Friday, January 21, 2005

yep. just sing it.

I can't deny what I believe,
I can't be what I'm not.
I know this love's forever,
that's all that matters now
no matter what.

No, wait. I am not connected to the song whatsoever. This song just accompanied me on the road to work, and somehow, I felt touched. So, there's no real love there. Before you think of something.

It's a 23.


Mike said...

Why you said that? Are you afraid of something?

BTW How could we get contact with you. One of your friend ask me, whether you will be able to get online in Bremen?

Bie said...

heh.. kok gue gak ngarti ya? Why did I say what? :-s

Well, pertama, gue gak di Bremen, statt Bremerhaven. Kedua, gue perasaan masih bisa available via imel and stuff. Hueheuhehehehhe.. Tapi gak jamin dibales. Huheuuhaeuhauhuauhaa...

Mike said...

Happy day to the birthday boy. It's 25. It's one fourth of the century.