Tuesday, August 17, 2004

i (almost) don't like monday!!

Great mornin'!!

Phew, I gotta start doin' things correctly. Namely getting up on time, getting ready on time, etc. etc. Tee hee hee.. Come on, at least do it as well as Kevan of Amish in the City.. At least I got my breakfast done today in a smooth kind of way.

It's a new week, that means it's Monday. That means start things all over again. Hunting for internship spots. Determining the topics of Project Work. Finishing up assignments. And still more stuff to go. Hmm.. Hopefully will do good.

Meanwhile, about this assignments to go, I calculated that I still have to work 60% of it. If I still want to go with 'my style' which means 200% of 'other people's style'. Crazy little perfectionist. And maybe that's who I am. Argh..

Okay, bout this report that I have to do. It's difficult enough, but once I have broken it down, it's not that bad.. Well, the first one is that I am still confused about how I'ma approach the whole situation. Because just like what I said before, if I do the 1st method, 2nd method will be a complete crap. And vice versa. And it ain't good, dude..

Well, okay.. Now I just gotta whip my butt out of my bed (hey, it's kinda rhymy..) and get ready for a whole new week..

Oh, and happy birthday Madonna. No, not the mother of Jesus, but it's Madonna Richie. And also James Cameron. and Elvis.


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