Thursday, August 19, 2004

a day like no others..


Me: A day after 17th of August..
My alter ego: It must be 18th of August, dude..

Yesterday it was something. As proud citizen of my country, I went to this celebration of independence day with the people living in the city. Well, one thing for sure.. WHAT A SIGHT!! Never thought that these people have connections with my country..

I couldn't stop smiling when the ceremony took place. It was like getting back to ground school, and I was one of the guys who were like, 'I'll stand out front. Maybe the teachers will see me, and eventually like me.' Hwahaha.. Manipulative brat. Anyway, couldn't stop smiling. If I were the back rowers, I would have died for laughing probably. Maybe I shouldn't do that. Maybe I should. Maybe I should keep on writing.

There were occasions that took my breath a while. The first lady (well, at least she is the first lady in here) fainted. Gasp! Had I known that she was the first lady, I would have been like, 'Let me help you, maam..' Another manipulative brat. Tee hee.. The girl who raised the flag fainted. Gasp! Nah, she didn't faint, it was like I can't stand it any longer I better sit down. Other than that, it's kinda awkward seeing people acting their parts in the ceremony. I bet they can't stop smiling, and gigglin, and laughing, eventhough it was by heart.

Then came EATING!! No, no, not yet. Chit-chatting. Hmm.. First, announcement of winners of games and competition. They should put a Karaoke competition next time. And I will put my Justin Guarini act. Hehehe.. Or Jon Peter Lewis. Or maybe Josh Groban. Who knows.. :D Anyway, again bunch of peeps that I don't know, and some things I can't hear clearly.. Blah blah..

Then EATING.. Not the best condiments that I ever got, but it's enough for the day. I think. Then I didn't know what kept me until 5 pm. But I was there from morning up to that time. Hmm.. Kinda blurring the whole thing. Tee hee hee..

So, went home, one of the guys there drove me to the main station, and took a train home. Doin nothing at home. No moods for that. So was time for another movie, I guess. It's the Idiots. Tee hee hee.. Fell asleep, and in the morning, waking up witnessing that the laptop is still on. Hmm..

Have a good morning, noon and night, then..

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