Thursday, September 06, 2007

flushing meadows update

Why Nadal? Why?

OK. Eventhough playing on my iTunes is the music from Miss Saigon, I didn't say (or sing) the sentence above like this song. Just because I am still aware that Nadal is not (yet) a God, and I am clearly not vocally adept to be Chris.

I'm on my fourth day of being sick. Referring to my "The Beginner's Guide to Classic Yoga", the problem lies on my third Chakra. From this entry, I learn that this Chakra is responsible for dynamism, energy and will-power. No wonder I felt very undynamic and unenergetic and lazy today.

And yesterday's Vinyasa felt like hell.

And this morning "Love You I Do" routine looked like a "Hate Me You Will" session.

Wish me better.

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