Monday, October 11, 2004

dull SUNday (isn't it ironic?)

What a dull Sunday!! Well, it's not so dull after all. I'm having again my rehearsal for the 18th of October. And it's pretty cool. Not cool cool, but okay.. After all, I am having a tiring Saturday all along.

But guess what! I'm a get sick, I think. Dang it! It's one of those Halzschmerzen that gives me itchy kind of feeling, and afraid that it will not go by by Wednesday. Now that's whack.. Because I'm having another rehearsal on Wednesday. Gosh..

Anyway, Waldo and Janne stopped by, and reminded be that I should work on the problem.. Tee hee hee.. Okay, I'll work on it this Monday, then.

Until then, I gotta rest, and eat so much.

Ow, BTW, I cooked! And it was pretty friggin delicious.. :) For a sick guy..

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