Friday, October 29, 2004

check this out..

Well, everybody (but not EVERYbody I presume) starts to talk about this new music video by Eminem. Titled Mosh, he said and played some stuff about President Bush, and you can see it right here. Just select the title Mosh, watch it and see it.

I wonder though if there is a campaign to vote like this in Indonesia a couple months ago. Hmm..

Thursday, October 28, 2004

so finally..

Brandon Routh Finally Brandon Routh's personal website is up and running. I don't know whether it's because of a new week all along, or he finally does pay a new server who serves larger bandwidth quota. Add the glasses, and he looks quite a Clark Kent enough for me. Or will he be a glasses-less Clark Kent like Tom Welling? We just have to wait and see.

Brandon's website itself.. Ugh.. Still needs lots of work on it. The font selection, the colors, the 'animation' when you go to other page on it, there's nothing edgy about it. Whoops.. I'm not saying I'm the expert on this one, but come on.. But don't fret about it. I think in just a few months or so, he will reorganize things in his website and make it.. better than.. this blog. LOL.

Now, would Brandon Routh become one the new hot shot actors who had played super heroes in his career? Another let's wait and see here.

LipSync.US - Ashlee Simpson Caught Lip Syncing on Saturday Night Live. And I know it's late.. But some of my folks still don't know about Ashlee Simpson's SNL disaster. So I'm here to tell them. Duh.. Caught lipsync-ing in the middle of live national TV show, definitely not the best idea when people has already started doubting your talent.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

this little bar could have put me behind bars

Mars bar

Well, well.. It was an early night, and I have to go eating to break my fasting day. The menu that day was one of the best so far I think, and we got some dessert of snack bars. Mine was Mars.

Because I was in such a hurry, I rushed up home and realized that I had to do some grocery shopping. Not planning to eat the Mars bar so soon, I just put it in the pocket on my jacket.

So there I was, entering Marktkauf (a grocery store nearby) with a Mars bar in my pocket, unable to prove that it has been paid, had it been questioned. Thankfully I found out that the bar was in my pocket after I got home, and people in Marktkauf never know until now.


Another switcheroo in my orchestra happened again this week. Well, the good thing is, I learned how to play new instruments. But the bad thing is, can you imagine how it would be like if the member of the group is complete? I don't think that I would play other than the most basic instrument. The saron. Arrghh..

saron, basic instrument in gamelan orchestra So, so far I have learned how to play 7 instruments, and performed 5 of them. I will be performing with yet another new instrument in next month performance. Arrgghh! And then when we will have another performance and everyone is complete, guess what I would play. Yup.. Back to square one.

Well, sometimes I think it's not fair at all. I mean, I come to almost every rehearsal, I learn the hardest, understand the most, and play the best (wooo.. a bit over the top?) But why I should be the one who's being pushed back? And sometimes I think that the choice on who to play on what was not based on merit. It was merely based on insecurities and uncomfortability. Damn!

the mighty gong Well, you know what? Maybe it's all because I took too much advantage from them. Hehehe.. And I totally deserve that. I still like it though, being there and understanding the music. And speak the language. And the bonding. And the food. But definitely not all of the attitude and the Punktlichkeiten.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

fall collection 2004

Part 1

This is how it looks when fall hits Hamburg..

nature of fall

Great colors, gorgeous view, whatta season!

Part 2

This is how it looks when fall hits the runways..


Part 3

And this is how it looks when fall hits people..

nature of fall

Friday, October 22, 2004

is it possible to love an angel?

There was an angel standing on the islands of Vanuatu. She used the form of a beautiful woman. Meet Ami Cusack, angel in flesh, one of the castaways in Survivor: Vanuatu..

I don't know why.. Everytime she calmed someone on the island, she always touches my heart, by her way of speaking and comforting. Carved deeply in my mind how she comforted Twila when they discussed about her femininity. And how she cried in the background when Dah left their island. And today, when she talked to Eliza about her performance in reward challenge.


But maybe she is the descendant of Azrael. For she has become a nemesis for two castaways already. Two weeks she had shown his powerful cast, and sealed the fates of two hopeful survivors. Bubba and Lisa. Both of which we heard from herself that she thought this particular person who would go after the tribal council.

She is powerful, athletic, beautiful, feisty, and as in Chris Booker's words: snippy. Her presence in the voting booth just took my breath away. Both when she voted out Bubba and Lisa. I can talk all day long about the angel that I love. She's Ami Cusack, and I love her.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... overquoted..

Okay.. the guy who's about to star as Superman in the latest Superman feature directed by Bryan Singer has been found. Curious of seeing how he looks like..? Get in line.. His name is Brandon Routh, and here's what you will find in his personal website


Whatta friggin hype!

More on this story:

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

tired old sleepy man

Phew.. Another two performances in a day. Eventhough they're not over the top and satisfying, I kept Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying, Planning and dreaming.. Heheheh..

All and all, no regrets whatsoever, will miss the rehearsal, though.. and just look for a brand new start and activities on Sunday (hint: work on Project Work? heheheh..).

Look at the title, and I'm heading back to sleep.

Oh, wait, gotta tell you that yesterday there was a storm of ideas in my brain. Fuck me. What does that mean? Let's see in a following day, whether this tired old sleepy man will or will not have a follow up on those.

-Updated for logical accuracy and grammar mistakes -

Friday, October 15, 2004


You know what.. If I could, I would have killed myself.. Arrgghhh.. I know he was disappointed at me for sure, but he just didn't show it. And thankfully he was a really really really nice guy.. Can you imagine what will happen if he was other person than him?

I still can't believe I let him down. I'm so not in the mood (thanks to my illness) and neither was he.. But I didn't get my work done! Damnit!! Why is it so hard to resist the temptation of having fun when all you have to do is work work and work? Hmm..

Maybe I'm not a hard-worker. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe I'm neurotic. But for sure, I am sorry.

To my supervisor of my Project Work: I really am sorry.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

catch a cold and friggin' coff

Sicko.. sick sick sicko..

Dang! I got a cold, and it was friggin cold. Got that nasal-y thing goin' on.. Duh.. And I had to still go to the rehearsals in this lousy condition.

Well, it's more or less OK, I think. I mean, going to the rehearsal should and definitely could be the remedies of this fuckin' sickness.

Anyway, not much doing in the past two-three days, but dealing with the evil take home test, and did it, and finished it (finally), and hopefully it will not be as bad as the other test that I had had earlier.

Speaking of test.. Gotta back to work to prepare materials for tomorrow's Besprechung. Ciao..

Monday, October 11, 2004

dull SUNday (isn't it ironic?)

What a dull Sunday!! Well, it's not so dull after all. I'm having again my rehearsal for the 18th of October. And it's pretty cool. Not cool cool, but okay.. After all, I am having a tiring Saturday all along.

But guess what! I'm a get sick, I think. Dang it! It's one of those Halzschmerzen that gives me itchy kind of feeling, and afraid that it will not go by by Wednesday. Now that's whack.. Because I'm having another rehearsal on Wednesday. Gosh..

Anyway, Waldo and Janne stopped by, and reminded be that I should work on the problem.. Tee hee hee.. Okay, I'll work on it this Monday, then.

Until then, I gotta rest, and eat so much.

Ow, BTW, I cooked! And it was pretty friggin delicious.. :) For a sick guy..

Monday, October 04, 2004

a small thing in the big world

This weekend, I again performed two performances (well, it's 4 actually, but 2 events) . First one, di tengah-tengah mall. Huahahaha.. Mallnya bagus sih.. Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum namanya. Sepanjang pertunjukan pertama, ada satu orang yang selalu bikin eye contact sama gue.. Duh.. terus pas beres tiba-tiba dong dia menghampiri dan dengan rapihnya ngomong "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" dengan sukses gue bilang "Sehr bischen." Huahahaha.. Gak tau itu kalimat ada di bahasa Jerman atau nggak..

But anyway, he was interested in buying a Gong for himself at home.. Buat apa ya? Kayaknya yah cuman buat seneng-seneng aja. Anyway, 2 performance lain sangat menyenangkan. Yang terakhir dong.. ada 2 anak kecil yang ngajarin gue bahasa Jerman. Huahahaha.. Sip deh pokoknya. Pulang-pulang ditraktir makan lagi. Hehehe..

And then on Sunday, I performed in this museum. It turned out ternyata di Museum für Völkerkunde ada Tag der offenen Tür. Hmm.. coba gue tau lebih dulu, jadinya kan bisa ngundang khalayak buat dateng. Anyway, konsep acara menarik juga.. dan membuat gue berpikir..

Gilaaa.. gue bener-bener gak ada apa-apanya dibanding dunia yang luas banget ini. Terus lagi jadi mikir, kalo misalnya gue itu lahir di tengah-tengah suku Maori gitu misalnya. Terus gue gak kesentuh peradaban.. Mungkin gue ya hidup dengan leyeh-leyeh penuh sukacita kali ya.. Gak tau hecticnya dunia, malesnya konflik-konflik dan sebagainya dan sebagainya..

Hrrr.. but anyway, I love life sih, auf jeden Fall.. Hehehe..


Nobody's perfect. I am nobody