Monday, May 29, 2006

Shh! Don't talk to me now. Nadal is on court.

Monday, May 22, 2006

what will happen when you let public decide

  1. Chris Daughtry got eliminated.
  2. Lordi wins European Song Contest 2006. (Just search some keywords at Google. I totally lost interest..)
  3. Wooden-face Wayne Carpendale wins Let's Dance and I never understand why the jury kept pumping him and his wooden-face and him. Totally overrated. (Let's Dance = German's Dancing with the Stars)
Sidenote: Bosnia is number three! YAY!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

there should be a reason why after one thousand times hearing it i still can't memorize the refrain of 'no no never'*

Simply because, line 2 and line 7 of the chorus. Negative negation! Argh!

For those who watching, have fun tonight .. and do the line dance if it's possible. :-D

*'No No Never' is the official entry song for Germany in ESC. It is confirmed, I'm a bit obsessed and euphoric.

Friday, May 19, 2006

eurovision song contest after semifinal tidbits

Cirie and Kellie's pics are up. :) Quite a tardiness there.

Anyway .. From what I saw in the semifinals, I am so totally behind Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, or Germany for ESC! Turkey, because I always mesmerized everytime I saw rubber Ken dolls on stage :-O. Plus the singer has an awesome voice and the song can't be sung by just any people. Eventhough the title is a bit weird and kitschy.

Hari Mata HariHari Mata Hari (pictured on the right) from Bosnia and Herzegovina is simply by far the best male vocalist takes part this year. The BEST! I love hearing his singing voice. And his stage name is Hari Mata Hari for gosh sakes!

because I like the stage performance a lot. I think they made their point that ESC entry can be good eventhough it doesn't have young, bouncy, colorful, gimmicky, loud, singers and dancers and props on stage.

Germany because I am addicted to Dittsche. I think that is why they are voted through in Germany anyway. Eventhough all songs from the three German candidates suck, they suck the least, and they have Dittsche and Ingo as members.

Turkey finalistBut seriously, overall, I think Turkey (pictured on the left) deserves it. Or Germany. :D

I think, Lithuania can be the winner. But the song is just too similar to Genghis Khan. I mean using the concept of stadium songs with memorable words because it's too easy anyway. And it uses the lines dreadfully similar to the great great grandfather of stadium songs, i.e. We are the winners. What the ..??

I just found out that Spain is represented by Las Ketchup. The force behind Asereje, ja, de je, dejebe tu dejebe de sebiunova majabian de bugui an de buididipi. Please forgive any misspelling. And yes, I have checked it with my Spanish friends that it doesn't have any meaning.

By the way, Zakky's .. I mean Sakis' voice is quite pleasant.

Bet you don't know what I'm talking about.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ick! argh! ugh! boo! mpht!

Current books read: Timeline by Michael Crichton; Bulletproof Web Design von Dan Cederholm (auf Deutsch!!! :(() - expected TV program: European Song Contest 2006 Semifinal. Do. ZDF. 21 Uhr

Ick! Still no pics from Kellie (by now she's already "Kellie who?") and Cirie (by now, she's already "Cirie? Oh, I LOVE Cirie.."). A proof that sometimes or most times I'm just a lazy bastard.

Argh! Only yesterday morning that I realized that I COULDN'T GO TO EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2006 FINALE PARTY AT MY FRIEND'S PLACE, because I have to perform in Bremen!! (Look under Samstag, 23:30 Uhr)* Huwwaaa.. And due to the fact that my performance is clashed with this Idol thingy of whole Europe, who will watch us then?

The conversation this lunchtime at my kitchen went like this.

Me (with disappointed face): Hey, I just remembered yesterday that on the twentienth, I have to go to Bremen.
Not Me: Twentieth?
Me: Ja. Das wäre Samstag.
Not Me: Samstag?
Me: Ja. Der Tag von Eurovision Song Contest Finale.
Me and Not Me: !! !! !!

There goes my Eurovision Song Contest drinking game.

Ugh! I just tasted my first beer. Before you throw a big fat eff-ing "what" to my face, it's Malzbier, by the way. A close friend of root beer. And you know what? It tasted so good so that I think I got addicted to it.

I just hope that it won't give me any Bierbauch. :)

Boo! That is all I said when I sadly saw Roger Federer apologizing for withdrawing his participation in Hamburg Masters on TV. Thank God, I haven't bought any Dauerkarte .. umm tiket terusan (I don't know what it is in English) so that I don't have to be disappointed emotionally and financially.

I mean, let's face it. For me, everyday is a very emotional moment when I have to pass another advertisement poster showing Federer and Nadal with a boastful claim that it will be the peak of the tournament as the clash of the two biggest current rivals. True, though.

So I was extremely torn of buying or not buying the ticket because of it. I mean, I think Nadal will prove me wrong: saying that he is a one-hit wonder as he won Roland Garros last year, just like other spaniards. It was almost proven when he lost early in Wimbledon and US Open. However, he is definitely not a one-hit wonder on clay. Hmm..

And last week in Rome, witnessing Federer's disappointment is just .. disappointing. Here it is a guy with three back to back grand slam title but lost everytime he faces Nadal. And both are great guys. Nadal is pleasant to watch with his energetic expressions, while Federer is ... Federer.

Ah well. But I bet the chairman of the tournament was like, "WTF WTH WTMF??!!" when he heard that both guys are pulling themselves out.

Mpht! After some disappointment, how about singing a song?

I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own
Never ever gonna not go and pick up the phone
I'm never ever gonna let you be chilled to the bone
No, no, never
No, no, never
I'm never ever gonna leave when you're lost in the storm
Never ever gonna not keep you safe where it's warm
I never ever will desert you when your heart is torn
No, no, never
No, no, never

Seriously, I can't kick it out of my head.

I wonder if Dittsche will still air on Sunday.

*I really hate websites with frames.

Monday, May 08, 2006

counting platonic friends

Current books read: The Sky is Falling by Sidney Sheldon - boring


Zentralbibliothek Bücherhalle Security.

I go there like twice a week in a rare occasion. Most of the times, three times or more. I think his shift is early monday wednesday friday and late tuesday thursday saturday. I'm not sure, though. I suck at remembering days. However, I encountered him again when it turns out that he is also a security guard at Völkerkunde Museum.

The start of the platonic friendship is when I was like, "Hey." And he's like, "Hey." We know each other's presence.

The Gym Boy.

He is awfully young. Around 21 or 22 I think. Every Sunday afternoon, when the gym opens, almost certain that he will be there. That is when I kept bumping into him. Sunday afternoon.

One day, there was this guy, who's a bit full of himself, confident and all, kept doing stupid stuff that even I got so embarassed for him. Let's call this guy Ulf. During that day, I was all smiles everytime Ulf did his stupid stuff. The Gym Boy as well. All smiles I mean, not did stupid stuff.

And then Ulf made us laugh together. You see, at that time, our gym's hair dryer is not working, so people must go to the reception area to borrow it and normally, people will go back to the changing room to dry his hair in there.

What did Ulf do? He asked for a hair dryer, and then plugged the hair dryer, right there. In the reception area. You know, wiggling his head, blowing his hair (and only God knows what is also in there) everywhere in the reception area, seen by all people working out.

I witnessed this from a mirror at the back of the room. And so did The Gym Boy. My reaction was a clearly audible "O. My. God.". Shortly after, The Gym Boy looked at my looking direction, and we both laughed.

So the platonic friendship is like, everytime I caught him in the eye, I smiled, and so did he. We never talk, but we always share the memory of Ulf.

The Döner Restaurant Owner.

I respected him a lot. He supports his family by keeping a Döner Restaurant in Dithmarscher Strasse. The Döner, is not the best in Hamburg for sure. But one of the best. He's so friendly and non-annoyingly talkative.

There was a time when I visited him like twice a week. And because of that, of course we started to notice each other's presence. Or he started to notice me.

Around two weeks after, he started to start conversations. You know, the normal conversation between a customer and a seller. How's your day?, Having Feierabend?, Going to sport?, and all.

We talk, but we don't know our names.

The Usher or Studio Guard in BSM 21.

Eventhough it was deadly far from the place that I lived in Bandung, BSM 21 is my favorite place to watch a movie in Bandung. It's somewhat cheaper than it's fellas in Jakarta, it has THX in studio 1, it's in a mall, and because it is so far away, not so many people (or half uniformed after-school students) went there, and it's new (CiWalk wasn't even planned yet).

I went there normally during the day, so there are only two mbak-mbak twenty one working as cashier, two mbak-mbak twenty one working as usherette and two bapak-bapak berbaju safari as ushers. One of the bapak-bapak is the youngest bapak-bapak berbaju safari I have ever seen.

The platonic thing started when he started to look at me in the face with the expression of asking himself this question: Where did I know this guy from? And it was growing when his expression was saying: My God, he's already watching another movie? Doesn't this guy have a life or something?

And of course the platonic thing was more as a cat & mouse relationship because I always hid snacks and drinks in my bloated bag (who am I kidding not stopping by Hero and buying some chocolate bars and smuggle them in) and he always suspected that I did that but never dared to ask me to open my bag.

I think he was always torn between, Hmm.. he's a faithful customer and hmm.. why is that bag unnaturally bloated everytime.

We never talked. Well, I kept saying, "Makasi Mas." everytime after he tore my tickets. But that's all. Currently, I can't figure out how his face looks like, or how's he doing now.

Monday, May 01, 2006

American Idol 5 Reality TV Contestants of the Week

Ugh.. postponing is never a good thing. Eventhough it's only posting this unimportant entry. :) First up,

American Idol 5

This week, top 5 will perform. For me, this is AI's most talented top 5. But not this year 5 most talented contestants, if you know what I mean. I know that some of you may point your fingers to Taylor and count him out, but I won't.

The contestant of this week is Kellie Pickler.

Kellie PicklerI was actually totally surprised with Kellie. She stole the show by saying that she never had the chance of singing with a band before. So from the first night she was singing, I was like, "How come she never messed up even once on the stage."

Surprisingly, she did it exactly in one of the most important times to perform great. Two weeks in the row. In singing Bewitched, she turned an already-difficult-to-stay-on-pitch song into a song-that-I-cant-stay-on-pitch plus no emotion came out. Ouch.

In singing Unchained Melody, she turned a boring song into a ... a ... an excruciatingly boring song. To be honest, this is the first time that I really wanted to turn down the volume when watching idol. Not counting germany idol, of course.

So, Kellie, it may sound hurtful. But, good riddance.

Survivor: The Exile Island - Panama

Cirie FieldsI LOVE Cirie Fields. I LOVE her. I love her from the very first episode when she said, "I thought I was younger." In a tone that is non-offending her other team mates, the older women tribe. And then some minutes after she said she was afraid of machete and the leaves. WHAT?? She realized that she applied for Survivor, right..

And then after the mix up, Cirie hung by a thread and got lucky that her tribe chose Melinda as the weakest link and voted her out. But Cirie was next. Surprisingly, she managed to be safe on the next tribal council. Just lovely. Not only that, she managed to be closer to the people in control (Shane and Aras), than their own old alliance.

I'm gonna give a bit run down of what happens this week.

Six people left. Three men: Aras, Terry, Shane, and three women: Cirie, Courtney, Danielle. Two versions of final four emerged. One version is lead by Terry with three other women. One version is puppeteered by Shane with Courtney, Aras and Cirie. Both leaders wanted to take Courtney to final two. And Courtney knows.

What did Cirie do? She informed Danielle and Aras and asked them to vote Courtney out, hence disappointing Terry and Shane at the same time. To give them a chance. This is exactly what Cirie said. "[The plan will] give me, Aras, and Danielle a little more leverage."

Cirie's plan works! Yay!

Shane is ready to betray Danielle. Courtney is ready to betray Aras. Both plans are screwed by Danielle and Aras, with the help of Cirie.

It would be difficult now. Cirie may have posed herself as a threat now. But I believe Danielle will go next. And Damn, Terry will definitely be in the final four.

Pics come later.