Friday, August 20, 2004

row row row your boat..

The Thursday of my life. Or maybe this year. Or the month. But it's definitely Thursday of my week. (Hey, there's no other.. Ah, well).

Got two roomies to accompany me to ride canoe. OOhhhh.. it was sooo good.. I became a steerer and was totally enjoying it. Hm..

The canoe ride starts from the dormitory, and we did not now how to paddle. . I was not aware that the canoe could have been so shaky.. Gulp! But not fret about it. Just went on with it. First row.. Everything's good. Second row, went a little bit to the left. Third row, further to the left, fourth row.. We're stuck! Hahaha.. Guess I was not a good steerer myself.

Well, I was not preparing myself for steering this canoe. I was like still trying to figure out how to change the course of the boat, and of course the guys on the boat was not doing any better. As far as I could remember, they were like.. Watch out.. Trees ahead.. But they kept on rowing.. Hahaha.. They should have stopped rowing and let me change the course and then back rowing. Don't you think?

Anyway, at the first attempts, we were successfully passing a group of water polo, hmm what's the name of the sport, when you use kayaks and playing ball, I think it was kayak polo. Ah, well.. A little bit frustrating at first seeing the squirms on their faces. Beginner. Why do I have to have a thing with beginner thing? It's OK you know to be a beginner. Just check out what happened at the gym. Now you're not a beginner yourself. Woohoohoo..

Next mark is under the bridge number.. Hmm.. I don't know the number, but there are more than 2400 bridge in the city, so blame me for not knowing the number of one bridge. Under this bridge, the canoe rocked. And some screams went by.. Hahaha.. I couldn't imagine the looks on other people's faces when they heard the scream. But we were fine, there were no flipping over.

It was said if we wanted to go to Alster, we should turn left. It turned out the turning left meant, going to a very narrow canal, and a little bit scary and spooky.. Ouch.. However, we went on for that. There were not much things to see here in the narrow canal, but we passed some other rowers by. Some of em are more experienced rowers, but also some amazingly fast and directed rowers, that proved that they did it like at least once in two weeks. Sigh..

After a lot of boredom due to nothing to be seen, we finally thought that we went to the right direction. It became much more windy, though.. and a little bit further we can see the damn Alster.. Woohoo.. I loved it soo much. Took some pictures here and there (well, actually just two damn pics) and tried being brave of challenging the wind and the much bigger and faster boats. There were lots of sailing boat that kept me saying, "Move out of the way, jackass.." Joey Tribbiani in Friends. Hehehe..

We returned home, and guess what the nightmare came. Well, I wouldn't call it a nightmare, though.. We deliberately took the different turns than when we were going to Alster with basically not knowing to do. I myself was sure that it would bring us to the place we were started all along. But it was longer and many people was getting tired. After like one hour of not knowing where to go, we saw the Stadtpark! We were in the right direction. Phew.. So relieved bout it. And after another 15 minutes of paddling, we saw our landing site. What an adventure..

Anyway, since we had more time to kill, then we turned our canoe around, and headed for Stadtpark. Having good times there, like taking pictures, stopped for awhile and checked the park out.. And after one lap of Stadtpark (it's actually something that I can't really remember), it was time to go home..

I wanna do it again!!!

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