Tuesday, August 31, 2004

how i love developing relationship.. (with television series)

As Carrie Bradshaw once said..

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.

Well, I certainly had some relationship in life. Tapi satu yang mau gue bahas adalah relationship gue sama TV Series. Hehehe..

Hmm.. gue gak tau juga ya kenapa gue suka banget sama yang namanya television series. Watching them is totally different with watching movies. And I'm not sure which is better. It's just there is definitely something when you just can't wait of certain day of a week and dying to meet characters that you have sorta bonded with. But in the technology of DVD, home vids and TiVo era like right now, watching television series is not just waiting for an ep in an evening. Interesting..

Well, there is this series. And it's Queer as Folk. I would never dream that suatu hari gue bakalan nonton ini serial. Gue pikir, it's just odd, not my cup of tea, eventhough I am not against it. Well, Queer as Folk yang gue tonton itu season 3 (kalo gak salah), pusat ceritanya none other than bersirkulasi di sekitar 9-10 principal cast, and one of them is straight. Yup, cuma ada satu straight di principal cast.. yang lainnya gay. Most of 'em are gay men, two are gay women.

Anyhow, pertama nonton, kita berdelapan keketawaan, aja kerjaannya. I'm not sure if the guys had enough beers at that night to make 'em loaded, but I'm pretty sure that they were not drunk. Uncomfortable? That's a possibility. Cuma gue yang duduk dengan tenang dan nonton 2 episode pertama dari season 3. Heheh..

Nah ini yang mau gue omongin. Nonton episode pertama itu like, hmm.. who are they? What the hell are they doing that, saying this, and deciding those.. You don't know exactly the who's why's what's and where's but then.. after the 2nd episode.. I was getting to know them a little better.. Sometimes I felt like I knew them..

That is the weird part of television series, every week, you seem to know a character of parade of characters better and better. I knew what would probably come out of Carrie Bradshaw's mouth by season 4 of Sex and the City. I thought I knew which way to go for Vic Mackey of the Shield by episode 9.

So, is this a relationship? Definitely. But not a real one. And I still happy of having it. It's like you're having 10 circles at the same time, and you have to adapt in each circle. Now call me crazy. :D

Now September's ahead. Means I am about to lose relationship with 11 teams that went racing around the world in the Amazing Race, 13 houseguests of Big Brother 5, but I will certainly will meet 18 candidates of interview for the dream job of a lifetime in the Apprentice 2, and probably 18 castaways in Survivor: Vanuatu.

I love television! (but maybe not as much as I love my one night stands in the movies)

Monday, August 30, 2004

this week.. a total kickass!!

Well, well, well.. Left a gorgeous (always have trouble to spell this word) week.. It was kinda busy. But not busy due to work, it was more busy packed jammed with activities.. Okay, let's see let's do it hopefully got the will to do it, though.. Hahaha..

Sunday, August 29, 2004

a week full of love (pt. 2)


This is my first choir rehearsal in Mark's choir. And.. It was SUPERB!! Nothing beyond words of comparison can describe this rehearsal (what kind of sentence was that? :p) Anyway, there were like maybe 16 of us, and we were like a long time-singers. I kept myself in Bass2 line with Charlie and a man I think his name was Jonas. Not the photo studio. There were 2 other basses who sings bass1, a guy and a guy (of course..), 3 men in the tenors, 3 altos and 6 sopranos. Good..

The songs.. One is easy. One other is difficult. Gosh.. And it was in block note! (What do you expect dude..) Got soo much trouble with reading it. But I manage to do that anyhow. Heheheh.. Went home with the best mood ever. There are some weak links in the choir. But stunned with the Altos' singing voices, and one of the Bass1 too.. Gosh..


Not much to do today. Oh, it's a special day for a farewell party for Mr. Edy (Eddy? Edi?). He will depart go back to the home country. Right after our orchestra rehearsal, we held this party and well, gonna miss him though.


I went to Braunschweig for yet another performance. Hmm.. It was a chaos at the departure, and chaos where the event took place, and I was not completely overjoy with it. Hmm.. However, the performance was GREAT. That took me by surprise.

The crowd enjoyed it so much.. We have to play twice due to insufficient room of the theater. Imagine that! :D And the puppet player played one of his best that night. So veerry late arriving at home. With a little bit of unhappiness and total tiredness. It still one of the most experienced night, though..


Now, this is what I called Saturday!! I got invited to go to the Evans' home. It was such a long trip, but so worth it. It was a barbeque party, and guess what.. ALL THE FOOD THERE TASTED SO GOOD!! The salad was really fresh and good, the BBQ'd meat, ribs, satay, were amazing. And the people there were like nicest people on earth, having fun, and all. Honestly, nothing beat this event. Hehehe..

Mrs. Evans repeatedly invites me to their home also, but I still have to be pretty sure whether it was just a chit-chat or a real invitation. But I bet it was real.

This is a really great week. Had totally different activities, but a lot of partying. Huehehe.. Will remember this for the rest of my life.

a week full of love..

Well, well, well, as I once said, I had a total blast this week. It was sort of a jam-packed events kept coming and coming and coming.

It was started with a ruhige (peaceful?) Montag. I believe I did nothing at that time :D However, I was preparing myself to see Dr. Johannsen, my supervisor on Tuesday. Hopefully he was what he is in the classroom.

Ow. Tonight.. Mark Baumann called me. :-O He was the one that said that he would like to build a new choir. Gulp! I rarely speak german on the phone. And what's up with this german people who really dig telephone conversation? Well, not blaming them, but a bit chickening me out. Shouldn't have been, though. Okay, he called, saying that how about having audition tomorrow, at St. Petri Church. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh.. I have to stop singing American Idol rendition of songs and start singing choir stuff. Huehehehe..


It was the first Besprechung (what is it in English?). He told me to 'choose' one of the four topics that he offered, and I chose one of them that I felt most comfortable with. He was very nice, and I felt great for choosing him.

And then come the audition. Went to central library first to find copies of notes.. Of course it was block note. :( Confused a bit.. Practiced a bit in the library (I shouldn't, but I had to! :D) and then off I go to St. Petri!!

Busy humming on the way, and singing the songs that I selected. Ow, by the way, the songs are Il Bianco e Dolce Signo, Come Again, and Jungfrau dein schoen Gestaellt.. Leaned towards Il Bianco though.

In St. Petri, I found noone. From the voice last night, I judged that Mark was sorta an old man. And I asked one guy out front: "Sind Sie Mark Baumann?" And he's not! Huaahhahaha.. Guess I should wait for some more time. Funny thing is, he was late (so far, not so many people are doing things on time in this country as well) and young! Maybe my age. Or a year or two older than me. OMG.. But he was so nice and kind and smart and played the orgel and I watched it all.

The audition went well, singing many numbers first like So-A-O-A-O... or Susanna-su-San-na.. And shocking while I got ,D to F'!! The largest range that I ever got in an audition.. Waw.. He said I had a gute Stimmung, but still need to sing a little bit more loud. Hehehee.. Classic thing with me. Awright, I'll try that. It was a great day with the Audition..

Monday, August 23, 2004

a pact with myself

Aaaarrrgghh... there are soooo many things that I want to write here, dude.. Hmmm.. Must find a time to do it.. Maybe tomorrow night, when I don't have a rehearsal to attend.

Okay then, maybe tomorrow morning, or night or the morning the next day. But I gotta write it!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

there's a concert in the music hall, and i'm on it!!

Maybe this can definitely be a surreal experience. Lemme just say it. Today, my group of orchestra (it's a traditional orchestra, anyway) had a performance in the music hall. It was so very flattering and definitely a helluva experience..

However, the surreality faded out when things went wrong. Well, I think it was not wrong, but just not goin' to my direction. Hmm.. I was in the first group that went to the hall, and found myself doin' nothin.. I couldn't change, then I just helped people to unload some stuff.. It was tiring, but I got used to it. Seriously.

But after that the nightmare sorta came. We would play on sort of 8 pm, but then when I waited for the other group, they never came. We just stunned there and waiting while the hours kept on going. So, many things were happened in this waiting event.

I found myself sorta admiring the cute usher.. Dressed in black, and having a graceful movement, it was so cute. However, still don't have the courage to make a move. Damn me! Anyway, had a bit of chit chat with Daniel the dancer and Trio the.. new guy maybe. Turned out that it was a small world because we knew each other's background more or less.. I also learned that tonight STOMP was playing, and had their performance in the big hall!! That scared the bejeezuz out of me.. I was like, damn! it's STOMP, dude.. Too bad we couldn't share the same dressing room or something. Tee hee hee..

When the second group came, it was like a total relieve for me, and of course a degrading insight of how this people work. I really can't believe it. Maybe it was how they did their work under normal occasion. I almost died of not believing. Hmm.. however, it was such a detrimenting circumstances for me. However, I kept it cool, calm, and collected.

But things were just getting worse..

The event planner was not fully prepared. She was freaking out. We did not know who performed after whom, what to be performed first, and so on, and so on.. As I was left in the dark, the groups was not fully enlighten as well.. Sigh, no doubt about it, cloud of bad moods took over me instantly. But I had to keep on performing.

First performance was amazing. The dancer really danced his heart out. Phew.. He was amazing, and I really congratulated him for that. Not only because he danced in a such mood, but also for only practicing in a very short period of time. But the music. Boo! Mistakes after mistakes were found, no structure, and it was definitely frustrating. I still couldn't believe how people might not realize that mistakes were being made and performances were degrading.

Second performance. Another musical blunder. So far as I thought, I knew that I was right. Or I thought that I was right and on beat. However, I didn't play in accordance with the other line. Dang! And worst of all, the beat marker lost her way as well.. Sigh.. It was like the longest one minute of my life when I didn't know what to do, but miraculously we managed to get back on track.

Third performance, much better than the first two. No musical blunders, dancers were good, and I was finally having a little bit fun. Good, then..

Fourth performance. Was one of my best. Tee hee hee.. No kidding, but I know that I finally am able to memorize most of the numbers and it made me very proud of myself. Hrrr..

All and all, it was a totally good night, though were having this and that, but I know that performing in the same building as STOMP may only happen in this time of life. I thank everyone for making it possible. Now give me my money. Hehehe..

Friday, August 20, 2004

row row row your boat..

The Thursday of my life. Or maybe this year. Or the month. But it's definitely Thursday of my week. (Hey, there's no other.. Ah, well).

Got two roomies to accompany me to ride canoe. OOhhhh.. it was sooo good.. I became a steerer and was totally enjoying it. Hm..

The canoe ride starts from the dormitory, and we did not now how to paddle. . I was not aware that the canoe could have been so shaky.. Gulp! But not fret about it. Just went on with it. First row.. Everything's good. Second row, went a little bit to the left. Third row, further to the left, fourth row.. We're stuck! Hahaha.. Guess I was not a good steerer myself.

Well, I was not preparing myself for steering this canoe. I was like still trying to figure out how to change the course of the boat, and of course the guys on the boat was not doing any better. As far as I could remember, they were like.. Watch out.. Trees ahead.. But they kept on rowing.. Hahaha.. They should have stopped rowing and let me change the course and then back rowing. Don't you think?

Anyway, at the first attempts, we were successfully passing a group of water polo, hmm what's the name of the sport, when you use kayaks and playing ball, I think it was kayak polo. Ah, well.. A little bit frustrating at first seeing the squirms on their faces. Beginner. Why do I have to have a thing with beginner thing? It's OK you know to be a beginner. Just check out what happened at the gym. Now you're not a beginner yourself. Woohoohoo..

Next mark is under the bridge number.. Hmm.. I don't know the number, but there are more than 2400 bridge in the city, so blame me for not knowing the number of one bridge. Under this bridge, the canoe rocked. And some screams went by.. Hahaha.. I couldn't imagine the looks on other people's faces when they heard the scream. But we were fine, there were no flipping over.

It was said if we wanted to go to Alster, we should turn left. It turned out the turning left meant, going to a very narrow canal, and a little bit scary and spooky.. Ouch.. However, we went on for that. There were not much things to see here in the narrow canal, but we passed some other rowers by. Some of em are more experienced rowers, but also some amazingly fast and directed rowers, that proved that they did it like at least once in two weeks. Sigh..

After a lot of boredom due to nothing to be seen, we finally thought that we went to the right direction. It became much more windy, though.. and a little bit further we can see the damn Alster.. Woohoo.. I loved it soo much. Took some pictures here and there (well, actually just two damn pics) and tried being brave of challenging the wind and the much bigger and faster boats. There were lots of sailing boat that kept me saying, "Move out of the way, jackass.." Joey Tribbiani in Friends. Hehehe..

We returned home, and guess what the nightmare came. Well, I wouldn't call it a nightmare, though.. We deliberately took the different turns than when we were going to Alster with basically not knowing to do. I myself was sure that it would bring us to the place we were started all along. But it was longer and many people was getting tired. After like one hour of not knowing where to go, we saw the Stadtpark! We were in the right direction. Phew.. So relieved bout it. And after another 15 minutes of paddling, we saw our landing site. What an adventure..

Anyway, since we had more time to kill, then we turned our canoe around, and headed for Stadtpark. Having good times there, like taking pictures, stopped for awhile and checked the park out.. And after one lap of Stadtpark (it's actually something that I can't really remember), it was time to go home..

I wanna do it again!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

quite a 'busy' day?

Hmm.. Morning had broken the last time. And thank GOD, it's beautiful..

Yesterday, woken up very very early. I beat the sun! Woohooo.. 'Twas 5, I think. Directly turned on my laptop, and was hunting for newest episodes of the Amazing Race. Tee hee hee..

Anyway, since it was so early, was thinking to go back to sleep anyway. But no! Gotta be at least trying to be like Kevan. Hehehe.. So I sat awaken, and did my boring morning thing: checking mails, chatting, and stuff.. And then it came, the Amazing Race. Woohoohoo.. So I watched it.. and damn! It was time for one of my favorite couples. Huwweeee.. Stop the sobbing, it was their time to go.. Hup..

So leave home to the gym, it was leg exercise. Anyway, surprise!! There was a photo shoot in it. Tee hee hee.. You know, I have never been approached as a model before, and I thought that I wouldn't either. So I was right. Bet they were looking for average-non-intimidating-look kinda guys. Seeing more new people in the gym. God, should it be that crowded? Hmm..

Then afterwards, went to rehearsal once again. Was the last rehearsal by the way. Actually, I kinda like the rehearsal. Because there, not only that I learn music, but also some language course. Hehehe.. Doin a good job (I think). Tension raised a bit, when one of the members kept playing it wrong, and other times that mistake was thrown on some innocent. Duh? But I kept it going.

Went home very late and friggin tired. Hrrr.. I think I slept around 1 am. Duh? And slept to Charlotte Gray. Whoopz. Sorry bout that..

So a new day closes, and had tried to embark any experiences that came its way. Go rise and shine!!

Almost forgotten. CBS has announced players of Survivor: Vanuatu. I am not gonna watch it. But there's Dolly..

a day like no others..


Me: A day after 17th of August..
My alter ego: It must be 18th of August, dude..

Yesterday it was something. As proud citizen of my country, I went to this celebration of independence day with the people living in the city. Well, one thing for sure.. WHAT A SIGHT!! Never thought that these people have connections with my country..

I couldn't stop smiling when the ceremony took place. It was like getting back to ground school, and I was one of the guys who were like, 'I'll stand out front. Maybe the teachers will see me, and eventually like me.' Hwahaha.. Manipulative brat. Anyway, couldn't stop smiling. If I were the back rowers, I would have died for laughing probably. Maybe I shouldn't do that. Maybe I should. Maybe I should keep on writing.

There were occasions that took my breath a while. The first lady (well, at least she is the first lady in here) fainted. Gasp! Had I known that she was the first lady, I would have been like, 'Let me help you, maam..' Another manipulative brat. Tee hee.. The girl who raised the flag fainted. Gasp! Nah, she didn't faint, it was like I can't stand it any longer I better sit down. Other than that, it's kinda awkward seeing people acting their parts in the ceremony. I bet they can't stop smiling, and gigglin, and laughing, eventhough it was by heart.

Then came EATING!! No, no, not yet. Chit-chatting. Hmm.. First, announcement of winners of games and competition. They should put a Karaoke competition next time. And I will put my Justin Guarini act. Hehehe.. Or Jon Peter Lewis. Or maybe Josh Groban. Who knows.. :D Anyway, again bunch of peeps that I don't know, and some things I can't hear clearly.. Blah blah..

Then EATING.. Not the best condiments that I ever got, but it's enough for the day. I think. Then I didn't know what kept me until 5 pm. But I was there from morning up to that time. Hmm.. Kinda blurring the whole thing. Tee hee hee..

So, went home, one of the guys there drove me to the main station, and took a train home. Doin nothing at home. No moods for that. So was time for another movie, I guess. It's the Idiots. Tee hee hee.. Fell asleep, and in the morning, waking up witnessing that the laptop is still on. Hmm..

Have a good morning, noon and night, then..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

i (almost) don't like monday!!

Great mornin'!!

Phew, I gotta start doin' things correctly. Namely getting up on time, getting ready on time, etc. etc. Tee hee hee.. Come on, at least do it as well as Kevan of Amish in the City.. At least I got my breakfast done today in a smooth kind of way.

It's a new week, that means it's Monday. That means start things all over again. Hunting for internship spots. Determining the topics of Project Work. Finishing up assignments. And still more stuff to go. Hmm.. Hopefully will do good.

Meanwhile, about this assignments to go, I calculated that I still have to work 60% of it. If I still want to go with 'my style' which means 200% of 'other people's style'. Crazy little perfectionist. And maybe that's who I am. Argh..

Okay, bout this report that I have to do. It's difficult enough, but once I have broken it down, it's not that bad.. Well, the first one is that I am still confused about how I'ma approach the whole situation. Because just like what I said before, if I do the 1st method, 2nd method will be a complete crap. And vice versa. And it ain't good, dude..

Well, okay.. Now I just gotta whip my butt out of my bed (hey, it's kinda rhymy..) and get ready for a whole new week..

Oh, and happy birthday Madonna. No, not the mother of Jesus, but it's Madonna Richie. And also James Cameron. and Elvis.


Try to explore this blog more.. Make it more sophisticated, mate..

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Villain vs Villain vs Villain

Saturday early evening.. It's a bit late to talk about the evictee Jase of Big Brother (BB) US 5 got booted of the house. However, since I have been waiting for the event for like thousands of years ago, I think two days away is acceptable to able to talk about this.

As a reminder.. Jase is one of the hunks in the BB house this season. Along with Scott, and Drew. Other men are Michael the Cowboy, Mike the thinker, Marvin the smooth talker, and Will the gay guy. Well, I like calling Will the smart. He is really smart, but this blog now is not about him. Sorry Will, not yet. Things that made me can't wait of Jase's eviction (as far as I can remember) are:
  • He disagree on 'discussing' stuff with Mike, when Jase said that Mike had an alliance goin on. He acted like a coward, saying it's not an alliance, and some minutes later, he indeed said that it was an alliance. Duh? And he said, I'm walkin' away, now.. etc. - might not be very precious here because it was looooong time ago.
  • He's one of the people that made Will cry. Will's my boy.. He's so funny, he's charming, and he is damn right about being smooth with people. And Will had this southern accent that.. wooopz.. It's not about Will. Anyway, Will cried and he said that he cried maybe because the fact that he hated them (I suspect it was Jase and Scott) so much.

After the Will cried incident, I can't remember of seeing an episode of BB5 without growing hatred on Jase. Hey, it may be rude, but he asked me to do so.. He is very cocky and sure that he will be able to control the house, without realizing that planting hatred may not be the best idea.

Oh, and one thing. He's not too blessed in the grey cells department. If you understand what I mean..

Now about the title..

I literally rolling-on-the-floor-with-my-hands-on-my-stomach-and-sometimes-clapping laugh when Burton was voted off the Pearl Islands. Ow, he was a contestant in Survivor 7 - Pearl Islands.. I don't know what I don't like him. Maybe it's because he's a hunk, and behave like one. I don't like hunks, and for that, I don't like Shawn either, but he kept checking out his own belly and compare it to Burton. And it was caught on camera. Tee hee hee.. I felt bad for Shawn for that.

Again, anyway, when Burton was playing survivor, he was scheming and throwing Jon for any blames that might arise. He used Jon to convince Darrah and Tijuana to vote the opposing alliance with them, and then, convince that opposing alliance to vote Tijuana with them. Even I can't believe how smooth he was doin' it. One scene that I don't like is when Tijuana was voted off and Burton was clapping his chest. Tsk tsk tsk..

So, I was late watching the Pearl Islands, but I can't control myself when Burton was voted off.

That was not the case in BB 5. I know that I was waiting for this episode. But when it was on.. I didn't even laugh, I was numb.. But I was so proud that one of my most favorite HG in the house, i.e. Nakomis's plan actually worked out. Woof.. How in the world that they can hear me. Nakomis, Hats off to you, girl..

So what is the third villain? It is Rob M of Survivor All-Stars. Hrgh, I can't even talk furthermore on this. Well, one thing for sure, he is the one, that made me not want to watch the upcoming Survivor-s. Hehehe.. So I keep in in my thoughts, and wish you all the best night possible.

"It's just a game" - contestants of many reality TV shows

Saturday, August 14, 2004

a test to post pictures using hello

That's me somewhere in Prague Posted by Hello

Nah, it's not about Prague, it's only some tests I did to post pics in here.

a day like another..

What, what? Tee hee hee.. Today is a beautiful day. Well, it's actually yesterday. Awaken very early in the dawn to witness another rain in this city. I think it's good for some reasons, they help to dis-elevate the temperature for once. But however, got up, and closed the windows. Otherwise got the freeze for God sake's.

I knew when I was fully awaken that this is gonna be a loooong day. 'Twas a bit cold, however refreshing, and gloomy. Well, certainly not from my point of view, tho.. Today (as in yesterday) I planned to return the books I borrowed and finished reading, DVDs I finished watching, and of course to check out some more interesting materials..

In public library..

Damn!! I got three DVDs to choose from, where I only could take 2 of them.. Hmm.. It's a toss up. Let's see, I still got Celebrity, Charlotte Grey (or is it Gray?), The Color Purple, and Singin' in the Rain. What I wanted to see are The Idiots, Oliver!, and The Wizard of Oz. Hmm..

At first, I was about to toss the Idiots. I wasn't sure that this was a kind of movie that I would like to watch this weekend. (after all, I went to watch Fahrenheit 9/11 in theatres) However, I think that the Idiots are really a good means to learn, know, acknowledge and experience the Dogma 95, which is somehow connected to Lars von Trier. So I think I'll keep it.

The rejectee should be one between Oliver!, The Wizard of Oz, and Singin' in the Rain. At first it was definitely Singin' in the Rain, for I had watched it like 100,000 times, and almost remember all of the songs and lyrics (although it turned out that I only can sing Singin' in the Rain, Good Mornin', and Would You - but it's because I don't really like You are My Lucky Stars) and maybe choreography. And as an addition, I already got one at home. The real home. So forget it.

But I LOVE Singin' in the Rain sooo much. It IS my most favorable musical film. I CAN survive of its torture night and day. I can sing Good Mornin' eventhough it was a gloomy morning or even late at the darkest coldest night. So should I threw the Wizard of Oz in return, because one of my friends got one and I just could borrow it right away? Or should I throw Oliver! because I knew the story, and I do not know even one of the songs..

But then it struck me. That damn resolution.

Try to explore more..
not only deepening what you already know,
because you know nothing.

So there am I, in the middle of the public library, in the middle of the city, far away from home.. Returning Singin' in the Rain, without even realizing that I hadn't said goodbye to it..

So as a tribute, I will definitely sing, eventhough it is not raining..

I'm singin' in the rain.. just singin' in the rain..
What a glorious feeling'
I'm happy again!

I'm laughing at clouds.. so dark up above..
The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love..

Do do doot do do do
do do doot do do do
do do doot do..


Wish you all the best weekend today..

Friday, August 13, 2004

the second time around

Hmm.. Second time around.. So, figuring out what to write..

Just finishing Shopaholic Ties the Knot, another great book by Sophie Kinsella. Teared up a bit. Okay, a lot.. Well, it's just not fair, dude. Everything can turn out fine for Becky. Hmm.. Wonder who will play Becky in a movie.

Anyway, today I will hit the gym. I WILL HIT THE GYM.. After endless hesitation of days. And keep piling excuses on top of excuses. But what to workout? Hmm.. Must check notes then. Not eating right for like two weeks.. But thank God, the weight doesn't come off.. That's right people, I'm not trying losing some weight, I plan to add lotsa. It is only the oddities where people are never quite satisfied with everything that they have. Pot - Black. Tee hee hee..

Last night, again the rehearsal I attended to. Hmm.. It's cool as usual, however, felt that someone pushed themselves too hard. Hmm.. They could be just them, and stayed cool with me. Well, it bothered me a lot, eventhough this person is very sweet. Maybe it's just the fact that they bugged be while I was reading. Tee hee hee..

So okay, excellent news.. It's better than good news.. Tomorrow, Fahrenheit 9/11 will hit the theatres.. Wooohooo.. I'll be there. At the first show.. Front rows.. Wonder though should there be standing o's. Hmm..

Kay, nothing to report today except for can't wait to see Jase to be booted out from Big Brother house tonight.. Hmm..

Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

it's never easy being first

Hey, there.. Just checking whether this thing will work out fine or not..

Okkay.. Starting a log on my journey. Might be boring. Might end up in some weeks. Let's wait and see.

But now, I gotta go.


Here I give you a bit insight of what bieourself is all about. Fasten your seatbelts, eventhough it's not going to be a bumpy night.

What is this for?

Honestly, the first time I started blogging, I intended to use it to understand more about HTML. I owe it big fat time to my dear friend Novi, who introduced HTML for the first time in my life.

During the course of writing it, I then see it as a channel to unleash what I have in mind. This is what I usually do with my closest friends anyway. They are spreaded (literally) all over the world now, and start to slip outta my fingers had I didn't tell them how I was doing and what I was thinking.

This medium saves my time to write them one by one (because sometimes they are just in different circles to one another), and replying one by one. Until I realized that reading blogs may not (yet) their thing.

Now it was more of things that I like to remember, read again sometimes, remind myself that I like making people laugh, short-tempered, keep making stupid mistakes and decisions, a simple yet complicated, and oh-so hush-hushed secretive and introvert.

Well, at least that's what I got when reading my posts.

Who should read?

Ummm.. I don't really have any preferences of course. But I prefer those who would like to know me and get a feeling that I was kinda strange during the first meeting. First meetings give me nervousity more than anything else but being late.

bieourself - ugly
Who is Zakky and who is Bie?

My full name is Ahmad Zakky Habibie. So, they're both me, and believe me, the screws in my head (if there are any) are doing just fine.

Zakky is what I am called since I got that name. It is used by my extended family, neighbours, teachers, parents' colleagues, and other places that I need to be deadly official.

Bie is a name that a friend of mine in junior high liked to call me, as I liked to call her with an originally-created-by-me name. So she called me Bie to get even. It doesn't mean anything, it is just the last two syllables of my name if it is pronounced in a sort of insulting way. But I don't find it insulting.

How it is pronounced will be explained in the next question.

This name got spreaded outta control and stuck with me eventhough I tried to get back to Zakky on my first year at college.

I answer to both name. And I normally introduce myself as Zakky to teachers and professors, potential employers, and other people that I need to be official with, and foreigners. My current close german friend said that it was much easier to remember and to understand and to pronounce than Bie.

To someone who's around my age and Indonesian, I always say that my name is Bie.

To be honest, I like Zakky better. It's the greatest gift from my parents anyway. But if you know me as Bie and start calling me Zakky, I would feel really really super weird.

How to say bieourself?

bieourself is an ambiguous invented word and a monograph at the same time. It was based on a word that was suggested as my user name in yahoo from another friend of mine. I forgot what was exactly that he was suggesting, but it was written very similar to bieourself. Something like byeourself or biyourself or bieyourself.

As I was in high school, I invented a habit of pronouncing Indonesian and English wrongly by speaking Indonesian as how it would be spoken in English, and vice versa. For example: I would ask "How many hours?" instead of "What time is it?" to know the time. It's because it is like that in Indonesia. In this case, my friends again messed with my name, and pronounced it bye-yea!. So, if they need to call me from a far, they will only scream "Baaaayyyyy!!!"

A guy, who is super creative (he score 148 in an IQ test for the love of God!), said, "To pronounce Bie the correct way is bye when you want to say it in one syllable, but it should be bee-yea! if it is two syllables." That's how you pronounce bieourself.

Sometimes you pronounce it "be yourself" and sometimes "by yourself".


So, bieourself celebrates my uniqueness (which has been called out so many times by my friends) and independency at the same time. Get it? Uniqueness as I am being be yourself, and independency as I am OK of doing everything by yourself. I mean myself. I even like to go to the movies alone, mate! Freak.

What should be expected?

Oooh, expectations freak me out. I hope nothing or everything about me. I can be boring, angry (most of the time I am. hehehee), funny, corny, needy, catty, witty, and other -y -y -y.

But honestly, I expect you to have fun.

By the way, I should start to learn how to talk less.