rounds sang the same song: "You Keep Me Hanging On" by Diana Ross. Safe to say that after those two, there has never been a contestant singing that song.

Cue the Blake Lewis. He sang the song. Ouch. But of course, this is Blake we're talking about. Aw, come on. He's not going anywhere.

Update from the Lakisha Jones vs Melinda Doolittle department. Melinda went for a cabaret-y yet delivered attractively (a bit "brengbreng gedumbreng" in my dictionary) number, Lakisha went for a jazzy and very-controlled-and-masterclass-league delivered number. I vote for .. Melinda. I'm sorry. I admit that sometimes I choose package over substance. But I guarantee you that it's not always like that.

Brandon Rogers forgot his words, Stephanie Edwards got a bad review for teasing the viewers, Jordin Sparks sparks Randy's on-going infatuation for teenage finalist yet again (remember Diana DeGarmo?), Gina Glocksen was put to the middle pack by Simon, the Chrises (plus Blake) took a risk by changing up the songs into their own and the risk didn't pay off.

You know what, there is a contestant that I know that he's not going to be the next idol. But I really really really don't want to lose him. I don't know how I can continue surviving watching the show without him. For me he's very real. He doesn't try hard, he doesn't have any stardom, he isn't enrolled in the best-looking-contestant-ever list, but for me, he sounds really damn good. He's Phil Stacey.

Wait, there's still one contestant that I haven't talked about. Oh, yeah, Sanjaya Malakar needs to go home.

I got a feeling, it's gonna be Stephanie. I was wrong so many other times, so I'm sure Stephanie will survive.

Update: Both curses are lifted. I didn't watch the show. Any tear and/or tearjerker?

didn't he like, watch the show or something?

Out of some hundreds (well, maybe I'm exaggerating) of mobile phone shops in ITC Kuningan, this is the shop where my brother-in-law bought his presumably newest mobile.

Oh, brother. (pun intended)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

grumble speedy grumble nightmarish idol grumble injured foot grumble

My mum talked to me about Speedy last night. She got a call from a Speedy salesperson, and decided that perhaps Speedy is our solution to demolish my daily nagging and bitching about our connection at home.

Problem is, she thinks, and her boss has her back on this, that 750 megabytes is actually more than enough to spend for a month on the internet. I, patiently tried to explain, that 750 megabytes is not even 1 gigabyte. One. Giga. Byte. Let's say that one youtube's video is around 15 megs. That means, one can only watch 50 clips. Ain't two clips a day.

Let's say that one AI's performance is 6.5 megabytes each. That means, for the whole season, one can only download 115 performances, as compared to 156 performances there actually are not counting the group and voted-off encore performances. If I did my math correctly. (Well, OK, AI is NOT over in one month, but you get the picture).

And how about those television series? Project Runway for example. One episode is about 350 megabytes. So in a month, one can only sees two episodes of them.

So a half of one's favorite program every month. I can only scream one word: NOT ENOUGH!!

But I should be contented, I think. At least she now thinks about introducing broadband to our household.

The second concern is a lot more concerning, I think. The price. I said, "Oh, I know Speedy. I've talked to their information bloke like two months ago or something. And they are having a discount for the first three months of first installation of Speedy." Stingy, I call them. "After that you have to pay full." And then my mum drop the bomb. She said, "Yeah, but in three months you'll be fully doing your internet activities at work, right?"

In the back of my head, I was like, "Say wha'?" I mean, there are some (well a LOT of) reasons that certain websites are labeled NSFW, mind you. If it is NSFW, that means one should not open it at "W". Simple as that. So of course, I will still do my internet activities at home. I must. I should. I mean come on, it's impossible that I'm listening to track 7 of Avenue Q (click the link and see the seventh song's title) and not taking it to heart. Or being kicked in the nuts for it. Sigh. (Well, just between you and me, I am listening to whole tracks of Avenue Q and taking them to heart)

Mum said, "The ball is now on your court." My conclusion is that, if we're changing to Speedy, I will still have to hamper my behaviour on the NSFW sides. Well, I need to hamper it regardless. Hahahahhahahahahahahhaa.. This is just one of the signs that I need to slow down. *grin*

Argh. One file per month is alright, methinks.


What's a blog post without a post about idol? Hehehe..

I had a nightmare last night. Night. Mare. It went like this.

I was still in high school or college. We had a laboratory activity done outside. You know, like measuring the temperature of a mud-pond, checking the population of an existing ecosystem, basic things done in high school or college. The only two things that I can remember of doing was measuring the temperature, and checking the capillary capacity of a paper.

There was this guy on my group. He was so awful. Awful awful. And stupid. I kinda told him, "OK, stick that thermometer in the pond." And he was doing it. And after a while I said, "Can you drop by the lab later for a while after this to check this paper's weight? I want to know it's density." (Yeah, it's kinda stupid to want to know the density of a paper. But it's a dream, right. I have all the rights in the world to be stupid in my own dream.) He replied, "What for? Does the module ask us to do that?" I simply said, "No. But maybe the data will be useful for our argument later on on the report."

"If it’s not said, then don't do it!" I was like, "What?? This is a simple task anyway. Go to the lab. Turn on the scale. Put the paper down. Take notes! It will be over in two minutes." And then he said, "Yeah, I just don’t want to waste two minutes of my time." What an airhead.

This argument was not over yet. Because I noticed that the thermometer'd been stuck for a while now. So I asked him, "Is it time for us to read the temperature?" He answered, "I don't know, we can check." So I asked again, "How long ago did you put it there?" Believe it or not, his answer was, "I don't know. I kinda forgot." I was furious and sprouting bad words borderline cursing out of my mouth. And then he said, "Chill out, the difference will only be like one or two degrees." Yeah, I'm ready for my funeral.

And then, he pulled off the thermometer out of the pond and shook it. HE SHOOK IT!!! And said, "9 degrees." So I won't be surprised if I saw myself shooting myself on my head in my dream.

He then said, again, "How long will it still take? I gotta go know." I tried to explain that we still got two experiments to do. His reply was, "Oh, really? Then count me out of that two." I was saying that it was OK for him to go, but it will go in the report that he wasn't doing the last two experiments. He responded by saying, "Well, you're a good friend. You won't be doing that to a friend, will you?" Fair to say that we had a row after this exchange. The row was ended by he walking out on me, leaving me yelling that I would do what I had to do.

You know what, this is a very familiar story. I am (still, believe it or not) holding a grudge to a guy (not the guy in my dream but a real guy that I have no recollection of counting him a friend, whom I studied with), for dragging him (and my whole group) along during our laboratory classes. For the whole activities he was so negative, lazy, clueless, distracting and couldn't write good reports. I decided to help him. Helping him around the tasks, being an editor for his report, helping him where to look and covering his ass, not confronting the way I did in my dream. In the end of the day, from the whole class, only two people got A+. Me and him. I didn't even get a thing as plain as a thank you note.

So, yeah. Nightmare it was. Because it reminds me of how I used to not stand up for myself.

But what's so idol about this? The bloke in my dream was Brandon Rogers.


I injured my right foot on Friday. I can barely stand up with two feet, and I had trouble with walking. It hurt so bad. On Friday night, some house remedies were taken. On Saturday and Sunday, I spent the day lying around, because I hate to go limping everywhere I wanted to go. Yesterday, I could already dance to NSync with some jolts of pain coming up and down my ankle plus the 10 percent forgotten choreography. But I would have done anything to dance to NSync, I think.

This morning, I decided to dance along to something else. And I can do that too! This time, it was Scissor Sisters (click the link, third from the top) and Bryan Adams. What a pair..

Have a fun Tuesday!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

idol related - top 16

Blake Lewis stole my look!! Minus the hair that is. Well, not really stealing, beating me to the finish line, perhaps, because I have only conceived a concept of that look since weeks. Problem is, I don't know how to find a good tartan or tartan-like in my city to make a pair of pants with it. But the tight T-Shirt combined with those pants .. Gosh! Totally conception of that look in my head. I won't pull that hair off, though.

I missed the first two performances yesterday, so I missed the tartan in action and the hair-extension-exchange between Ryan and Paula when talking about Sanjaya's performance in action. I really loved Ryan Seacrest while watching season 2. But now, I know that I will be expectedly elated if he can only shut up for a minute or two.

Sundance makes the whole (personal) choice for top 12 difficult. He knows now his strength. And he got that support, of course. Now, I kinda can't wait to see him performing in those thematic weeks. And he's funny. Kinda. And last week he was showing his soft side. Well, his other soft side, if you know what I mean. Hmm..

So, who'll be the top 6 guys? Blake and Chris R are locked, methinks. Chris S is a popular contestant, so he might be up there as well. Personally, I like Phil Stacey. Jared Cotter is the only eligible pretty boy left. That left one room for ..... I vote for Sundance.

I have a feeling though that Jared or Phil will take Sanjaya's place on one of the people going home tomorrow.

OK. Who's sick of Simon saying "jumping out of my chair" and "popular" too?

PS: Sorry for the quality of the pic. I couldn't find a better one yet.

On girls, coming (not really) soon.

Trenyce (season 2), Leah LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson (season 3), Vonzell Solomon (season 4), Katharine McPhee (season 5), and Lakisha Jones (season 6) are American Idol contestants having at least one thing in common. They sang "I Have Nothing" originally sung by Whitney Houston in some stages of rounds of American Idol. Leah and Lakisha sang it in their semifinals, the others sang it in final rounds.

So, is "I Have Nothing" becoming a recurring character on American Idol besides the metrosexual host and the three stooges judges? I think so. Is it the most abused song on American Idol? I kinda think so too. :)

Speaking of Lakisha, I choose this girl to root starting way back during Hollywood round simply because I saw colors in her performance. You see, she was singing "Until You Come Back to Me" with such style and runs, which was so colorful.

Surprisingly, after three weeks seeing the semifinalists sing, I think that Melinda Doolittle is the one with a more colorful performances. She is always great on stage, lovable, has a sort of different personality when singing, can give new twist-and-turns to songs and her voice is just textured in an awesome kinda way. I don't think that she has incredible range like some other contestants, but believe it or not, she overcomes it really really well. Will I switch to Melinda's team? I haven't known yet. But there is a possibility.

I missed Jordin Sparks' performance. I wrote a lengthy email to a friend of mine, only to realize that it's already 19:08. I jumped in during Sabrina Sloan was singing, though. I really like her. I think her coolness that got me. She's in kinda trouble though because she wasn't really praised, and then Gina Glocksen attacked from her corner with lots of judges' praises as her weapon at disposal. Hmmm..

Antonella Barba and Haley What's-Her-Surname still sucked. But between the two, I pick Antonella any day. You see, now I think I know why Haley stays in after last two weeks. The producers need to put her fiancee's face onto the screen. They know that it will create buzz and all. If you know what I mean.

The vote-off-ee? Hmm .. Jordin and Haley I hope. But it can be Sabrina. And I hope hope hope HOPE, it's not Gina. This chick really needs another chance.

this time's one liner. errr .. kinda.

This guy is totally my hero. Period. Just read the fifth question.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

how milli vanilli got away with it all, I'll never know

Allright, I'll come clean. I will admit something. Now.

I semi-dislocated my jaw yesterday early morning. You see, the first thing I do after leaving my bed because of my waking up is actually turning my computer on. After sprinkling myself with water and then subsequently drying it, I expect the computer is done starting up. So I load iTunes. I fetch my "morning madness" playlist and then jiggle, dance, lip-sync, move, sing along, whatever it takes to brush sleepiness off my aura.

Problem is yesterday morning the first song was the-song-that-shouldn't-be-named by Jennifer Hudson. You see it is impossible to jiggle and dance to this song, so I took the liberty to lip-sync. It was so early in the morning, so sing along was an option, but I decided to spare my neighbours' ears.

I don't know whether it's the "I'm" (e.g. 3:09), the "time" (1:11), the "share" (1:38), the "mind" (1:33), the "can" (2:35), or the "shout" (2:42), and the "aaahh" (e.g. 4:00) or whichever "the" followed with part of the lyric that requires me to open my mouth as wide as when I'm yawning (perhaps even twice wider) that carried me away and consequently gets the story interesting.

So on one of those pseudo-yawning, there was a hint of a percussion sound that I just heard, that resembled a pop. Before the song was done, I realized that percussion sound was humanly organic, literally. And, yeah, pain came around.

I spent the day then by sitting in front of my computer doing this and that. Interrupted frequently by massaging my aching jaw. iTunes was still playing, of course. But the options is now limited to three activities only.

But that doesn't mean that I quit playing that song, though. It just made the lip-syncing game more interesting..

Just like what the song says, "I'm not living without you, not living without you." Well, I'm not. The song didn't sneak up back to my "top 25 most played" list by chance, mind you.

Have a good Tuesday, lads..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The OKE in Karaoke

There is one who is the smartest. One with photographic memory. One is the most confident. One is the prettiest. One is the most humble. One is the liveliest. One is the, hmm .. I really can't speak for the last one. Well, perhaps the last one is the most fashionable.

It looks like that I'm about to write about characters from TV Series. Like Heroes, for example. But no, I'm not talking about them. I am not talking about the new characterization of the seven dwarfs either. I am talking about my high-school best friends.

Crazy might be the right word every time I'm looking back through all this years. The magic number would be thirteen. That much years have passed since we were aware of each other's presence for the first time. I wasn't really clear on what brought us together, though. We don't live in the same area, we neither act similar nor have the same interests.

We were not three pairs of "teman sebangku" and an odd man out. We didn't belong to a gang (well, I kinda call this a gang, though in the end) or club or anything. We were not the coolest, meanest, baddest student in our high. But we were together. And I think the chemistry was simply there from the beginning. That, and crazi-/unashamed-ness.

And that "beginning" might be the long hard walk from Depok (a Jakarta satellite) to my high school. A grueling 30-something (perhaps) km walk. That might be it. We realized that the chemistry was there, even though we knew each other some months before that.

Lately, after nine years of not socially befriending them, I slowly but surely patch things up with them. FYI, I so suck at maintaining relationships. So, don't blame me for a nine years of lack of corresponding or else. And in my defense, nobody was telling me that they were staying in Jakarta and not going to go to college out of town. And after this patching up things going on for a while, now I am shocked to find new things about my friends.

I find them much more knowledgeable than I thought they were. Well, OK, not knowledgeable on topics that I am, but still they can fill me in on some things. Well, lots of things. They are also really helpful and selfless. I, outta the seven, am the youngest. So funnily, I felt like they take care of me the most. They are always enthusiastic, and unlike other people's impression of our high school, not easy to become "pundung".

And the best new thing I found in them, happened two weeks ago.

We went karaoke-ing. I haven't popped my cherry on that department, so of course I was nervous. I don't know how they will judge me singing karaoke-ing since I was totally inexperienced.

So we went in the booth. One of them asked, "What do you want?" I just said, "I'll see how you guys doin' it, after that I'll jump in." I can't tell you how scared and terrified I am. This is my first time, for crying out loud. First timers are allowed to be nervous right?

I find it hilarious though, after like 15 minutes or so, I found myself in a different place. I started to enjoy myself. You know, not in a masturbatory kinda way, but having a good time. I started picking up songs, and most important, we started bickering about who sings what, when, with whom, and who's next. That is the first symptoms of enjoying karaoke.

But the new thing I found in them was not the fond of karaokeing with them. It is the fact that despite of not having a training in singing or music, none of them is tone-deaf. To be honest, I found this really surprising. So that night, singing in duets is never a problem, harmonizing with your partner won't screw the performance, and going solo is entertaining in a good way.

We were singing "Fame" in the picture. The lyric we were singing was "I'm gonna live forever."

Singing FAME!You bet we are after this.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

idol top 20

American Idol this week is "meh"-ing. It felt like Miss Congeniality Idol rather than American Idol. Everyone was nice, emotional, connected, bla bla bla .. The producers are really pumping for tears this season. If the contestant showed an unsatisfactory performance, then they can wear this dedication thing as a facade. Simon called this excuse "rubbish". Maybe he was right. I wouldn't go as far as that though, but I do think that it was just plain boring.

I mean look at what happened to Brandon Rogers. I seriously think that he could go home this week. He was OK vocally. But it was just bland and .. not unmemorable, but just unattractive. Poor guy.

Nick Pedro may lose a big block of votes because of his dedication to his girlfriend. Uh-oh .. Plus, he performed bad. Really bad.

On the girls' side, I really don't want to be in their shoes right now, other than in Melinda's or Lakisha's. I mean, seriously, the girls will only be about the two of them, with four supporting singers. I kinda have a weird feeling though, that one of the four may pull a Vonzell and sneak in to become a front-runner as well.

I still stand by Sanjaya, Alaina, and Haley as my pick who should go home. The other spot for the guy, would be Nick.

List! Hmm .. no exceptional changes. But I know now that Jordin has a problem with lower range. Ouch!

Not much more to say. The show was booooring. Not because of the performance though, but because of "I'd like to dedicate this performance to [fill in the blanks]" repeated through the whole one-and-a-half hour.

Update: I can't believe that they pick Haley over Leslie. For me at least Leslie is wacky and very fun to watch. I mean ... Haley, who? I also have an inkling that AJ might be going home. But for a reason that I'm not gonna say.

List must be updated, then.

Peter Petrelli hair watch

I am currently tuning in for Anderson Cooper 360 (almost daily), Oprah (on and off), Heroes (weekly), American Idol (three times a week), and countless news programme.

And in my humble opinion, this mate (pictured on the left) has the most delicious hair of them all.

The actor called himself Milo Ventimiglia, I just knew it when I wrote it. :p He plays Peter Petrelli in Heroes. Who is Peter Petrelli? You should watch the series.

In order to get the full effect of the hair, you should watch the series, though, not looking at the stills or publication images only. Sometimes the hair even steals most of the scene, and I didn't really realize what was going on because of concentrating on ogling looking at the hair.

You know, Peter Petrelli's head flicking back and forth and all.. :)

PS: You should watch the series, though. It is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll all rolled into one. I should write something about this series perhaps.

PPS: It's odd to find that I have written "You should watch the series" three times already. Hmmmm.. Something rhymes with "confessed"?