Saturday, August 14, 2004

a day like another..

What, what? Tee hee hee.. Today is a beautiful day. Well, it's actually yesterday. Awaken very early in the dawn to witness another rain in this city. I think it's good for some reasons, they help to dis-elevate the temperature for once. But however, got up, and closed the windows. Otherwise got the freeze for God sake's.

I knew when I was fully awaken that this is gonna be a loooong day. 'Twas a bit cold, however refreshing, and gloomy. Well, certainly not from my point of view, tho.. Today (as in yesterday) I planned to return the books I borrowed and finished reading, DVDs I finished watching, and of course to check out some more interesting materials..

In public library..

Damn!! I got three DVDs to choose from, where I only could take 2 of them.. Hmm.. It's a toss up. Let's see, I still got Celebrity, Charlotte Grey (or is it Gray?), The Color Purple, and Singin' in the Rain. What I wanted to see are The Idiots, Oliver!, and The Wizard of Oz. Hmm..

At first, I was about to toss the Idiots. I wasn't sure that this was a kind of movie that I would like to watch this weekend. (after all, I went to watch Fahrenheit 9/11 in theatres) However, I think that the Idiots are really a good means to learn, know, acknowledge and experience the Dogma 95, which is somehow connected to Lars von Trier. So I think I'll keep it.

The rejectee should be one between Oliver!, The Wizard of Oz, and Singin' in the Rain. At first it was definitely Singin' in the Rain, for I had watched it like 100,000 times, and almost remember all of the songs and lyrics (although it turned out that I only can sing Singin' in the Rain, Good Mornin', and Would You - but it's because I don't really like You are My Lucky Stars) and maybe choreography. And as an addition, I already got one at home. The real home. So forget it.

But I LOVE Singin' in the Rain sooo much. It IS my most favorable musical film. I CAN survive of its torture night and day. I can sing Good Mornin' eventhough it was a gloomy morning or even late at the darkest coldest night. So should I threw the Wizard of Oz in return, because one of my friends got one and I just could borrow it right away? Or should I throw Oliver! because I knew the story, and I do not know even one of the songs..

But then it struck me. That damn resolution.

Try to explore more..
not only deepening what you already know,
because you know nothing.

So there am I, in the middle of the public library, in the middle of the city, far away from home.. Returning Singin' in the Rain, without even realizing that I hadn't said goodbye to it..

So as a tribute, I will definitely sing, eventhough it is not raining..

I'm singin' in the rain.. just singin' in the rain..
What a glorious feeling'
I'm happy again!

I'm laughing at clouds.. so dark up above..
The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love..

Do do doot do do do
do do doot do do do
do do doot do..


Wish you all the best weekend today..

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