Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Here I give you a bit insight of what bieourself is all about. Fasten your seatbelts, eventhough it's not going to be a bumpy night.

What is this for?

Honestly, the first time I started blogging, I intended to use it to understand more about HTML. I owe it big fat time to my dear friend Novi, who introduced HTML for the first time in my life.

During the course of writing it, I then see it as a channel to unleash what I have in mind. This is what I usually do with my closest friends anyway. They are spreaded (literally) all over the world now, and start to slip outta my fingers had I didn't tell them how I was doing and what I was thinking.

This medium saves my time to write them one by one (because sometimes they are just in different circles to one another), and replying one by one. Until I realized that reading blogs may not (yet) their thing.

Now it was more of things that I like to remember, read again sometimes, remind myself that I like making people laugh, short-tempered, keep making stupid mistakes and decisions, a simple yet complicated, and oh-so hush-hushed secretive and introvert.

Well, at least that's what I got when reading my posts.

Who should read?

Ummm.. I don't really have any preferences of course. But I prefer those who would like to know me and get a feeling that I was kinda strange during the first meeting. First meetings give me nervousity more than anything else but being late.

bieourself - ugly
Who is Zakky and who is Bie?

My full name is Ahmad Zakky Habibie. So, they're both me, and believe me, the screws in my head (if there are any) are doing just fine.

Zakky is what I am called since I got that name. It is used by my extended family, neighbours, teachers, parents' colleagues, and other places that I need to be deadly official.

Bie is a name that a friend of mine in junior high liked to call me, as I liked to call her with an originally-created-by-me name. So she called me Bie to get even. It doesn't mean anything, it is just the last two syllables of my name if it is pronounced in a sort of insulting way. But I don't find it insulting.

How it is pronounced will be explained in the next question.

This name got spreaded outta control and stuck with me eventhough I tried to get back to Zakky on my first year at college.

I answer to both name. And I normally introduce myself as Zakky to teachers and professors, potential employers, and other people that I need to be official with, and foreigners. My current close german friend said that it was much easier to remember and to understand and to pronounce than Bie.

To someone who's around my age and Indonesian, I always say that my name is Bie.

To be honest, I like Zakky better. It's the greatest gift from my parents anyway. But if you know me as Bie and start calling me Zakky, I would feel really really super weird.

How to say bieourself?

bieourself is an ambiguous invented word and a monograph at the same time. It was based on a word that was suggested as my user name in yahoo from another friend of mine. I forgot what was exactly that he was suggesting, but it was written very similar to bieourself. Something like byeourself or biyourself or bieyourself.

As I was in high school, I invented a habit of pronouncing Indonesian and English wrongly by speaking Indonesian as how it would be spoken in English, and vice versa. For example: I would ask "How many hours?" instead of "What time is it?" to know the time. It's because it is like that in Indonesia. In this case, my friends again messed with my name, and pronounced it bye-yea!. So, if they need to call me from a far, they will only scream "Baaaayyyyy!!!"

A guy, who is super creative (he score 148 in an IQ test for the love of God!), said, "To pronounce Bie the correct way is bye when you want to say it in one syllable, but it should be bee-yea! if it is two syllables." That's how you pronounce bieourself.

Sometimes you pronounce it "be yourself" and sometimes "by yourself".


So, bieourself celebrates my uniqueness (which has been called out so many times by my friends) and independency at the same time. Get it? Uniqueness as I am being be yourself, and independency as I am OK of doing everything by yourself. I mean myself. I even like to go to the movies alone, mate! Freak.

What should be expected?

Oooh, expectations freak me out. I hope nothing or everything about me. I can be boring, angry (most of the time I am. hehehee), funny, corny, needy, catty, witty, and other -y -y -y.

But honestly, I expect you to have fun.

By the way, I should start to learn how to talk less.