Monday, September 10, 2007

2007 MTV VMA (Very Messy Awards)?

OK, people. Please tell me when will the 2007 MTV VMA be re-broadcasted. Please please please tell me.

I NEED to see how AWFUL Britney's performance was.

PS: True there is always youtube. Also true that my speedy usage has rocketed to Mars.

Update: It will be aired on MTV Asia on Saturday, October 13, 4 pm WIB.


mellyana said...

it's been removed... the video on youtube! however, had a glimpse on not-so-nice performance of Britney. Thanks to Fox!

Bie said...

It's not Britney. It's a chubbier one winner of Britney look-a-like.

Damn youtube. Gue juga "cuman" nonton sepotong2 di E!. Hehehehhe..