Thursday, March 01, 2007

Peter Petrelli hair watch

I am currently tuning in for Anderson Cooper 360 (almost daily), Oprah (on and off), Heroes (weekly), American Idol (three times a week), and countless news programme.

And in my humble opinion, this mate (pictured on the left) has the most delicious hair of them all.

The actor called himself Milo Ventimiglia, I just knew it when I wrote it. :p He plays Peter Petrelli in Heroes. Who is Peter Petrelli? You should watch the series.

In order to get the full effect of the hair, you should watch the series, though, not looking at the stills or publication images only. Sometimes the hair even steals most of the scene, and I didn't really realize what was going on because of concentrating on ogling looking at the hair.

You know, Peter Petrelli's head flicking back and forth and all.. :)

PS: You should watch the series, though. It is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll all rolled into one. I should write something about this series perhaps.

PPS: It's odd to find that I have written "You should watch the series" three times already. Hmmmm.. Something rhymes with "confessed"?


sahathutajulubo said...

Have you heard? A.J, Nick Pedro, alaina, and Hunt. eliminated.

I'd heard Nick Pedro mp3 that night repeatedly, 5 times, maybe more. Gosh, his voice is amazing. Trully. Like the different kind of Buble. Except in the end of the song he lost the beat. I like his voice very much.

It's dreadful that he must go home. I still think he will go for top 5 american idol this season.

Bie said...

I'll reply to your comment in its place. :)

Gets said...

Milo kan selingkuhan nya Rory Gilmore.. namanya Jesse atau bukan ya?.. Lupa.. yang jelas kyny gue jadi males nton Gilmore gara2 dia.. hikss.. abis gara2 dia Rory putus sama Dean pdhl Dean baik and so guy-next-door-charm.. hehe.. dan jg karena dia nyebelin di serial itu, bad boy and always angry and all..

Dan dia itu salah satu dr orang2 yg selalu timbul tenggelam di serial2 TV hollywood itu lho, extra2 itu lah.. kaya sahabatnya Carrie Bradshaw, yang jadi Mr. President nya apartement Ross di Friends..gitu.. soalnya dia pernah nongol di CSI juga.. Milo, maksudnya.. :D Begitulah sedikit input dari gue.. ;D

Bie said...

Setelah agak2 research tentang Milo something (sampe sekarang gue masih gak bisa dengan refleks ngomong nama belakangnya) emang gue baca dia nongol di Gilmore sih ...

Cuman kan gue agak2 gak banyak nonton Gilmore ..

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to grow my hair out like Milo's. Any advice?

Bie said...

Ini anonymous Ronny yeh?

Grow it first like Isaac Mendez, abis itu potong kayak Milo.