Wednesday, May 25, 2005

many small ducks

politik = poli + itik
poli = many; itik = small duck
politik = many small ducks

politis = Poli + tis
poli = many; tis = to denote disease (as in bronchitis)
politis = disease that is suffered by many peeps :p

Yesterday's lunch..

My spanish friends talked about their first lady who was featured on local talk show. The first lady didn't do well on this talk show, they said. Then, my supervisor said, "You spanish never give a break to your women. When was a woman elected to become a president in your country?". And the Spaniards said, "And when was a woman elected as chancellor in Germany?". My super said that they will have one in a short time.

He then explained that this result of state election in NRW (Nord Rhein-Westfallen) made Gerhard Schröder (current chancellor of Germany) move the general election a year earlier as scheduled, and the most possible outcome of it. And how it was backed up with the situation in current economical situation of Germany.

Last night's dinner..

I sat on the table with a friend of mine. He's german. And I asked him, "Why is Schröder plan to move the general election schedule forward just because of one result of state-election?". And after this question, he explained me the german politics for dummies, and the answer to my question.

And the dinner went by with discussion about this politics, who will be the new chancellor, how was (and is) politics in Indonesia, how I don't give a damn on it, and so on. And get this, I was not a listener in the discussion. I also said so many things, how it may differ or be the same in Indonesia.

Then we moved on to the living room..

Then I said, "I was told by one of my professors (he's german) that I should not bring up the fact that it is difficult to change things in Indonesia (environment-wise, concurring with my study here) due to the corrupt government." You know why the professor said that? He said, "Because it's always like that in any parts of other world. Not only Indonesia." I was amazed.

I think I was so naive about this corruption thing. Yes Indonesia is corrupt, but that doesn't make that other countries (or governments in this case) not corrupt. And yes that professor is an idealist one, but he got a point to say that I shouldn't make that as an excuse to say that this is solely the reason that systems may not work.

We (my friend and I) then discussed about corruption, experiences of corruption in other parts of the world, movements in Indonesia, its "growth" during the new order, and how (for me) the youngsters are so american-minded.

On TV..

I saw French Open highlights (of course), and while zapping, there is a LIVE transmission from Berlin about politic thingy. And I stopped there, watch.

The truth..

The last time I talked politics is when I was still pursuing my bachelor degree in Bandung, around six (6!!!) years ago. And in the middle of this CDU won the state election in NRW, I sucked up to this damn topics again. It even made me want to talk about more than Gracia placed last in last weeekend's Eurovision.

Mid-life (errr..) mid-twenties crisis? Euphoria? Change of circles? *shrug*


Anonymous said...

bieeee... hi2 skali2nya aku nimbrung, telat pula :p
just something regarding the corruption thing... ur prof is rite...
i was on a seminar about this corruption thing, n i proudly claimed, "hey we'r indonesians r number one in the list, u know..."
n a nigerian thought otherwise..." no it s nigeria..."
n a thai friend said, "it s thailand!..."
all were so persistent, i could only say, "o well, probably we r number 2 now... :("
n now in the office...
the guy from kamerun said, "kamerun is in the top of the list, just see in the transparency list in the web, u can see it... see it..." (talking bout persistency, never see it though)
n my collegue in front of me is a bit fair maybe, he said, "yes i know, indonesian is no 1 n we re bangladesh in 2nd"
we are all the same...
n insist that we r the most corrupted of all...
so i guess... please dont be too hard to ur country, cos almost each person must have at least picked a penny or two from illegitemate sources rite :d

Bie said...

Yah memang begitulah mbak Anonymous. Hehehe.. gue juga dibilangin sama temen gue akhirnya katanya, udahlah, di mana2 itu orang2 pada korup kok, tinggal kitanya aja nih mau ikut2an korup atau nggak. Ya gue sih ogah. Hehehehhe..

Tapi kan jadi susah deh kalo gitu, alasan apalagi yang bisa dipake dong buat mata kuliah mata kuliah? Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

bin die aullyne :d

Bie said...

ngerti kok siapa mbak Anonymous itu.. Siapa lagi yang ngetik penuh smileys, seluruhnya huruf kecil, agak2 SMS style, dan pokoknya Olin banget lah ketikannya. Hehehheee..