Friday, September 28, 2007

yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! (a.k.a. Project Runway season 4)

My decision to stay up after sahur (eating before fasting in the deadly wee hours of the morning) and log in to some of my regular sites fruited an absolutely wonderful 2-hour activity: browsing through all of 15 contestants of Project Runway season 4.

Project Runway 4 ContestantsFirst impression, some familiar faces. Steven Rosengard is easily recognized as a semifinalist from last season. His bio video was even shown for 10 seconds. From the bio, he reminds me a bit of Austin Scarlett sans the classically feminine outfit.

Jillian Lewis is also a season 3 semifinalist. Again, her audition and bio video were also shown. Reading her profile on the bravo website, I can conclusively say, "What an amazing resume!". I wish she'll be one of the top 4 showing on Olympus Fashion Week.

Recruiting returnees is only fair though. Third season's fourth and fifth and fourteenth finisher's are also second season's hopefuls. And no one can ever forget Daniel Franco (where did you go?).

Second impression, thank God that unlike HGTV Design Star, the show is not looking for a new host for a new television design show. Otherwise, Jack Mackenroth will win hands down. He's a (get this) designer who swims competitively AND only 38 years young AND models for fitness and fashion AND owns (owned?) a menswear store (cleverly called "Jack" and thankfully not "Just Jack") AND has a quirky sense of humour (I am so on board with his fashion must) AND is working on his memoir AND openly HIV positive. Talking about a role model.

Jack MackenrothWhen I saw the contestants on HGTV Design Star before the competition even started, I already said that David Bromstad made the competition field uneven. He ends up to be the winner. Jack could easily be like that with that impressive brag sheet and that story. But let's see how he can excel in this emphasized-on-womenswear show.

Third impression, is Sweet P a morph between Laura Bennett and Jeffrey Sebelia? Heh, that would be interesting.

Fourth impression. Will Heidi shout "Fifteeeeeen deee-signers!" or "Fifteeeeeen contestants!" this year?

Fifth impression, who're my favourites? Judging only from the bio is difficult. I still remember clearly last year where I decided that my favourite was Bradley Baumkirchner only to find that his first garment was only OK.

This year, judging from the resume, I like Jillian Lewis. From the fashion must, I clicked with Christian Siriano. From personality, I am rooting for Steven Rosengard. From where they hail, of course Rami Kashou is interesting. For sentimental reasons, Jack Mackenroth is the one. And for production value, I think Chris March and Sweet P is fun to watch.

So are you in?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to drink or not to drink

So. What came out of my recent 5-day trip to Bali, the island of Gods as they may say? Hmm, not much but three things to think about.

The first thing, I will keep it to myself. The second thing is whether I could be a step closer to be Chris Lowell's character on Private Practice one day. You know, work during the day, surf during the before and after day.

But the third thing is the most important one: I was seriously thinking about being a drinker.

The conversation came up on the second dinner on the island, where I said to my company that I was thinking of adding drinking to one of my bad habits. So instead of checking the option "No" in one of those internet social network services, I might someday check the radio button that says "Yes" or "Socially" when it comes to choose the answer beside "Drink".

Drinks on Kuta BeachMy company asked me the reason of this sudden change. He knows exactly that I don't drink, I hate the taste of beer, I don't need alcohol to alter my mood (gosh, I'm already a sanguine for crying out loud), I won't allow myself to pay those alcoholic beverage taxes, and there is this thing that's called my religion. Oh, and I'm a sucker for healthy living crap.

I said the reason of sudden change was that I am just one of those guys who wants to know everything and tries about anything. If I would someday try bungee jumping, why wouldn't I start drinking? And I told him, but then again, if I start to let myself be tolerant with alcohol, that means I'll be tolerant with alcohol for the rest of my life. That means, I will consume something alcoholic whenever the chance is there. I'll drink the next time the Greek restaurant hands me a free shot of Ouzo.

A long night at a bar or shooting pool means accompanied by a bottle of beer or a glass of cocktail. Even dinner and celebration should now be liquorized if I want to do it right.

Another reason of change is that I feel it's a pity when for example I visit Ireland without tasting any whiskey or those Irish coffee or ... well you got my point.

My company told me not to be too self-conscious when it comes to this kind of thing. He told me to take it easy, drink whenever I want to, don't drink when I don't want to.

Sounds like a good plan. But then again, he's European to whom, drinking (alcoholic beverage) is like drinking (water). It's only another option. To us Indonesians, someone who drinks will be looked at differently. Someone who drinks is usually labeled as someone who likes to be drunk. It can change how people look at you.

Or maybe, I don't really know how most Indonesians feel, because we rarely talk about this. This is so pre-marital sex all over again.

Anyway, two days after the conversation, I decided that I will not be a drinker just yet. I just love the look on people when I told them, "I don't drink." It just feels that that's the me I love. And if you find that someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.

Wait, did I just quote Carrie Bradshaw? Shit.

PS: Notice the "yet" in one paragraph before the last? Yeah, the thought still lingers so I say.

Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 MTV VMA (Very Messy Awards)?

OK, people. Please tell me when will the 2007 MTV VMA be re-broadcasted. Please please please tell me.

I NEED to see how AWFUL Britney's performance was.

PS: True there is always youtube. Also true that my speedy usage has rocketed to Mars.

Update: It will be aired on MTV Asia on Saturday, October 13, 4 pm WIB.

monday morning magic

I woke up like some tens of minutes ago, re-turned on my lappers to check whether that Swiss dude did some another miracles against that Djoko berondong dude yesterday.

After I found out that the Swiss dude did, I said, "He's so scary."

And guess what's recent article on him is called.

I know.

By the way. The equivalent of Roger Federer on television series is The Amazing Race. Just check this out.

Friday, September 07, 2007

no wonder Garbage calls it "I'm Only Happy When It Rains"

Today, it rained so damn hard. It was five o'clock. But the sky was again so dark it looked like it was five o'clock twelve hours earlier. After a while, without any thunders, lightnings or the first batch of water from the sky that may prepare us, it rained.

The water hitting the earth made different sounds. On my roof, they made an unrythmically tap-dance-like noise. Outside on the balcony, they created splashes. Down there on the ground, I assumed that it made a tiny thumping thud.

While falling, the streams of water created this beautiful illusion on the air. They made the air misty. White but not white. Dark but not grey. Foggy but no fog. Just remarkably beautiful.

And only at this time I realized that every time it rained hard I wanted to tell someone about it. Just a random someone from my phone book or my friends list on an IM or my I-know-them-but-I-do-not-really-know-them-to-tell-some-personal-stuff. I think, I just want them to know that they're there where they are, and I'm here where I am, and we may share the same existence, but we are on opposite sides of things.

I do miss rain. But not as much as missing telling someone that it rains.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

flushing meadows update

Why Nadal? Why?

OK. Eventhough playing on my iTunes is the music from Miss Saigon, I didn't say (or sing) the sentence above like this song. Just because I am still aware that Nadal is not (yet) a God, and I am clearly not vocally adept to be Chris.

I'm on my fourth day of being sick. Referring to my "The Beginner's Guide to Classic Yoga", the problem lies on my third Chakra. From this entry, I learn that this Chakra is responsible for dynamism, energy and will-power. No wonder I felt very undynamic and unenergetic and lazy today.

And yesterday's Vinyasa felt like hell.

And this morning "Love You I Do" routine looked like a "Hate Me You Will" session.

Wish me better.