Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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My mum talked to me about Speedy last night. She got a call from a Speedy salesperson, and decided that perhaps Speedy is our solution to demolish my daily nagging and bitching about our connection at home.

Problem is, she thinks, and her boss has her back on this, that 750 megabytes is actually more than enough to spend for a month on the internet. I, patiently tried to explain, that 750 megabytes is not even 1 gigabyte. One. Giga. Byte. Let's say that one youtube's video is around 15 megs. That means, one can only watch 50 clips. Ain't two clips a day.

Let's say that one AI's performance is 6.5 megabytes each. That means, for the whole season, one can only download 115 performances, as compared to 156 performances there actually are not counting the group and voted-off encore performances. If I did my math correctly. (Well, OK, AI is NOT over in one month, but you get the picture).

And how about those television series? Project Runway for example. One episode is about 350 megabytes. So in a month, one can only sees two episodes of them.

So a half of one's favorite program every month. I can only scream one word: NOT ENOUGH!!

But I should be contented, I think. At least she now thinks about introducing broadband to our household.

The second concern is a lot more concerning, I think. The price. I said, "Oh, I know Speedy. I've talked to their information bloke like two months ago or something. And they are having a discount for the first three months of first installation of Speedy." Stingy, I call them. "After that you have to pay full." And then my mum drop the bomb. She said, "Yeah, but in three months you'll be fully doing your internet activities at work, right?"

In the back of my head, I was like, "Say wha'?" I mean, there are some (well a LOT of) reasons that certain websites are labeled NSFW, mind you. If it is NSFW, that means one should not open it at "W". Simple as that. So of course, I will still do my internet activities at home. I must. I should. I mean come on, it's impossible that I'm listening to track 7 of Avenue Q (click the link and see the seventh song's title) and not taking it to heart. Or being kicked in the nuts for it. Sigh. (Well, just between you and me, I am listening to whole tracks of Avenue Q and taking them to heart)

Mum said, "The ball is now on your court." My conclusion is that, if we're changing to Speedy, I will still have to hamper my behaviour on the NSFW sides. Well, I need to hamper it regardless. Hahahahhahahahahahahhaa.. This is just one of the signs that I need to slow down. *grin*

Argh. One file per month is alright, methinks.


What's a blog post without a post about idol? Hehehe..

I had a nightmare last night. Night. Mare. It went like this.

I was still in high school or college. We had a laboratory activity done outside. You know, like measuring the temperature of a mud-pond, checking the population of an existing ecosystem, basic things done in high school or college. The only two things that I can remember of doing was measuring the temperature, and checking the capillary capacity of a paper.

There was this guy on my group. He was so awful. Awful awful. And stupid. I kinda told him, "OK, stick that thermometer in the pond." And he was doing it. And after a while I said, "Can you drop by the lab later for a while after this to check this paper's weight? I want to know it's density." (Yeah, it's kinda stupid to want to know the density of a paper. But it's a dream, right. I have all the rights in the world to be stupid in my own dream.) He replied, "What for? Does the module ask us to do that?" I simply said, "No. But maybe the data will be useful for our argument later on on the report."

"If it’s not said, then don't do it!" I was like, "What?? This is a simple task anyway. Go to the lab. Turn on the scale. Put the paper down. Take notes! It will be over in two minutes." And then he said, "Yeah, I just don’t want to waste two minutes of my time." What an airhead.

This argument was not over yet. Because I noticed that the thermometer'd been stuck for a while now. So I asked him, "Is it time for us to read the temperature?" He answered, "I don't know, we can check." So I asked again, "How long ago did you put it there?" Believe it or not, his answer was, "I don't know. I kinda forgot." I was furious and sprouting bad words borderline cursing out of my mouth. And then he said, "Chill out, the difference will only be like one or two degrees." Yeah, I'm ready for my funeral.

And then, he pulled off the thermometer out of the pond and shook it. HE SHOOK IT!!! And said, "9 degrees." So I won't be surprised if I saw myself shooting myself on my head in my dream.

He then said, again, "How long will it still take? I gotta go know." I tried to explain that we still got two experiments to do. His reply was, "Oh, really? Then count me out of that two." I was saying that it was OK for him to go, but it will go in the report that he wasn't doing the last two experiments. He responded by saying, "Well, you're a good friend. You won't be doing that to a friend, will you?" Fair to say that we had a row after this exchange. The row was ended by he walking out on me, leaving me yelling that I would do what I had to do.

You know what, this is a very familiar story. I am (still, believe it or not) holding a grudge to a guy (not the guy in my dream but a real guy that I have no recollection of counting him a friend, whom I studied with), for dragging him (and my whole group) along during our laboratory classes. For the whole activities he was so negative, lazy, clueless, distracting and couldn't write good reports. I decided to help him. Helping him around the tasks, being an editor for his report, helping him where to look and covering his ass, not confronting the way I did in my dream. In the end of the day, from the whole class, only two people got A+. Me and him. I didn't even get a thing as plain as a thank you note.

So, yeah. Nightmare it was. Because it reminds me of how I used to not stand up for myself.

But what's so idol about this? The bloke in my dream was Brandon Rogers.


I injured my right foot on Friday. I can barely stand up with two feet, and I had trouble with walking. It hurt so bad. On Friday night, some house remedies were taken. On Saturday and Sunday, I spent the day lying around, because I hate to go limping everywhere I wanted to go. Yesterday, I could already dance to NSync with some jolts of pain coming up and down my ankle plus the 10 percent forgotten choreography. But I would have done anything to dance to NSync, I think.

This morning, I decided to dance along to something else. And I can do that too! This time, it was Scissor Sisters (click the link, third from the top) and Bryan Adams. What a pair..

Have a fun Tuesday!


Credo said...

Poor Brandon Rogers.. He doesn't know how awful it is to be the person you're holding a grudge to.. hehe.

Hope you'll recover soon, yah..

Bie said...

I beg your pardon!!! Emang gue kalo holding a grudge to someone kayak gimanaa???!!!!

Gak awful, lagih .. cuman kan gue basically emotional, jadi ya emotional aja.. Hehehe..

Thanks for the recovery wish! :)