Thursday, May 26, 2005

congratz, Carrie!

Now America has two idols named Kerrie. Umm.. Get it? So in Japan, the conversation will be like

"Hey, Carrie won AI!"
"Hasn't she won the first?"
"No, not Kerry, but Carrie.. And Kerry the idol will visit Tokyo to promote her new album."
"She already got a new album?"
"No, not Carrie, but Kerry.."

That's why I thought Bo was gonna win. :p

No offense to my fellow Japanese, because I LOVE Engrish!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

many small ducks

politik = poli + itik
poli = many; itik = small duck
politik = many small ducks

politis = Poli + tis
poli = many; tis = to denote disease (as in bronchitis)
politis = disease that is suffered by many peeps :p

Yesterday's lunch..

My spanish friends talked about their first lady who was featured on local talk show. The first lady didn't do well on this talk show, they said. Then, my supervisor said, "You spanish never give a break to your women. When was a woman elected to become a president in your country?". And the Spaniards said, "And when was a woman elected as chancellor in Germany?". My super said that they will have one in a short time.

He then explained that this result of state election in NRW (Nord Rhein-Westfallen) made Gerhard Schröder (current chancellor of Germany) move the general election a year earlier as scheduled, and the most possible outcome of it. And how it was backed up with the situation in current economical situation of Germany.

Last night's dinner..

I sat on the table with a friend of mine. He's german. And I asked him, "Why is Schröder plan to move the general election schedule forward just because of one result of state-election?". And after this question, he explained me the german politics for dummies, and the answer to my question.

And the dinner went by with discussion about this politics, who will be the new chancellor, how was (and is) politics in Indonesia, how I don't give a damn on it, and so on. And get this, I was not a listener in the discussion. I also said so many things, how it may differ or be the same in Indonesia.

Then we moved on to the living room..

Then I said, "I was told by one of my professors (he's german) that I should not bring up the fact that it is difficult to change things in Indonesia (environment-wise, concurring with my study here) due to the corrupt government." You know why the professor said that? He said, "Because it's always like that in any parts of other world. Not only Indonesia." I was amazed.

I think I was so naive about this corruption thing. Yes Indonesia is corrupt, but that doesn't make that other countries (or governments in this case) not corrupt. And yes that professor is an idealist one, but he got a point to say that I shouldn't make that as an excuse to say that this is solely the reason that systems may not work.

We (my friend and I) then discussed about corruption, experiences of corruption in other parts of the world, movements in Indonesia, its "growth" during the new order, and how (for me) the youngsters are so american-minded.

On TV..

I saw French Open highlights (of course), and while zapping, there is a LIVE transmission from Berlin about politic thingy. And I stopped there, watch.

The truth..

The last time I talked politics is when I was still pursuing my bachelor degree in Bandung, around six (6!!!) years ago. And in the middle of this CDU won the state election in NRW, I sucked up to this damn topics again. It even made me want to talk about more than Gracia placed last in last weeekend's Eurovision.

Mid-life (errr..) mid-twenties crisis? Euphoria? Change of circles? *shrug*

Monday, May 23, 2005


Of course it's going to be Bo Bice.

Five months without squats weaken my leg.

Germany placed last (LAST!!) in Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

I have eaten salad for lunch in 5 consecutive days. YAY!

French Open starts today.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Corel ajarr..

I just found out today, after years of working in the institute that I am working currently [exaggerating], that CorelDRAW 9 is installed in my work station. Duh!?

Had I known from the start, my working days will be much more "productive". Please define productive by yourself. Hehehee..

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Il Divo: (not) just another boyband?

On Simon Cowell's head some time last year...

Hmm.. I can't believe how this popera genre can take over the world. Josh Groban is number one and his concert is crowded everywhere. Mario Frangoulis is being talked. Andrea Bocelli is still looked for. And what is amazing is that men, women, teenagers, old, young, all like this music. I want some of it!

But the thing is, I can't wave this magic wand and turn someone into a star, like what I said to Charley Lowry, contestant on American Idol 3. What I can do is spot them if they are good. So audition is what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make auditions, to produce the latest popera boyband. Ain't it grand! (the real Simon will not say this, though.. :D)

So there you go, after auditions all over the world, Simon Cowell produced this grouped named Il Divo. Maybe the name was chosen for the sake of group image. But I really beg to differ.

In the audition...

Enter Sebastien Izambard. Early 30s French guy. Self-taught when it comes to singing. But can sing. He doesn't have a strong operatic quality of voice though, but he will be the foundation and support when the song needed it's popish touch. He also writes songs and definitely can contribute to the group.

Come David Miller. With outstanding operatic vocal education background. Experienced by becoming one of the cast of La Boheme, musical directed by Baz Luhrman. His voice, is typical modern musical performers, where you still can feel the classical timbre, and yet not so full vibratic and deep. He's the big tall guy from US.

Audition Urs Buhler. My favorite voice in the group. A perfect bridge from Miller's modern musical timbre to the classical opera. His voice is fully supported with classical technique tenory voice. And his melancholy face, just adds up to the image that this group needs. Until this time, I still can't imagine that that voice comes from that face. He is Schweizer, by the way.

Sing Carlos Marin. Carlos has an extensive summary of singing opera. And musicals of course. Deep well-produced baritone voice, yet again able to sing in a more relaxful popish voice. He is very versatile in terms of singing. If Urs got my vote for the voice, Carlos got my vote for performer. It is easy to sing Spanish songs for him, because it is his mother tongue.

Their future...

Now where will Simon Cowell bring this group forward. I still don't know, but I bet he knows, though. I am looking forward to eliminating the brackets on the title of this post, and changing the question mark in the end by exclamation mark after I put down the brackets.

We'll see, but in the mean time, I leave it like that and enjoy Il Divo.

Comment is disabled. You can comment on the previous post, though. I think it's better.

Monday, May 16, 2005

what's in a name?

I hate this post. I hate how standard it is. And how blunt it is. Even if it is personal post. Hehehe..

But since there are "some" comments down there, I will not erase it. Just put it a bit in the background. And after buying their CD, I wrote another post on this thing. You can read it. It's not better, though, but it's mendingan.

Seriously. I always love to see "Wetten, dass ..?" (WD) on TV. It's unique, has world-class guest stars, and always make me excited. So when last Sunday WD is scheduled to run, I was as excited as hell to know the guest stars. Two of them are Paris Hilton and Kimi Raikonnen [sp?]. But four of them are male vocalists that is member of a group named more or less to give you classical sense, but just got me thinking, "Can't they think of another name?" The name is Il Divo.

Il Divo, as stated in the website, is a London based all male vocal groups, singing mostly in classical style. What interests me the most, is the fact that, Il Divo was formed after auditions. Oh my God. And since they are based in London, I hope they are not another Boyzone, another Spice Girls, and another Westlife, where auditions were made to form a group, and the group will be whored up to a great success, but that's it.

But however, Il Divo sounds good. Old tricks are used, though. Using old records. Translate them into Spanish (or Italian?). Put orchestra as the music. I felt so ashamed that I didn't know about this group before I watched WD. But today's search in local Amazon relieved me, because their album won't be released until tomorrow!! Phew..

Who're the boys? Believe it or not, they come from 4 different countries. One of them is self-trained (!!!). All of them speaks English. One curly, one short straight blond, one short burnett, and one wavy to the neck long. They are:

1. Carlos Marin, the Spanish baritone. Have a nice deep timbre, made me thought that he was the bass. Famous for Spanish versions of opera and musicals. If I'm getting information correctly, he has a baby and it is shown in the video clip of Regresa A Mi.

2. Sebastien Izambard. The heartthrob. For a start, he's French. He's self-taught when it comes to singing. Reading his bio, he's the most rebellious out of the four. I don't understand what vox populi means, but that's what he is.

3. Urs Buhler. The long-haired tenor. Comes from Switzerland, and very serious in singing. I mean his way of singing. I thought he was the baritone, because he has a strong, supported baritone voice. Hands down, the strongest voice out there. He looks somehow like Gael Garcia Bernal.

4. David Miller. The tall guy. Don't get me wrong, but he's the guy that I love to hate. For me he's Brian of Westlife. Or Simon of Blue. Or Stephen of Boyzone. The guy who thinks that he's cute and make stuff with the mouth or face when they are singing. But voice-wise, he's not bad. By the way, he's the American.

The first time that they were shown, I think that they will be fully charged like the three tenors. Or sounds like Josh Groban. But nope. They start the performance with a very soft-almost-wishpering voice which I don't really like and get me saying, "what are they doing?" But when the second chorus came, I was so amazed hearing this operatic mixed with a little popish timbre and I was like.. OK, I need to get the nearest CD store.

Another concern is, that they will be whored to teens, and their concert will be full of girls shouting and screaming their names. Hmm.. It really depends in these some days, though.. But to prove my concern, just check the forum on their website. Urgh..

it's spring, so got a reason to be in love, there

Romeo ... is Italian. Always in and out of love.

Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
for Christopher Marlowe
in Shakespeare in Love

After that line came out in Shakespeare in Love, I know it was the time to say, "see.. Romeo is me." But regardless, I never wanted to connect myself as Romeo. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I never wanted to be a fiction character. ehehee..

The thing is, it is really easy for me to be in, and out of love. For me, this is the Dickie Greenleaf side of me. Oops, what have I said about fictional characters? Hehehe.. I can find something very interesting in one day, and totally forgot it the next day. Or maybe the other way around. Euphoric? You may say that.

At this third quarter of the year, I found myself again in love. But with who or what? Here goes.

1 = first encounter
Y = why on earth am I in love
+ = what to do with them
- = what not to do with them

1. Georgia.
No, not the country, not the state, not the gal, but the font face.
1 : Cameron Moll's Authentic Boredom. Actually Bloggers WYSIWYG editor. :)
Y : Curvy but beautiful, free but classy, serif but on screen legible.
+ : Kern Track them! Just by kerning tracking them, creates an amazing effect that I wasn't aware of. [I used to only track Tahoma]
- : Overuse or use them in biggies.. Just like other faces. :)

2. L'oreal Men products
Two lines, seven products, great imaging and ads, love it!
1 : Advertisement on German TV.
Y : Basically their imaging and ads. And this tagline: Expert technology for every man's skin. Just SMART.
+ : Err.. use them daily?
- : Smell them! The Pure and Matte (the one that I use) smells like jamu. Heheheee.. Made me feel like Javanese ndoro.. Hrrr.. Don't believe the checkup! I still believe that your answer to your age is the only determining answer.

3. Open Source community
Super alternative to combat Microsoft empire, obeying the Undang-undang Hak Cipta, and keeping those Warnets going.
1 : Rizky told me about the Gimp, alternative image editor to Adobe PhotoShop.
Y : Free and rebellious.
+ : Make an introduction, know them more, prepare to migrate fully, break the code!
- : Backing down after some clicks because it works in other Microsoft or other potential monopolizer softwares while not work on them.

4. Il Divo
Didn't you hear me? Il Divo.
1 : This Saturday's "Wetten, dass ...?", a very famous German TV talk show.
Y : Classical sounds of four male vocalists from four different countries.
+ : Buy the CD [swear to God, this Tuesday!], upload them to my mp3 playa!
- : Going to their concert. Still on the fence, though.. I am just afraid that I will sit around teens who screams Sebastien!!! or David!! or Carlos!!! or Urs!!! and I am the only one who screams "QUIET!!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

is this a sign?

Sorry, but I really have to shout it out loud..


recent test result.

..., your must-see European city is Prague. *cue for gasp*

Eclectic and individualistic, you're a creative and intellectual person who marches to the beat of your own drummer. And like the City of a Thousand Spires, you've got your own unique style and charm.

While others might stay on the beaten path, you forge your own way and make an effort to see the things that really make a place different. Wandering cobblestone streets, chatting with locals at a café, feasting on local cuisine, or touring castles and galleries is where it's at for you. So bring your debate skills and your walking shoes. You may never want to leave!

Monday, May 09, 2005

that damn proverb

If there is one proverb that I don't understand (I hope I will, though, shortly after), it's..

Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian
Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.

You can see the meaning, or English equivalent in Wikiquote, scroll down to letter B, and it's the eleventh proverb in section B.

Don't fret, I am not (indonesian=bukan) "don't understand" the meaning, but don't understand myself for kept not doing it. Personally, I don't think that right now, I am an über-achiever, swinging for the fence, or will not just try hard enough. So quit it, and be the man of this proverb! Whip your butt and be it! But don't be sadomasochism. *Garfield-grin*

Friday, May 06, 2005

vote for rodrigo!!!

Come on.. vote for Rodrigo!! I really want that emoticon to be on Y!M. But I'm still not quite sure how this whole thing works, though..

Only one thing for sure, VOTE FOR RODRIGO!!

glimpse of Time

Recent glimpse of Time magazine this morning in Hamburg Hauptbahnhof:

The Last Star Wars: WE'VE SEEN IT! Darker, Scarier, Better.

Another thing to say, "Hence grab your seating place in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre!" If there are still places to buy. Hehehe..

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

welcome to 1 gigs Yahoo! Mail

Just realize it today that finally Yahoo! Mail upgraded its mailbox capacity to 1 Gb. Hehehe.. The competition is getting fiercer and fiercer...