Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Another switcheroo in my orchestra happened again this week. Well, the good thing is, I learned how to play new instruments. But the bad thing is, can you imagine how it would be like if the member of the group is complete? I don't think that I would play other than the most basic instrument. The saron. Arrghh..

saron, basic instrument in gamelan orchestra So, so far I have learned how to play 7 instruments, and performed 5 of them. I will be performing with yet another new instrument in next month performance. Arrgghh! And then when we will have another performance and everyone is complete, guess what I would play. Yup.. Back to square one.

Well, sometimes I think it's not fair at all. I mean, I come to almost every rehearsal, I learn the hardest, understand the most, and play the best (wooo.. a bit over the top?) But why I should be the one who's being pushed back? And sometimes I think that the choice on who to play on what was not based on merit. It was merely based on insecurities and uncomfortability. Damn!

the mighty gong Well, you know what? Maybe it's all because I took too much advantage from them. Hehehe.. And I totally deserve that. I still like it though, being there and understanding the music. And speak the language. And the bonding. And the food. But definitely not all of the attitude and the Punktlichkeiten.

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