Sunday, April 16, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week

Without further ado.. here goes our AI5CotW ..

[in order of appearance]

1. Bucky Covington.
Was that eye shadow? After the Jessica Simpson issue, you applied eyeshadow?

2. Ace Young.

Ryan: Was there a bit of an uncomfortable moment, though.. I mean, watching the tape it seemed like, you got a little uncomfortable at the end. [asking about the situation when Brian May disagreed strongly on Ace's arrangement]
Ace: I felt cool. I mean, I just want to come out and feel the crowd over on the right.. bla bla bla.. [answering Ryan and thought that he asked why was Ace acting so weird on the right side of the stage]
Ryan: All right..

He can won Puteri Indonesia pageant for sure. If he thinks the first B in the 3B criteria is body. Just like our beloved Puteri Indonesia 2001. Oops, apparently she calls herself Miss Indonesia 2001. *rollingeyes*

3. Kellie Pickler.
Commenting on some first lines of the song: How can you read my mind on what I wanna do to you? Let's hope the rumors are true.

4. Chris Daughtry.
Paula (trying to be musically adept): That last note, that was like, what? A high C?
Chris (trying to be your-alternative-rock-kinda-guy): I don't know..
Paula: (All right, you're married, I get it.)

5. Katherine McPhee.
She went to the same high school (or was it college?) as Constantine Maroulis. She said that she adopted his smoldering looks. When she slowly lifted her arms wide, I said, "Oh my, are those pit stains?" (I suspected that Constantine sport a pit stain when he sang 'You Made Me So Very Happy'. But I haven't come up with any proofs) Thank God, they were only shadows.

Not so much make-her-look-good, dear lighting directors.

6. Elliott Yamin.
He's a nice guy. I won't make fun of him.

7. Taylor Hicks.
He sang, "Crazy little thing called!". He kicked the microphone stand. He kicked it again because it wasn't falling the first time and thought, "Damn, those stage acts aren't as easy as it looks.."

8. Paris Bennett.
I honestly don't know whether she sang it happily, sadly, or anthemically. Simply puzzling.

All and all, it was a great night. It was. I was highly entertained, and I thought the kids (minus Ace, of course) performed one of their best. And the best thing about it all, Mandisa was shown in the middle of training season with Queen! I miss Mandisa.

So consider this post of a tribute on a very entertaining episode. By entertaining I mean, rocked, funny, corny, interesting, etc.

By the way, the eyeshadow thing, I think it is due to HDTV. Because it was also visible on Ace and Chris.

Update: I just found out that that thing is called eye-liner, not eye-shadow. Gosh. Dragon-Dinosaurs.


Mike said...

I bet you really like this week result

Gets said...

what? somebody mentioned my most powerful weapon of choice? hehhee.. emang kyny lebih mungkin eye-liner drpd eye-shadow, lagian lebih ngaruh juga kan.. ntar deh diajarin cara makenya.. :D

Bie said...

memang eye-liner kok.. soalnya di tempat2 yang ngomongin kontestan2 itu juga bilang.. minggu ini, Chris minus the eyeliner.. gitu.. :))