Monday, May 01, 2006

American Idol 5 Reality TV Contestants of the Week

Ugh.. postponing is never a good thing. Eventhough it's only posting this unimportant entry. :) First up,

American Idol 5

This week, top 5 will perform. For me, this is AI's most talented top 5. But not this year 5 most talented contestants, if you know what I mean. I know that some of you may point your fingers to Taylor and count him out, but I won't.

The contestant of this week is Kellie Pickler.

Kellie PicklerI was actually totally surprised with Kellie. She stole the show by saying that she never had the chance of singing with a band before. So from the first night she was singing, I was like, "How come she never messed up even once on the stage."

Surprisingly, she did it exactly in one of the most important times to perform great. Two weeks in the row. In singing Bewitched, she turned an already-difficult-to-stay-on-pitch song into a song-that-I-cant-stay-on-pitch plus no emotion came out. Ouch.

In singing Unchained Melody, she turned a boring song into a ... a ... an excruciatingly boring song. To be honest, this is the first time that I really wanted to turn down the volume when watching idol. Not counting germany idol, of course.

So, Kellie, it may sound hurtful. But, good riddance.

Survivor: The Exile Island - Panama

Cirie FieldsI LOVE Cirie Fields. I LOVE her. I love her from the very first episode when she said, "I thought I was younger." In a tone that is non-offending her other team mates, the older women tribe. And then some minutes after she said she was afraid of machete and the leaves. WHAT?? She realized that she applied for Survivor, right..

And then after the mix up, Cirie hung by a thread and got lucky that her tribe chose Melinda as the weakest link and voted her out. But Cirie was next. Surprisingly, she managed to be safe on the next tribal council. Just lovely. Not only that, she managed to be closer to the people in control (Shane and Aras), than their own old alliance.

I'm gonna give a bit run down of what happens this week.

Six people left. Three men: Aras, Terry, Shane, and three women: Cirie, Courtney, Danielle. Two versions of final four emerged. One version is lead by Terry with three other women. One version is puppeteered by Shane with Courtney, Aras and Cirie. Both leaders wanted to take Courtney to final two. And Courtney knows.

What did Cirie do? She informed Danielle and Aras and asked them to vote Courtney out, hence disappointing Terry and Shane at the same time. To give them a chance. This is exactly what Cirie said. "[The plan will] give me, Aras, and Danielle a little more leverage."

Cirie's plan works! Yay!

Shane is ready to betray Danielle. Courtney is ready to betray Aras. Both plans are screwed by Danielle and Aras, with the help of Cirie.

It would be difficult now. Cirie may have posed herself as a threat now. But I believe Danielle will go next. And Damn, Terry will definitely be in the final four.

Pics come later.


DelorumRex said...

Hey I have the Poll of all polls going.. Kat Mc Phee Fat or Phat.. check it out at Kay McPhee Fat or Phat? see you there.

Gets said...

You know what, I even forgot about the Bewitched performance. What I remember is the Night of The Living Dead so I was wrong by counting 2-in-a-row because for me the Queen one is also terrible. So it's three-awfuls-in-a-row for me, and you know what they say, "Third time's a freakin charm!"

Or is it, "Three strikes, batter's out"? :D

Bie said...

umm.. but for me on the night of the living dead she's not dreadful. overpumped, yes, but not horrible.

Credo said...

quoted: I know that some of you may point your fingers to Taylor and count him out, but I won't.

>> I will ^_^. Taylor's good. But not my favorite. I'd like him to go home next after Paris. But well, he's got a huge number of fans :D

Bie said...

@NDC, I mean Credo

That means you still count him in. I'm saying most talented top 5. You know that I don't really like Paris and Chris.. :) But I still count them as talented.

Yeah Taylor's untouchable number one rank on DialIdol is scary. Brr...

Gets said...

Eh, Bay.. kok Survivor bikin orang jadi masuk penjara sih?.. hehehe..