Sunday, April 09, 2006

American Idol 5 Contestant of the Week by Request

Nggak deng.. Hehehee..

Another weird week in American Idol 5. I don't know why or how, but I think top 9, 8, 7 are always the most boring show of Idol thingie each season. I always lose interest in those episodes and almost always find it boring. It's like Survivor when it's two or three episodes pre-merge.

To be frank, actually I was thinking of talking about this week's American Idol 5 contestant last week. Because eventhough none of the performances amazed me, theirs was actually the most remembered by me, as I raised my eyebrow when they open their performance.

This week, she was kicked out. I'm talking about Mandisa.

Mandisa performing this weekMandisa entered the competition destined to be the gay icon of this season. Dan Renzi once stated (in TVGasm if I'm not mistaken) that he wanted to be Mandisa when he grew up. Once, I saw a video in YouTube made by a gay guy reviewing current episode of AI5 saying that gay guys want to be a plus size black woman when they grow up.

Heck, she even reminds me of gay-friendly alumni, Kimberley Locke of season 2. Mandisa has secured a block of votes right there.

Only one problem. She is conservatively religious.

She opened her last week's performance by saying a now-very-often-quoted sentence: "This song goes out to everybody that wants to be free. Your addiction, lifestyle, or situation may be big, but God is bigger!", with a boldface on lifestyle. At that time I understood lifestyle as whoring for designer jeans, watching reality TV rather than praying five times a day, and so on, you know what I mean. :)

Shortly after, an article stating that Mandisa noted a anti-gay writer as her idol surfaced and was blown out. It was there all along on Idol website, so why was it picked up six week after? Those and then a so-so performance snowballed into her being voted-off.

Is it solely because of this issue? I don't think so. She just lost a block of vote. And perhaps it's a quite big block. Does she deserve 9th place? Absolutely not. She is much more talented than some people that is still singing next week (*coughAceBuckyKellieCough*).

I'm so gonna miss Mandisa. From the start it was clear that she is one of the people that survived through it all because of her enormous talent.

By the way, Simon commented on Mandisa's last week performance as indulgent. Until this second, I still don't get it. Anyone?


Gets said...


oh jadi analisanya begitu toh.. mungkin indulgent itu maksudnya harusnya Mandisa bisa lebih berusaha lagi kali dalam menyanyikan lagu tsb.. kali ya..

abis disini banyak yg di cut sih.. bahkan gue ngga nangkep kapan dia ngomong itu.. konteks nya apalagi..

Bie said...

jadi gini.. Simon ngomong, Mandisa I thought it was a bit indulgent. I didn't get it. Pas abis si Mandisa geleng2 yang Paula bilang Church of Mandisa itu loo..

Nah gue gak ngerti indulgentnya maksudnya apa?

Terus abis itu si Chris juga dibilang, this is not your best vocal. It's indulgent, bla bla bla.

Kalo ini gue agak2 ngerti indulgentnya kenapa. Huehehehe..