Friday, May 06, 2005

vote for rodrigo!!!

Come on.. vote for Rodrigo!! I really want that emoticon to be on Y!M. But I'm still not quite sure how this whole thing works, though..

Only one thing for sure, VOTE FOR RODRIGO!!


Credo said...

Nyahahaha.. I follow the link you supplied, but give my vote to Meagan.. hehehe.. I like Rodrigo's, Sebastianus', Janele's, James', Gaya's, and Brett's.. I think Brett's emoticon will be very useful, based on personal experience ;))

I don't understand what Merida emoticon is..
Hehehe.. can't wait to use those new emoticons..

Bie said...

Argh.. why not Rodrigo.. :(

Hihihihi.. but there are zillions of contemplating of choosing one as well from my side.

Don't know bout Merida either.