Saturday, April 15, 2006

easter [non-egg] hunt

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Monday is easter. If you are like me, that is, having no idea what to spend on that day. Or not being with your family on the holiday. Or not having a yard to make easter fire. Or not having a backyard to do some easter egg hunting. Or being in Hamburg. How about turning Hamburg into your big backyard?

Let's scour Hamburg for some of the things on the left. It is a structure of neon lights representing soccer goalposts to welcome spectators and 2006 world cup in Hamburg. It's called blue goal. I know, it's kinda weird..

Make a hunt and dare yourself of how many can you find on a limited time. Put your subway tickets and digital camera in your pocket, and take a snapshot of it like I did when I found one at Rathaus. But don't cheat!

Happy easter, anyway..

Update: Shit, I thought they have the online version. On Sunday, I read that Hamburger Abendblatt printed a shot of Hamburg from the top of St. Michaelis church at night with (yes, of course) most of the blue goals on it. :-( And of course it was one gajillion times better than pocket digital camera snapshots...

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Gets said...

I just found out what's the meaning of those Easter Eggs this morning, in the car, going to church, out of Radio Sonora.. hehehe.. I still don't know what's the thing with the bunny, though..

Happy hunting, anyway..