Saturday, March 24, 2007

the night of the right song choice - idol top 11

Ahh ... American Idol. Days and days after. Well, like two, that is. Reason for being tardy? Fucking internet can't be accessed from my lappers. I kinda suspect that my modem was actually the problem, rather than blaming that telkomnyet. Damnit!!

A short look back to last week’s elimination round, I was honestly shocked that Haley Scarnato was not on the bottom three. I am really really seriously curious to know her fanbase. Does she have like 300 sisters married to men with 100 siblings or something?

This week's theme is supposed to be British Invasion or something like that. It turns out that the theme was secretly (and accidentally) changed to "The Night of the Right Song Choice". Well not right "right" per se, but at least accommodating. Contestants tonight keep picking the right song over the right song. So safe to say that it was a really entertaining night. Well, almost.

Take Gina Glocksen, for example. She might be relieved to find that she can finally pick a Stones' song this week. So she rocked the stage. But I kinda like her performance in front of Lulu more than the one on that stage. Hmm.. Maybe it’s because Lulu is so awesome and Simon Cowell is really not.

I'm still not sure on who to put to face Melinda Doolittle in the finale. For me, I'm torn between Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. I kinda hope that one of these boys make it to the finale, just so that the finale won't be a sing-off night showing diva vs diva kinda thing. In other word: boring.

But thinking about those two boys, I figured out though who to put opposing Melinda that night. It should be a boy with Blake's beat-boxing, Chris's vocals minus the nasal, Blake's smile, Chris's size, Blake's fashion, Chris's personality, Blake's way-of-opening-mouth-while-singing, Chris's eyes, Blake's musical talent, Chris's I-used-to-be-chubby story and Sanjaya Malakar's hair. Ooops. I'm drifting.

From Melinda Doolittle vs Lakisha Jones race update. I wonder who from these two may turn to be last year's Chris Daughtry. Always perform really well, only to find that the vote wasn't enough to keep them in the competition and finish fourth. I also wonder who from these two will may be season three's La Toya London. Always perform really well, only to find Simon saying that their performance is now boring and finish fourth.

I think Lakisha has a more difficult time because if she doesn't step her game up, she will quickly lose her appeal. And believe me, appeal is important with capital "I" in this contest. I like her last performance. Really like it. I actually thought that she brought more colour than she usually did. The range, the twists, and the diamonds, of course. But I know that kind of performance will not draw interest for a lot of people.

Speaking of appeal, guess who lost their appeal this week. Uh-huh. Stephanie Edwards. What's up with this chick? Don't get me wrong, her performance is still actually one of the best vocals of the night. But that's that. There's nothing more to it. I felt that she (again) opted to go for the dramatic effect rather than the fun effect. And there you go, the drama didn't pay off. Not very good.

Eventhough Jordin Sparks got good praise, I kinda think that the drama effect may also hurt her if she stays like this. Come on, we don't need drama. If we need one, we'll ring Antonella Barba for sure.

Still speaking about appeal, guess whose appeal stays with them this week. Uh-huh. Haley Scarnato. When she sang, I said to myself that I didn't know that her voice could be this flirtatious. And then Simon took the words out of my mouth. And then that humongous family of hers will fast-dial her number and she will be safe.

I honestly thought that Chris Sligh could have been Mr. Personality of the season. But ever since his teletubbies comment, I think he pulled back a little bit. And that "bit" is now "lot". He's not so hilarious anymore. He's just ... meh. But there is a Mr. Personality up there out of the bunch. So Chris Sligh is officially robbed. The new Mr. Personality is Gina Glocksen. Yay! So let's change the title to Ms. Personality.

It is so fun watching Gina in her interviews, in her features, I mean everywhere outside her performances. She's the realest (errr ... you know what I mean) contestant this year if not ever.

Phil Stacey really could use a fashion advice. But then again, what fashion advice can you give a married unstudly marine guy? Still love ya, Phil. Still love ya.

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