Tuesday, September 25, 2007

to drink or not to drink

So. What came out of my recent 5-day trip to Bali, the island of Gods as they may say? Hmm, not much but three things to think about.

The first thing, I will keep it to myself. The second thing is whether I could be a step closer to be Chris Lowell's character on Private Practice one day. You know, work during the day, surf during the before and after day.

But the third thing is the most important one: I was seriously thinking about being a drinker.

The conversation came up on the second dinner on the island, where I said to my company that I was thinking of adding drinking to one of my bad habits. So instead of checking the option "No" in one of those internet social network services, I might someday check the radio button that says "Yes" or "Socially" when it comes to choose the answer beside "Drink".

Drinks on Kuta BeachMy company asked me the reason of this sudden change. He knows exactly that I don't drink, I hate the taste of beer, I don't need alcohol to alter my mood (gosh, I'm already a sanguine for crying out loud), I won't allow myself to pay those alcoholic beverage taxes, and there is this thing that's called my religion. Oh, and I'm a sucker for healthy living crap.

I said the reason of sudden change was that I am just one of those guys who wants to know everything and tries about anything. If I would someday try bungee jumping, why wouldn't I start drinking? And I told him, but then again, if I start to let myself be tolerant with alcohol, that means I'll be tolerant with alcohol for the rest of my life. That means, I will consume something alcoholic whenever the chance is there. I'll drink the next time the Greek restaurant hands me a free shot of Ouzo.

A long night at a bar or shooting pool means accompanied by a bottle of beer or a glass of cocktail. Even dinner and celebration should now be liquorized if I want to do it right.

Another reason of change is that I feel it's a pity when for example I visit Ireland without tasting any whiskey or those Irish coffee or ... well you got my point.

My company told me not to be too self-conscious when it comes to this kind of thing. He told me to take it easy, drink whenever I want to, don't drink when I don't want to.

Sounds like a good plan. But then again, he's European to whom, drinking (alcoholic beverage) is like drinking (water). It's only another option. To us Indonesians, someone who drinks will be looked at differently. Someone who drinks is usually labeled as someone who likes to be drunk. It can change how people look at you.

Or maybe, I don't really know how most Indonesians feel, because we rarely talk about this. This is so pre-marital sex all over again.

Anyway, two days after the conversation, I decided that I will not be a drinker just yet. I just love the look on people when I told them, "I don't drink." It just feels that that's the me I love. And if you find that someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.

Wait, did I just quote Carrie Bradshaw? Shit.

PS: Notice the "yet" in one paragraph before the last? Yeah, the thought still lingers so I say.


mellyana said...

skin changes, eh?

bie, when you decided to take the word yet, let me know :D

Bie said...

yep, skin changes. (eventhough I think you were looking at the transition phase)

I'll let you know, I'll let you know..

Geget said...

your 'CV' looks good..haha.. anwy, do u recall me texting u some time during ur Gods' island trip about substituting dinner with booze??.. do you??..I'll tell you the full version later but bottom line, I WAS thinking of googling recipes for drinks! madness..

comment on pre-marital sex vs. drinking is also too long to be shared here.. hehehe..

and..LOL on the Carrie's quote.. so is it you or her?:D

Bie said...

Huuu.. I wish my CV is consisted of HTML codes. Hahahhaa..

Dinner with booze I reckoned. Recipes for drinks? Hmm .. I have scanned a book on it, right after scanning a Rachael Ray. Or try to remember what David Tutera said. Hahhaa..

I was thinking of incorporating wine in cooking. But only after my intended coup of that damn kitchen is successfully accomplished. Ha!

Mike said...

I never think that drink is similar to pre-marital sex before. I think society nowadays more tolerant with alcoholic beverages other than adolescent passion of sex.

Hence, welcome to the club! (not yet though)

PS: that's not the root of the quarrels, is it?