Friday, April 21, 2006

knowing, is subjective

Around six months ago, I was introduced to a song by a friend, who said that it was practically the best song ever written. (!) Quite a big fat compliment don't you think?

The song, titled 'What More Can I Say?, is from the musical Falsettoland by William Finn.

At that time for me, the song was far too melancholy. Delivered by a vocal that clearly isn't my cup of tea. Vulnerable, fragile, thin, borderline whiny. I didn't know which character sings this song in the musical, nor what's the song really about. Sometimes I even skipped it when it played on my iTunes.

So I questioned my friend's credibility. (Sorry, mate!)

In order to prove myself wrong, around a month ago, I borrowed the vocal selections from the local library, checked out a CD as well, listened to it, and got acquainted to the hero of the musical, named Marvin.

And you know what, just like the song stated in its 67th and 68th bar, Damn it! Even I'm surprised..

Reading Marvin's story, this vocal performance is actually one of the most perfect vocal for a modern musical that I have ever heard. I admissively said that I was wrong, jumped to conclusions too soon, and was plain judgmental.

Until now, there is no single day went by without me listening to Marvin's numbers. My favorite number is actually 'What Would I Do?' with its haunting piano outro. If there is such thing as an outro.

So Ace Young, need a gig?


Credo said...

jadi pengen tau gimana lagunya :-s

Bie said...

lagunya.. gimana ya? cengeng, melankolik, bagus. Hehehee..