Tuesday, December 09, 2008

what about dooce?

Today, I had to sit for 8 hours in a training room to take part in a thing they called Integrated Project Management In-house Training. It was OK, until I saw the form which we had to fill stating what are the things that we expect from the sessions etc., which I believe was conceived at least 20 years ago.

Under which media you read, I had to choose between:
Newspaper: Kompas, Media Indonesia, gibberish1, gibberish2, gibberish3
Magazine: Gatra, Tempo, SWA (what?!), gibberish4, gibberish5.

Yeah. Men's Health is not an option.


So, I filled out 'Others' more with media that have a 'dot' in the name. kottke.org. boingboing.net. newyorktimes.com.

In my mind, there are some others that I don't need to divulge here. And they all think that the Internet is for Porn.

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