Sunday, August 29, 2004

a week full of love..

Well, well, well, as I once said, I had a total blast this week. It was sort of a jam-packed events kept coming and coming and coming.

It was started with a ruhige (peaceful?) Montag. I believe I did nothing at that time :D However, I was preparing myself to see Dr. Johannsen, my supervisor on Tuesday. Hopefully he was what he is in the classroom.

Ow. Tonight.. Mark Baumann called me. :-O He was the one that said that he would like to build a new choir. Gulp! I rarely speak german on the phone. And what's up with this german people who really dig telephone conversation? Well, not blaming them, but a bit chickening me out. Shouldn't have been, though. Okay, he called, saying that how about having audition tomorrow, at St. Petri Church. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh.. I have to stop singing American Idol rendition of songs and start singing choir stuff. Huehehehe..


It was the first Besprechung (what is it in English?). He told me to 'choose' one of the four topics that he offered, and I chose one of them that I felt most comfortable with. He was very nice, and I felt great for choosing him.

And then come the audition. Went to central library first to find copies of notes.. Of course it was block note. :( Confused a bit.. Practiced a bit in the library (I shouldn't, but I had to! :D) and then off I go to St. Petri!!

Busy humming on the way, and singing the songs that I selected. Ow, by the way, the songs are Il Bianco e Dolce Signo, Come Again, and Jungfrau dein schoen Gestaellt.. Leaned towards Il Bianco though.

In St. Petri, I found noone. From the voice last night, I judged that Mark was sorta an old man. And I asked one guy out front: "Sind Sie Mark Baumann?" And he's not! Huaahhahaha.. Guess I should wait for some more time. Funny thing is, he was late (so far, not so many people are doing things on time in this country as well) and young! Maybe my age. Or a year or two older than me. OMG.. But he was so nice and kind and smart and played the orgel and I watched it all.

The audition went well, singing many numbers first like So-A-O-A-O... or Susanna-su-San-na.. And shocking while I got ,D to F'!! The largest range that I ever got in an audition.. Waw.. He said I had a gute Stimmung, but still need to sing a little bit more loud. Hehehee.. Classic thing with me. Awright, I'll try that. It was a great day with the Audition..

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