Saturday, April 08, 2006

spot the difference (?)

Current book read: Close Range by Annie Proulx - watched dvd: The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and Betty Boop sumthing

Can you see how images labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 are different?Vischeck simulation 3Another one.
Vischeck simulation 2This is a simulation run on to see how images (or websites) may be viewed by people who have color deficiency.

1 is how it looks like without deficiency
2 is how it looks like with deuteranope (red/green color deficit)
3 is how it looks like with protanope (another form of red/green color deficit)
4 is how it looks like with tritanope (blue/yellow deficit)

Now I see what my friend in junior high meant everytime he told us a classic story how he painted people's skin with a color that he called green in kindergarten. His friend asked him, why he painted it with red. And he answered, "Are you color blind? I'm painting it with green!" He told us this story everytime color deficiency came up as a topic. For a harmless laugh.

Color deficiency always amazes me. It's just so cool how one can see the world so different than others. Gino looks so good tritanope-ish. But perhaps, I should be careful with what I wished for.

By the way, one small tip. If you got acquainted with people having color deficiency, stop asking them, "What color am I wearing?" or "What's this color?" while pointing to a turquoise table cloth that even you will call it green. There are times when they got tired of it. And you don't wanna be the man on those times.

Have a nice weekend.

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Gets said...

mana nih postingan album minggu kita nya.. padahal kan seru minggu ini.. minggu depan harus ada ya, kan potential utk seru tuh..