Monday, May 16, 2005

it's spring, so got a reason to be in love, there

Romeo ... is Italian. Always in and out of love.

Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
for Christopher Marlowe
in Shakespeare in Love

After that line came out in Shakespeare in Love, I know it was the time to say, "see.. Romeo is me." But regardless, I never wanted to connect myself as Romeo. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I never wanted to be a fiction character. ehehee..

The thing is, it is really easy for me to be in, and out of love. For me, this is the Dickie Greenleaf side of me. Oops, what have I said about fictional characters? Hehehe.. I can find something very interesting in one day, and totally forgot it the next day. Or maybe the other way around. Euphoric? You may say that.

At this third quarter of the year, I found myself again in love. But with who or what? Here goes.

1 = first encounter
Y = why on earth am I in love
+ = what to do with them
- = what not to do with them

1. Georgia.
No, not the country, not the state, not the gal, but the font face.
1 : Cameron Moll's Authentic Boredom. Actually Bloggers WYSIWYG editor. :)
Y : Curvy but beautiful, free but classy, serif but on screen legible.
+ : Kern Track them! Just by kerning tracking them, creates an amazing effect that I wasn't aware of. [I used to only track Tahoma]
- : Overuse or use them in biggies.. Just like other faces. :)

2. L'oreal Men products
Two lines, seven products, great imaging and ads, love it!
1 : Advertisement on German TV.
Y : Basically their imaging and ads. And this tagline: Expert technology for every man's skin. Just SMART.
+ : Err.. use them daily?
- : Smell them! The Pure and Matte (the one that I use) smells like jamu. Heheheee.. Made me feel like Javanese ndoro.. Hrrr.. Don't believe the checkup! I still believe that your answer to your age is the only determining answer.

3. Open Source community
Super alternative to combat Microsoft empire, obeying the Undang-undang Hak Cipta, and keeping those Warnets going.
1 : Rizky told me about the Gimp, alternative image editor to Adobe PhotoShop.
Y : Free and rebellious.
+ : Make an introduction, know them more, prepare to migrate fully, break the code!
- : Backing down after some clicks because it works in other Microsoft or other potential monopolizer softwares while not work on them.

4. Il Divo
Didn't you hear me? Il Divo.
1 : This Saturday's "Wetten, dass ...?", a very famous German TV talk show.
Y : Classical sounds of four male vocalists from four different countries.
+ : Buy the CD [swear to God, this Tuesday!], upload them to my mp3 playa!
- : Going to their concert. Still on the fence, though.. I am just afraid that I will sit around teens who screams Sebastien!!! or David!! or Carlos!!! or Urs!!! and I am the only one who screams "QUIET!!"

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