Monday, January 10, 2005

Barbara, Kenneth and Blaine

[I do not really know nor care about real names of the characters that I mention below. I just thought that they may have 'real' names as written above. So inform me if I'm wrong, but don't judge me for not being a good 'journalist'. I'm just blogging. Hmm.. any difference?]

Had I known blog last year, this post would have been published much sooner than this. And I blame Chris Boooker and Richard Hatch when they interviewed JP and Mia and did not say anything on this.

So, OK. I had a lunch with a friend named David. He knows that I like to talk about anything, from anything to anything. And when everything got boring, I said,

+ Did you know that Barbie and Ken are now separated?
- Well, of course they are.
+ Why'd you say that?
- Because Ken is gay. It's so obvious.

Of all the people, I never thought that David would be the one who said that. I think after that, the whole coffee shop turned their heads on me because of my laugh.

- Come on! Good looking, afraid of commitments, buff, very fashionable, good hair. Kinsey 6 all the way.

It turns out that this topic was hot a year ago, when I was busy with.. I don't know. With something that was not having fun, of course. One media even said that Ken's dream partner was actually GI Joe. Hahaha..

+ Yeah, right now, she has an eye on an australian surfer named Blaine. Oh, I wish I met her on the street, and said something to her, like.. Slut! Do you think surfies need another curve after all day riding those curvy waves?

This time, it was David who rocked the whole place. After that, we knew that we never forget that afternoon in the coffee house.

You know what, go check pastime news around February, 12th 2004. And have a good laugh. Like I and David did.

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