Thursday, May 26, 2005

congratz, Carrie!

Now America has two idols named Kerrie. Umm.. Get it? So in Japan, the conversation will be like

"Hey, Carrie won AI!"
"Hasn't she won the first?"
"No, not Kerry, but Carrie.. And Kerry the idol will visit Tokyo to promote her new album."
"She already got a new album?"
"No, not Carrie, but Kerry.."

That's why I thought Bo was gonna win. :p

No offense to my fellow Japanese, because I LOVE Engrish!!

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Mike said...

So, not even any new post? U are so busy, aren't you? Well, right now the season 5 was shown and I think there's not much to be involved. Great news. They might be coming to Indonesia in the next season, specifically to Bali. Well, who knows they might come to Bandung.