Friday, January 07, 2005

Is this normal?

10:00 AM -
Mike: Hey.. how's the presentation?
Moi: What presentation? Toldja it would be on Tuesday! But the meeting will be in 10:30.
Mike: That's like half an hour away.

10:10 AM - (I always depart 20 minutes before)
Moi: Alright, gotta go, everybody.. meeting time. [shutting down the lappers, packing up the bags, cds, and so on and so on]

10:15 AM - (I'm already late!!)
XDA, checked. Keys, checked. Passport, checked. Wallet, checked. OK, I'm ready. [heading to the door, preparing to wear my socks, and then..] Hey, wait. These socks don't go with my pants.. [rushing up to bedroom to find new pair].

10:17 AM - (OK, no need to judge)
[rushing up like hell to the bus stop] Thank God, I'm a good runner..

1 comment:

Mike said...

I thought u need more time for your primping time. Well at least you were not late.