Tuesday, March 06, 2007

how milli vanilli got away with it all, I'll never know

Allright, I'll come clean. I will admit something. Now.

I semi-dislocated my jaw yesterday early morning. You see, the first thing I do after leaving my bed because of my waking up is actually turning my computer on. After sprinkling myself with water and then subsequently drying it, I expect the computer is done starting up. So I load iTunes. I fetch my "morning madness" playlist and then jiggle, dance, lip-sync, move, sing along, whatever it takes to brush sleepiness off my aura.

Problem is yesterday morning the first song was the-song-that-shouldn't-be-named by Jennifer Hudson. You see it is impossible to jiggle and dance to this song, so I took the liberty to lip-sync. It was so early in the morning, so sing along was an option, but I decided to spare my neighbours' ears.

I don't know whether it's the "I'm" (e.g. 3:09), the "time" (1:11), the "share" (1:38), the "mind" (1:33), the "can" (2:35), or the "shout" (2:42), and the "aaahh" (e.g. 4:00) or whichever "the" followed with part of the lyric that requires me to open my mouth as wide as when I'm yawning (perhaps even twice wider) that carried me away and consequently gets the story interesting.

So on one of those pseudo-yawning, there was a hint of a percussion sound that I just heard, that resembled a pop. Before the song was done, I realized that percussion sound was humanly organic, literally. And, yeah, pain came around.

I spent the day then by sitting in front of my computer doing this and that. Interrupted frequently by massaging my aching jaw. iTunes was still playing, of course. But the options is now limited to three activities only.

But that doesn't mean that I quit playing that song, though. It just made the lip-syncing game more interesting..

Just like what the song says, "I'm not living without you, not living without you." Well, I'm not. The song didn't sneak up back to my "top 25 most played" list by chance, mind you.

Have a good Tuesday, lads..

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