Friday, January 28, 2005

weekend at [insert a name here that's not Bernie]'s

So, as a working class people, or should I say students, I really really REALLY appreciate weekends. Hehehehheee..

Just hope that all the snow stays there on the ground of Hamburg when I got there. Hamburg, here I come!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


YESSSS HE WONNNN!!! Seeing the score (57 64 57 76 97) it looks like a great great game.

My hope, is on the other semi final Roddick will lose to Letoy, oops I mean Lleyton, and Marat will demolish him in the final.


100 years Aussie Open..

Damn! Habe keine Lust mehr Aussie Open anzuschauen. :(

This morning Sharapova just lost to Serena Williams 26 75 86. Right now, Marat is losing 57 to Federer.

But still GO MARAT!!!

By the way, Happy Birthday, Marat (just found out seconds ago). Welcome to the club, you're as old as I am today. Hehehehehee.. Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

as confusing as last year

So right now is after six. So have I or have I not? Hmm.. They should have a consensus on this.

Friday, January 21, 2005

yep. just sing it.

I can't deny what I believe,
I can't be what I'm not.
I know this love's forever,
that's all that matters now
no matter what.

No, wait. I am not connected to the song whatsoever. This song just accompanied me on the road to work, and somehow, I felt touched. So, there's no real love there. Before you think of something.

It's a 23.

Monday, January 17, 2005

it's official baby..

so right now, I'm Bremerhavener by work-days, and Hamburger by weekends.

Gotta love the change of pace!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

psst.. tell no one..

37.5 %

My weblog owns 37.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

o. em. ji. will be so f-ing ...

Alright, I think I can be jealous. Nah, jealous won't be the right word. Maybe hooked, be wanna-be, obsessed, or just simply jealous. Hehehe.. Just check it out.

the 2005 bloggies.

lost again

Nooo!!! I had something written some days ago.. It's about Jason, it's about proJAG, and it's not here. Damn! Now it looks like that I'm nothing but a guy who doesn't blog for four days. What kind of blogger I am? Shame on me!

Hehehee.. Nah, it's non-stop jolting excitement slash scary feelings that keeps me emotionally erupting. Well, see you later.

[damn! i wasn't even aware what i wrote up there]

Monday, January 10, 2005

first pic of 2005

This is actually the first picture my camera captured in the year 2005. So by that, y'all know how I expect 2005 would be. Hopefully, hopefully.. Hahaha..

[opened for various interpretations]

Barbara, Kenneth and Blaine

[I do not really know nor care about real names of the characters that I mention below. I just thought that they may have 'real' names as written above. So inform me if I'm wrong, but don't judge me for not being a good 'journalist'. I'm just blogging. Hmm.. any difference?]

Had I known blog last year, this post would have been published much sooner than this. And I blame Chris Boooker and Richard Hatch when they interviewed JP and Mia and did not say anything on this.

So, OK. I had a lunch with a friend named David. He knows that I like to talk about anything, from anything to anything. And when everything got boring, I said,

+ Did you know that Barbie and Ken are now separated?
- Well, of course they are.
+ Why'd you say that?
- Because Ken is gay. It's so obvious.

Of all the people, I never thought that David would be the one who said that. I think after that, the whole coffee shop turned their heads on me because of my laugh.

- Come on! Good looking, afraid of commitments, buff, very fashionable, good hair. Kinsey 6 all the way.

It turns out that this topic was hot a year ago, when I was busy with.. I don't know. With something that was not having fun, of course. One media even said that Ken's dream partner was actually GI Joe. Hahaha..

+ Yeah, right now, she has an eye on an australian surfer named Blaine. Oh, I wish I met her on the street, and said something to her, like.. Slut! Do you think surfies need another curve after all day riding those curvy waves?

This time, it was David who rocked the whole place. After that, we knew that we never forget that afternoon in the coffee house.

You know what, go check pastime news around February, 12th 2004. And have a good laugh. Like I and David did.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

should I do it, should I do it?

Tom asked me to accompany him to find his brother a christmas present. Oh my Gosh. That sentence is so grammatically german! Lemme start again.

Tom asked me to accompany him to find a christmas present for his brother. It had to be an mp3 player. Whether it was the iPods, jukeboxes from Creative, a mere mp3 player/recorder/FM radio/flash drive (hmm.. suddenly that kitchen/bathroom was not so hot anymore :D) like mine. When he finally decided which to buy, he asked me. Should I do it? My reply, "Of course!"

Jason said that he had just bought a new scanner. Bravo, Jase. I needed his autograph (guess what, I got it for free. Hehehe..). He actually said, and I quote, "It would be an adventure [tried to use it for the first time]." He asked me. Should I do it? My reply, "Of course!"

Now, check these out. One simple question: "Should I do it?" Your reply, ... [oh, I hope it won't be of-fucking-course!].

Hmm.. maybe I just hangout with the right person and somehow moves the conversation to movies, and let them say: "Hey let's grab some cola and go see that." I will wholeheartedly say, OF-FUCKIN-COURSE!!! - hohoho.. *santa'sLaughInDevilishDemeanor*

Saturday, January 08, 2005

are they really?

Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston split.
the grapevine is

Oh, it will be all over the media in short notice anyhow.. :D But ain't it cool when you're able to say, yeah I read it in so-and-so's blog.

Sorry, just writing that short. Prepare myself, and Berlin, here I come!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Is this normal?

10:00 AM -
Mike: Hey.. how's the presentation?
Moi: What presentation? Toldja it would be on Tuesday! But the meeting will be in 10:30.
Mike: That's like half an hour away.

10:10 AM - (I always depart 20 minutes before)
Moi: Alright, gotta go, everybody.. meeting time. [shutting down the lappers, packing up the bags, cds, and so on and so on]

10:15 AM - (I'm already late!!)
XDA, checked. Keys, checked. Passport, checked. Wallet, checked. OK, I'm ready. [heading to the door, preparing to wear my socks, and then..] Hey, wait. These socks don't go with my pants.. [rushing up to bedroom to find new pair].

10:17 AM - (OK, no need to judge)
[rushing up like hell to the bus stop] Thank God, I'm a good runner..

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

there are still bad news out there

This article just killed me. It just killed me.

the tale of two cities two continents one nation

Hey, you feel like working out, lifting weights, doing good mornings, squats, while chatting and doing good deeds? Come down to Bebelalle 15, where the Indonesian General Consulate stands, and help us to convert this pile of trashbags into that pile of boxes.

No, it's not being done by rotating 90° CW, and then replace it with another image. (eventhough it can be done that way). It is done by sorting out, making up boxes, asking Tom to cellotape them, and lifting them up.

They will be sent to Aceh, by the way, to replace the loss of their own clothes that got lost during the disaster. So got the time?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

not postcard from heaven, but still..

Hah.. what a day.

After finishing a mock up for Jason, I put courage in me to send him the request e-mail. And then, three Indonesians kidnapped me to Phoenix Center, to see the ohne Mw.St. sale in MediaMarkt today. And then, they kidnapped me furthermore to Saturn Mönckebergstraße. And due to a previous chat with Ivan the croatian guy and Gita the indonesian girl, I bought a webcam. Huh. Hehehe..

Back at home, Jason replied! He was intrigued! Good Lord, never thought that I would get that kind of reply. Maybe I sounded too needy though after this. Hehehee.. I think we will have this project, then. Right, Jason? I just hope that he will not put standards that I can't comply with.

The next thing is that I am being put as responsible for presenting one of the concept of the seminar in Berlin. Damn! I can't present anything in Bahasa Indonesia. What am I supposed to do..? But amazed though to the opportunity that I might visit Berlin.

And last, but definitely not least.. Ibot's postcard had arrived! Hahaha.. It's a Picadilly Circus (eat that, Helmy Yahya) -ed Postcard. So it's a great day, anyway, and suddenly my webcam is not that special anymore.

They stole its thunder!

Monday, January 03, 2005

2004 lists

No end of year went by without a list. I am working on a list as well, but in the mean time, here is the list of list that people has listed.

Kottke's favorite weblogs of 2004

Time's 10 things we learned about blogs's Hollywoods flop 50

National Board Review's 10 best movies of 2004 (not the most prestigious award, but it's the first of the season, so a good indicator sometimes)

and this is my favorite so far: reality blurred's the top six reality TV whores of 2004 (Donald Trump is one of them. Yes!)

Winners and Losers of 2004. Reported by CBS Marketwatch. (Free Sign-Up needed though)

2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist.
Good to know that under professional service, it's not escort who's taken number one spot. Or is it bad to know?

Roger Ebert and his Favorite 2004 movies.

popbytes top 2004 albums

I'll add some more when I find something.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

first 2005 post

Well, it's 2005 already, they are still playing Carcassone, and I just realize that it is not my cup of game. Hehehe.. Well, happy 2005 everyone. May the best best BEST for everyone..

2005 Resolution

Yep, it's time for 2005 resolution. Yep, no 's'. So it should be only one resolution. And it is..
Cutting out movies and tv series out of my life.
By that, I mean not to actively try to see and find out about movies or tv series. I will still open to see movies and series during dates, though..

Wow.. whattan ugly resolution. Ah, well, try to get through it, though. Help me out here, will ya? :)

Anyway, happy 2005, dude! More power to us all..