Thursday, March 08, 2007

idol related - top 16

Blake Lewis stole my look!! Minus the hair that is. Well, not really stealing, beating me to the finish line, perhaps, because I have only conceived a concept of that look since weeks. Problem is, I don't know how to find a good tartan or tartan-like in my city to make a pair of pants with it. But the tight T-Shirt combined with those pants .. Gosh! Totally conception of that look in my head. I won't pull that hair off, though.

I missed the first two performances yesterday, so I missed the tartan in action and the hair-extension-exchange between Ryan and Paula when talking about Sanjaya's performance in action. I really loved Ryan Seacrest while watching season 2. But now, I know that I will be expectedly elated if he can only shut up for a minute or two.

Sundance makes the whole (personal) choice for top 12 difficult. He knows now his strength. And he got that support, of course. Now, I kinda can't wait to see him performing in those thematic weeks. And he's funny. Kinda. And last week he was showing his soft side. Well, his other soft side, if you know what I mean. Hmm..

So, who'll be the top 6 guys? Blake and Chris R are locked, methinks. Chris S is a popular contestant, so he might be up there as well. Personally, I like Phil Stacey. Jared Cotter is the only eligible pretty boy left. That left one room for ..... I vote for Sundance.

I have a feeling though that Jared or Phil will take Sanjaya's place on one of the people going home tomorrow.

OK. Who's sick of Simon saying "jumping out of my chair" and "popular" too?

PS: Sorry for the quality of the pic. I couldn't find a better one yet.

On girls, coming (not really) soon.

Trenyce (season 2), Leah LaBelle and Jennifer Hudson (season 3), Vonzell Solomon (season 4), Katharine McPhee (season 5), and Lakisha Jones (season 6) are American Idol contestants having at least one thing in common. They sang "I Have Nothing" originally sung by Whitney Houston in some stages of rounds of American Idol. Leah and Lakisha sang it in their semifinals, the others sang it in final rounds.

So, is "I Have Nothing" becoming a recurring character on American Idol besides the metrosexual host and the three stooges judges? I think so. Is it the most abused song on American Idol? I kinda think so too. :)

Speaking of Lakisha, I choose this girl to root starting way back during Hollywood round simply because I saw colors in her performance. You see, she was singing "Until You Come Back to Me" with such style and runs, which was so colorful.

Surprisingly, after three weeks seeing the semifinalists sing, I think that Melinda Doolittle is the one with a more colorful performances. She is always great on stage, lovable, has a sort of different personality when singing, can give new twist-and-turns to songs and her voice is just textured in an awesome kinda way. I don't think that she has incredible range like some other contestants, but believe it or not, she overcomes it really really well. Will I switch to Melinda's team? I haven't known yet. But there is a possibility.

I missed Jordin Sparks' performance. I wrote a lengthy email to a friend of mine, only to realize that it's already 19:08. I jumped in during Sabrina Sloan was singing, though. I really like her. I think her coolness that got me. She's in kinda trouble though because she wasn't really praised, and then Gina Glocksen attacked from her corner with lots of judges' praises as her weapon at disposal. Hmmm..

Antonella Barba and Haley What's-Her-Surname still sucked. But between the two, I pick Antonella any day. You see, now I think I know why Haley stays in after last two weeks. The producers need to put her fiancee's face onto the screen. They know that it will create buzz and all. If you know what I mean.

The vote-off-ee? Hmm .. Jordin and Haley I hope. But it can be Sabrina. And I hope hope hope HOPE, it's not Gina. This chick really needs another chance.


mellyana said...

tau gak say, blog elu jadi referensi gue buat american idol :D

melly yang lagi bersedih karena sabrina keluar, hiks hiks.

my top five: lakisha, dolitle, chris r, blake and well, can't decided for the last five. I love almost all 12 finalist

Credo said...

I like Gina since her top-16-performance :D

Bie said...

melly: Hehehe.. mangga, mangga we atuh .. :)

err .. I think I know what you meant by "almost all". *coughSanjayaHaleycough*

credo: I like Gina since last season I think. Hehehhehe..

Personality-wise, I think I like her the most.