Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 resolution


Anyway. I'm gonna keep this short. The resolutions, not the post. The post. Hmm.. It can be lengthy. At least that's what I have in mind.

I'm only gonna keep 2009 resolution to under 10 things. Right now, I'm aiming for five things only. Because what is more important is not the resolution itself, but the follow up. So, let's start.

Oh, before the reveal, I will tell you that in order to achieve these resolutions I will use the work of some people that have been inspiring me throughout occasions in 2008. So, here it is.

One: Decluttering.
Model: Michael, Peter Walsh.
Michael has shown me how decluttering can be useful as well as a drag in your life. But I know I need it. I need to master it. That's when Peter Walsh, a professional organizer walks in. In 2009, I'll learn and master decluttering imminently. There is no 'wait' in the dictionary.
First things first: Decluttering my bedroom and playroom.

Two: A more intelligent approach in exercising.
Model: Craig Ballantyne.
So far, I am proud to say that my exercising habit has been good. However, there is still a department that I need to improve. Strength. Craig Ballantyne has kept me excited in exercising through his innovatively crafted, interestingly thought, and challenging routines. It's entertaining to see his videos in youtube. And no, not because of his abs or his cute Canadian accent.
First things first: Combining Yoga and strength training to do handstand.

Three: A comprehensive knowledge of knowledge management in the web.
Model: Brad and the people behind ALA.
Web 2.0 has grown further than what I have anticipated, learned, and experienced. I need to get back on track and experiment and absorb and practice as many technology as possible. Earlier this year, Brad introduced me to Firebug, a Firefox extension that will, in his own words, "Change your life." He was right.
First things first: Buy a web hosting plan. I'm thinking in And then put an online portfolio.

Four: Get some education on money.
Model: Suze Orman.
The timestamp on a book I owned titled, 'Save or Sorry: Kesejahteraan Finansial Sepenuhnya di Tangan Anda,' is 2003. But only five years later I really want to put the things I read and learned in practice. So thank God for Suze Orman. 'People first, Then money. Then things,' will be one of my mantras in 2009.
First things first: Create an expense tracking system.

Five: Read books.
Model: Nick Hornby.
You know what is one of my biggest fears? Knowing the statistic of unread books currently on my book shelves. Yes. Shelves. So, this year, I will read and read and read like a fiend, just because I wanted to live up to the image I've been struggling with for all my life: a book reader. Yes, I read. But I think I haven't read as many (and as interesting) as I want. I mean, have you read Nick Hornby's 'The Pollysyllabic Spree'? Yeah, me neither.
First things first: Finish reading 'English Writing' and move on to 'Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant.'

Six: Better in catching up with people.
Model: Michael and Geget.
Just ask these two awesome friends of mine about how awful I am in keeping up with my friendships or any other forms of relationships (like with relatives and stuff). On the contrary, they are two of the BEST people in terms of keeping theirs afloat. I wish I have a quarter of their energy to do that. I'll dig that in me in 2009.

So there you go. Six. Of course there is the sixth, seventh, and eighth ones, but revealing them means revealing a perfecter, better, and groovier side of me.

Let's leave it like this.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I did not voluntarily put down 'negative' as my weakness for no reason

I just got back from a trip outta town, bringing back some delicacies, which is a very rare custom of mine. This dialogue happened when I giddily announced that I had something for everybody (like seven minutes ago).

Me: So, I got four packs of these. I only want this one. So you can have these two, and the last one is for her (Mrs. XYZ).

Not me: Oh, Mrs. XYZ won't like this (with a smile implying, 'You don't know her?'). She said it was too sweet.

Me: ...

Yoga breathing, yoga breathing, yoga breathing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

compulsive not eating

See I knew it.

Two days ago, on one cloudy Saturday, after a BodyBalance class, I randomly had the urge to weigh myself. It's been three months (or even more) since I weighed myself the last time, and at that time I still remember how I looked down to see the numbers and heaved a sigh replacing the words I supposed to say, "See? It's still 64."

So two days ago, at the gym I decided to step back on to the scale again, with full awareness that they might have messed with the scale in order to make people look weigh a little more so that they will renew their membership.

OR, they might have messed the scale up by making people look weigh less so that they will think that the gym does bring some results.

In conclusion, I stepped on the scale, only confided a tiny little bit in it.

I weighed 66 kgs. 66! SIXTY SIX! I have never, I mean, NEVER reached somewhere over 65 before. So this is good news right? Right? But wait. This is the gym scale. Not my own scale. My regular scale. People have messed this thing up. So I stepped down, went to the shower thinking, ah well, at least I am within the range.

Yesterday, after my 4th meal (a banana and a scoop of peanut butter. Yum!), I decided to weigh myself. Out of the blue. So I walked to my bathroom, put my feet on the scale, and looked down.

It was 66 kg.

So, yay! It WAS really 66.

BUT guess what happened today. Today, I don't feel like eating. As always. Like what The Beatles say, "When I'm sixty-four." Gah. So, I skipped my second and fourth meal.

I know.

PS: I still don't know how many percent of that 66 was fat, but I believe and safely assume that it was somewhere below twenty. Hahahaha.

PS2: I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I checked my weight a couple of days ago. Maybe I should stop checking my weight after all.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

what about dooce?

Today, I had to sit for 8 hours in a training room to take part in a thing they called Integrated Project Management In-house Training. It was OK, until I saw the form which we had to fill stating what are the things that we expect from the sessions etc., which I believe was conceived at least 20 years ago.

Under which media you read, I had to choose between:
Newspaper: Kompas, Media Indonesia, gibberish1, gibberish2, gibberish3
Magazine: Gatra, Tempo, SWA (what?!), gibberish4, gibberish5.

Yeah. Men's Health is not an option.


So, I filled out 'Others' more with media that have a 'dot' in the name.

In my mind, there are some others that I don't need to divulge here. And they all think that the Internet is for Porn.