Thursday, January 27, 2005


YESSSS HE WONNNN!!! Seeing the score (57 64 57 76 97) it looks like a great great game.

My hope, is on the other semi final Roddick will lose to Letoy, oops I mean Lleyton, and Marat will demolish him in the final.



Mike said...

Well, I'm glad that Roger was defeated. But I'm also sad about Maria. I really hope she will win. Well, I rather had Roddick in the final, and he can kick Marat's butt. :))

Bie said...

now you can kick yourself in the butt because Letoy defeated Roddick. Huhaauahahaaahaha..

61??? Huahauahhaahahaha..

Mike said...

he won it. congrats

Bie said...

Iyalah he won. Kan dah gue bilang juga. Huehauehaueahuahuahu..