Sunday, November 28, 2004


Hmm.. four different characters appeared in my one night stand that kept me up all night last night.


Andien: A very interestingly written and built character. My favorite character. Even the conclusion lied solely around her. Too bad, isn't played as good.
Meimei: The actress did a good job. Simply put, the best played character.
Nino: Second best played. Not much to say, because performed just so-so. But better than others.
Sakti: Very unstable performance. Very unstable characterized. Maybe because the character is unstable. - Hope don't get confused here. I think the actor got confused by shooting non-chronologically(?).

Well, some of the scenes that exposed awkwardness and comedy cracked me up. So it can't be all bad, can it?

Saturday, November 27, 2004

some leftovers..

Ow.. I forgot to tell you. The event might be held in a five-star hotel. But do you know what? In the first 20 minutes into the welcoming, there were already three unwanted events. Drinks were spilled. Even one guy in a designer suit gets something like guava juice all over him. Table cloth was accidentally pulled. And tray was not held in a stabil way, lead to a journey for what's on the tray to head to the floor.

After my performance was over, another loud crash of glass breaking happened again. So much for world-class-five-star hotel. I just made a silent laugh again.

I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight

I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. My brain rocks so friggin hard. My thoughts are scattered everywhere. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. But I will tell you why.

I had a performance. It was done in a five-star hotel in the heart of Hamburg. The hotel was amazing. The guests.. they can be one of the most powerful people in Hamburg. OMFG!! The jet-set class. That may never heard of Divided from H&M because they never thought of buying them. That can crush you like a fly on a window. That has billions and billions and billions and still growing. That has the urgency to conquer my world. MY WORLD! And our world as well.

Was it necessary? Was it worth it? I don't know.. Because I will never be able to answer those question in their point of view. We see things in the world differently. We did things that mold our lives differently.

So there was I, in the middle of a performance. Still trying to sport a smile, to welcome them, eventhough I know thay they couldn't care less. But then in the deepest part of my heart, I just wanted to get outta there and tuck myself on my humble bed, and pray that I won't be like one of them in the future.

Friday, November 26, 2004

early post

I have nothing to say rather than..


Lat: 65 to 62; Long: -18 to -10

Goodbye M&M's..

Damn.. The most current casualties from the Amazing Race 6 are Meredith and Maria. They're definitely one of my early favorite, but to be honest, they so deserve to be eliminated this week.

  1. Meredith & Maria - Maria didn't know how to drive cars with stick. Duh? Apart from the attitude, they should not even think of applying for the Amazing Race. They're so typical Americans that Richard Hatch had said over and over in Survivor: Live. But don't get me wrong, I still love them.
  2. Lena & Kristy - From third to second last. Not so good for them. One mistake at last turn, put them sooo down on the pack. This will be the last non-co-ed team, and will be the last team that I can't tell who is which without thinking.
  3. Freddy & Kendra - Sooo deserve the penalty. When will they be eliminated? Freddy: 'Did they really play this in ancient times? Cause this is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen!' Dude, you said it yourself. They played it. They PLAYED it. Sometimes playing a game is what you do to waste time. Read number 1, second to last sentence, without the last sentence.
  4. Don & Mary Jean - I got myself with laughter when the show cut to them saying, "This is not our car!". I believe that MJ is one of the racers with brain. She's just a little bit too... choleric.
  5. Adam & Rebecca - Amazingly, I was thinking Becca the girl-that-can't-read-diesel from last week did a brilliant choice when she insisted switching Detour. When she switched back to Endurance... I said, there's Becca!
  6. Lori & Bolo - No description here, just see my capture on Phil's face when Lori grabbed him on the mat. ROTFLMAO.
  7. Hayden & Aaron - They may dropped from one to four. But I believe some of it was strategy. Check tAR Insider for further details.
  8. Gus & Hera - Wow.. tAR insider shows his interesting bathing habit. Not the thing I wish to know more, though. The biggest jumper this episode.
  9. Jonathan & Victoria - I'm not gonna tell you how obnoxious Jonathan was. (I wish other teams will Yield them when they got a chance). But do you know that Victoria speaks Japanese? Maybe she only knows Watashi wa Vikutoria desu. But I believe she got more.
  10. Kris & Jon - Umm.. So? Still on the fence. But a little bit more to the not-liking-them area so far.

A friggin cool roadblock. Definitely my stuff. I think the Detour was not fair. I believe that Endurance should have been done not in a circular route, but in a route that goes toward the pit-stop.

Next week, one of the detour was done in IKEA. That means they were in Sweden, weren't they!(?) Let's just wait and see.

Until then.. tomorrow is Survivor: Vanuatu. Hahaha..

Thursday, November 25, 2004

first look of Hamburger Weihnachtsmarkt

Well, I was there so.. late in the night.. (don't ask what time and where was I :)) So there were not so many people out there, but it's enough to give a glimpse on what it's all about.

The welcome sign across the Hauptbahnhof on the end of Spitalstraße.

Spitalstraße on the left, Mönckebergstraße on the right

St. Claus is coming.. up on the roof (two different songs merged into one :D) and Gateway to Rathausmarktplatz

previously on.. my cold night

posterWatching the Forgotten (psst.. I made a mistake by writing it die Vergessene in on my calendar. It turns out that it should be die VergesseneN. We'll talk about this later) where was I? Let me start again.

I was afraid when I finally decided to watch the Forgotten. Not afraid of watching it because it is a thriller, but I was afraid that I had been spoiled so much from its trailer (as I am now with Survivor: Vanuatu episodes), and that it would turn out to be the non-outstanding psychological thriller.

That was I thought, and I open my heart widely now and say, damn, I was dead wrong!

I had watched the trailer not more than 100 times, but certainly more than once, twice, or even twenty times. I didn't mean to, but it was one of the regular commercials in between exclusive videos of the Apprentice 2 in Yahoo!. What could I do? So I thought I had figured it out only by watching the trailer. Damn, I was a snorty snob!

Beautifully tightly connected with its trailer, almost every scene and conversations in the trailer appears only before my fifteen minutes in the movie was up. Before I even ate a quarter of my popcorn. Before I take a sip of my diet regular Pepsi. Even my so-called conclusion was laid out vividly on the table. And made me felt defeated. But after that I thought. If this movie was not about what I thought, what's it about, then?

Run, Julie, run!After twists and turns, the Forgotten spun its way from a psychological thriller to a sci-fi thriller. Conspiracy. Love. Power. And Telly (Julianne Moore) was there to walk you through. Umm.. Maybe it's better to say to run you through. Because she ran a lot. But my point is, it's a thriller that has two sides of faces and did its job from keeping it from me. Ha!

One thing to note about the movie technically, I was not so much impressed with how things went on. Not because sci-fi was not definitely my cup of tea, but there were nothing there except the fact that you have to accept this 'impossibility' due to 'inexplainable' power. Humm..

Distinct cinematography though, by implementing many times a very shaky camera, made me really feel that Telly was standing on shaky ground, even when she knew somehow that she was right.

All and all, the experience of going to the movie was the thing that I looked for. And I certainly got it. Guess who sat in front of me while I was watching it! Nah, not gonna tell you here, it will be so scandalous.

Now off to Königstraße!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

hibernation mode

the calendar on my deskArghhh.. Why am I becoming sooo friggin lazy these days? Is it due to last week that I don't have many things to do? Hmm.. please please please so that the laziness doesn't drag on..

Is it because of the upcoming winter where everything starts to hibernate? Nah, I don't think so.. I don't need any hibernation. Look at this writing.. Look at the so-called edited picture. It describes my laziness very damn well. -Sigh-

Luckily, I know the remedy for this kind of symptoms of mine. And it's GOING TO THE MOVIES!! Woohhooo.. So, after some thinking, I think I'm gonna watch the Forgotten. This is as a payback since I failed to catch The Village when they were on. So, be prepare, Palast-UFA-Grindel (this is how it's being written in here I come (again)!

current spotting

1985 - miracle - mormon - AIDS - Reagan - ghosts of past - New York - finding out - dreams - motherhood - homosexuality - religion - opportunity - Belize - hallucination - coming out - politics - amazing - life - drama - life - drama - life - drama ..

Angels in America

So, it's no secret then, that I just finished watching Angels in America. It's a very very very VERY great drama.. The mini-series doesn't rub me the right way, anyway. But as Meryl Streep said in the conversation with her, I was pretty much enriched.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

before the party starts..

So, here I am sitting here in my friend's room, in front of his beloved laptop, and posting this blog. Can't fuckin use my own computer because it's currently formatted to get a new and better life and way of thinking. Wish we could format our own live and let everything be new then..

Whoops.. the party should have been started now, see you after!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

whoa, it's snowin' out there

Good morrow! Waking up today, looking out the window.. And it turns out that it was snowing out there.. The rooftops are getting white, however, the pavements and roads are still pretty damn grey.


Winter is around the corner, time to unpack my fleece jacket and all my winter protection.

Nice weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2004

herzlich willkommen!!

Hey.. I would like to welcome twenty-two (that is as much as people you see on field in a football match) new, lucky and hopefully interesting people also known as the contestants of The Amazing Race 6. Last night, I watched its first episode, and started to pick favorites but not thinking bout winners quite yet. And let me walk you through them.

Teams of the Amazing Race 6

  1. Avi - Joe. They said that they want to represent skinny white Jews on the show. Too bad this Brooklyn couple got in in last place last night. They were elliminated early and I'm sooo gonna miss their Brooklyn accent. Not quite the week for Brooklyn guys in reality TV, uh? - Last week Chris Russo was fired on the Apprentice 2.
  2. Gus - Hera. Father-daughter relationship started last season (Jim-Marsha) can always be my favorite. But this time around, Gus already tried to create alliance so early in the game. But I agree on he intention of kicking Jonathan out, though. Hehehe.. They were not that good of racers. Love Hera's way of talking and her voice as well.
  3. Don - Mary Jean. Go Mary Jean!! I like her voice and attitude. Wow.. Wish I could know her a little better. Bet they were great grandparents.
  4. Meredith - Maria. Giggle, giggle, giggle.. They had been chosen as favorites by so many people. And I guess soon enough they will also be mine. Heheheh.
  5. Adam - Rebecca. The Devilboy team. Hmm.. Not much to say, made a huge mistake by pumping gasoline to a diesel-fueled car. Duh? I hope they were eliminated last night.
  6. Lori - Bolo. I think this is my most favorite couple to watch. They are professional wrestlers, and the fight between them was soo amusing. Lori was seriously angry to Bolo. And she didn't take his apology easily. I was just wondering what if they continue the fight phisically. That would be awesome to watch. Heheh..
  7. Jonathan - Victoria. Can't stand them. Ugh. If I had someone like John on my side, I think I would simply walk away from him.
  8. Freddy - Kendra. Ugh.. Can't stand Kendra already. I am already picturing her as Nicole from last season. They're tagged as dating models, so in a way, she is Nicole from last season. I don't understand how can they be in 4th place in this first leg. They should be dead last. Heheheh..
  9. Lena - Kristy. Not liking them so far.. But I as well as they are shocked when they finished 3rd. Pretty cool though, how they were just doing things one by one and putting aside their competitveness, and succeded.
  10. Kris - Jon. On the fence.. Not so impressed though so far.
  11. Hayden - Aaron. Psstt.. This is my favorite. Just simply because they are actors. Heheheh.. Everything looks good so far, but let's wait for some other weeks.
One thing for sure, this season will again have female racer as winner. Yes!

recently, at a nearby bus stop

A bus was about to come in 10 minutes. Some twenty people were already waiting for it. Some were anxious, some were pretty cool, and some just spent the 10 minutes as best as they could. One man couldn't help looking at his watch constantly. Almost full, the bus stop nearly had free place for people to stand on.

3 minutes to go. And more people were there. One girl picked up her cell-phone and started to mumble some words like, "I don't think I'm gonna make it..". She was somewhat in the back of the line, however she looked very well prepared.

People started to see the bus right out of the corner. An old lady stood up and started to carry her previously-lain grocery. The girl with the cell-phone said goodbye to the other end. Other people prepped themselves to be able to get on. The bus looked empty, though. But still, these people were trying to think whether there were enough places for them.

They started to enter the bus. The old lady got it. The man looked relieved and started forgetting about his watch, and everything looked good for the girl. She would be able to catch it. Yes, the bus was enough for all of them. Even for a young-fat kid who started running like crazy because he didn't want to be left. He got on board eventually, and the bus goes.

The young kid started to look around after only ten minutes on the bus. And he realized that it was the wrong bus. He played it cool and calm, and just got off in the next stop. Which was pretty damn far from where he was. But he looked around, and realized that eventhough it was something different from where he expected to be, there were still a lot that he could see and do in the place.

The kid started to sway his legs. Left tried to race the right, right raced the left. Then he started to whistle a happy tune..

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

congratz, Sharapova!!

Sharapova and the VaseI just can't believe that I let this one went by (almost) without a mention.

Yesterday, I found out that Maria Sharapova eventually won the WTA Tour Championships in Staples Centre, Los Angeles. She beat Serena Williams in the final, 46 62 64. Amazingly, she was down 04 in last set, and was able to pull it through. Not much to be said right here, other than..

Congratulations Sharapova!! I'll be waiting for you to kick some more ass next year.

my recent test..

...result from

AZ, your most unique quality is that you're unusually Inspirational.

You inspire others around you with your creative energy and thirst for new experiences. You are exceptionally curious and aren't afraid of learning new things — which is probably because you tend to focus on the potential positive outcome of any experience rather than dwelling on the potential negatives. You are a true explorer in the word. You want to understand and experience it all, and you're especially open to new feelings and ideas. Compared to others who are open, you are unusually interested in having new and unusual experiences.

quoted from the result of the test

I somewhat strongly believe in what is stated above. :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

i'm confused..

Okay, I've got to be honest. Currently I am using this new image editor installed on my computer. It is the GIMP 2.0. Still whip my butt to try to master it, but got confused, though.. I think some of my picture's quality was degraded. Hmm.. But funnily, it's not all of them.

I know the mistake should me mine. I'm still trying to figure out what was it, but until then, sorry bout the quality of the pictures.. That disappoints me as well.

Monday, November 15, 2004

victorious day, glorious day, got-the-blues day

It was started in the evening when I celebrated my victory over overcoming lust and desire for a whole month. Simply put, I only bought a stollen, and eat three pieces and drink some water, my favorite drink. Nothing much, maybe not the most appropriate choice and condiments, but I still liked it.


The day after, met and gathered with other Indonesians in General Consulate. Handshakes, laughter, so much overjoy in the air.


Got back home, called hometown, and being told that one of my father's closest cousin passed away. Right after the morning prayer. So apparently there was no celebration at home. Startled, got the phone down, and prayed for her.

In Memoriam
Wa' Puro

Saturday, November 13, 2004

-place an appropriate title here-

Wow.. I almost believe that everything that happens to you is so meant to be. There are no coincidences. What happens to you, are no more than consequences of your choices, and you should take something from it. You should.

So tonight, I was invited to one of the high-authority of the General Consulate. For dinner. But I insisted to go home at midnight. On the bus, a super-loaded dude sat right back at me and kept laughing. And smoking. The bus driver even had to throw him out.

Then I took the third last S-Bahn, and wondering why there were soooo many people in there. I just realized that it was Friday night, and the passengers might come back from Hamburger Dom, and my prediction was supported with the fact that they were mostly youngsters.

But then it happened..

On the way on Hammerbrook to Veddel, one guy at the back of the train said something to other guy. And honestly, I thought he was just saying something, because honest to goodness, I still couldn't differentiate when a german said something or was angry about something. But the truth is, he was angry about something. And not long after, he was hit!! Wohoooo a fight!! Not farther than 2 meters in front of me. Ooo.. and there was blood. On both sides.

go hit him!Hahahaha.. I was like, very cool, finally I would see a fight in this country. Yeah, A hit B, and then B's friends shoved A down. A's friends started to shove back, and all the chaos started. And I really really really enjoyed it. It happened along the ride to Veddel, and people were trying to separate them, and they were back on, and all of the people were standing on their seats. Some of them were standing to walk outta the fighting scene, though..

The train had to be stopped in Veddel to wait for the police to come, and one guy basically said, "Let's just say we don't know them. They left, and we don't know where they're heading." Well, that's simply the truth for me.. Because after the train stopped, A said something to continue the fight somewhere else. And the other group bought it.

The stars of the show beside the two guys:
  • four german girls with panic on their faces. And one of them I think said, 'What is wrong with that guy?'. She dated with one of the fighting guys.
  • a short plump guy who deliberately kept them apart and yelling, stupid people (referring to the fighting guys), sit down and stay there on your ass. On your ass part is my improvisation.
  • A couple who were calming each other. But mostly the man who's comforting the woman actually.
  • A red-fleece-jacketed teenager who constantly grabbed my shoulder to jump up and check out what's goin on next
  • Two men (were they on a date?) who checked out the train as soon as it hit Veddel with smirks on their faces.
The thing is that this so-called fight held the train for some 10 minutes in Veddel. Luckily and too bad it did not happen on Wilhelmsburg-Harburg route. Lucky because I wouldn't have seen the rest of the episode until the police got there, but too bad because the latter route is the longest route between two stations, and the fight would have been longer.

Now, when and where am I going to witness a catfight? Oops, be careful with what you wish for..

Friday, November 12, 2004

it's gonna be a new project

Yesterday, when my job for the day was complete and I had nothing to do left, I let my fingers and clicks of my mouse take me where they wanted. Chip And they brought me here: Looked at some (I think) great freeware and started to think to download them. Hmm.. Being pretty busy for this weekend I presume.

Anyway, it also brought my memory back to college to always keep up with this kind of stuff by buying Chip. However, now I can let myself do the dirty work, and leave that magz editor behind. I just wish my laptop were as strong as my PC.

And you know what, thanks to this finding, I think I'm gonna start a new project this upcoming winter. Hmm.. It's gonna be fun.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

adware, virus, and memory wipeouts..

Dang! Not the best morning, because the minute I logged on to my computer this morning, I got messages to scan adwares and viruses on my computer. Adwares there are lotsa them that starts to bug the system. Fight with them for about 15 minutes. I won, by the way..

Now get to the virus.. Regular scan, still no virus to be found. Great. However, I think I need updated virus listings or whatever the name is. Updating Norton for another 15 minutes..

And then memory wipeout started to occur! Damn!! I couldn't and can't remember what I'm about to write here.. Dangit! Sigh.. Hopefully will remember the minute I got to the Uni then.

Now, gotta go..

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

before I go to bed..

Before I go to bed this very early morning..

Drink two glasses of water.. Done!
Wash your face.. Done!
Fasting prayer.. Done!
Pre-sleep prayer.. Hmm.. I'll say it out loud..

I hope world peace will truly be an actual situation, statt a jargon.. And I hope when I get up later on today, my day won't turn to bad-hair day, because we will take pictures of our choir tonight.

Gonna go to slumberland now..

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

sie ist wieder da!

Look at that, isn't it great? Check it out, Hamburger Dom is here again.. -no, I don't mean to check my reflection on the S-Bahn window when I took the pic. But checking it out too won't hurt. Hehehe..-

Dom ads

No, Hamburger Dom is not a Dom (cathedral) made out of hamburger. It is actually a festival in the form of fairground where you can find attractions, kiosk, Liebeskuchen, and my favorite, people. It is held three times a year, and dubbed using the closest season they are in or approaching. There's the Fruhlingsfest in spring, Sommerdom in summer, and Winterdom in fall. Will go there for sure, and take lotsa pics. Hehehe..

It is located in St. Pauli, and there will be a great firework display every Friday starting at 10:30 pm. Let's be there!!

Okay here is a clearer look on the advertisements that was put on on the windows of S-Bahns.

Dom ads


I swear to God.. this morning I have written the news about Vera Zvonareva who made it to Los Angeles as I hoped. But where the hell is my writing? Hmm.. Vaporized by the inexplainable power of the universe.

But anyhow, YES! Vera Zvonareva made it to Los Angeles. She will compete with other four -yes, four!!- russian girls and two americans and a french. The complete list for the singles are:
  1. Lindsay Davenport
  2. Amelie Mauresmo
  3. Anastasia Myskina
  4. Svetlana Kuznetsova
  5. Elena Dementieva
  6. Maria Sharapova (love her!!)
  7. Serena Williams
  8. Vera Zvonareva
Now, is there any news from the men's tennis? Hehehe..

By the way, Kuznetsova will also be playing in doubles.

Monday, November 08, 2004

back to back kick

Raj and ElizabethIn two weeks.. two contestants of the Apprentice 2 that I love the most are fired. Huhuhu.. But judging with the twist that the Donald tries to throw in this time around, I'm guessing that this will not be the last time that I will see them.

I still would veto the firing, but what can a viewer do but complaining and bitching by and to himself? Tee hee hee..

Gonna miss you Liz and Raj!

the butterfly effect (?)

Great surprise when the sun went down today. I was still waiting for the time that I could eat again, and my cell was ringing. Not ringing, tho, it was just vibrating. And guess who was on the other side of the cell..

It's my buddy from college!! Woohooo.. I am very sure and certain that he didn't read my blog, but he called me, and suddenly I felt like on top of the world. Nah, that's exaggerating. But very happy. At least we still threw jokes and all about everything. And I was so stupid when I said "I'm sorry but I can't hear you.." first time he answer my Who's this? in a bloody British accent. And he said. "Heh.. You left us a year, and you're already talk to me like that?" -translated from Indonesian. OMG..

Not long after that, tossing up tasteless jokes.. Thank God I still have them..

Sunday, November 07, 2004

things that I..

10 things that I missed doing in my hometown..
  1. going to the Iso-zone
  2. reading my sister's fiction collection
  3. being very extremely animated
  4. watching trashy TV programme
  5. making jokes about it
  6. getting lost in time listening to movie soundtracks
  7. raping -yes, raping- my PC
  8. hunting for new DVDs
  9. eating the edible guilty pleasure: gorengan

Saturday, November 06, 2004

another -ova, yet she's from Czech

Iveta BesenovaHey.. Thursday night.. Hangin out after finishing the orchestra rehearsal, watching tennis in Eurosport, and I saw her for the first time. Iveta Benesova, 21 year-old left-handed player from Czech Republic.

I like her play. Eventhough she was not really good, but she has an amazing backhand slash that once or twice put her opponent at that time, Amelie Mauresmo, in trouble. Too bad that she still has weak serve -even so, she scored 3 aces in the game- that she needs to work on. And she's cute too.

So I hope she can work things out and advancing better than her position right now, 45th in the race. And one more thing. Go Russian girls!! And I never meant it for Anna Kournikova. Where the hell is she right now? Hehehe.. Hopefully Vera Zvonareva will make it to Los Angeles.

Pic courtesy of WTA

funny dream

Wow.. I had a funny dream last night. And I want to lash it out here in front of y'all. My dream was, I caught a friend of mine -not so close friend, but still a friend- butt naked in a room. And funny thing is that I just like "Dude, do you have this book with you?" Or questioning a very unimportant question as such.

As I woke up, I of course did not remember the dream. But in daytime, I remembered that I had this dream and damn! I laughed a hell lot of me. And I take it as a sign that my tolerance to nudity has gone to places that I never thought that I would go before. Wow.. Am I really that tolerant? Now I'm still giggling.

In the newest Survivor: Vanuatu episode, it is said that Sarge said that he was comfortable with nudity, because he had been in Europe. So is that it? Is it because I'm in Europe and I definitely have an elevating level of acceptance. LOL.. I still don't know what to think. But I like it though. I mean I like the fact that dreams make me realize that maybe some part of me is changing. Hope it towards the better.

Wish y'all the best first weekend in November.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Believe is out

Wow!! What a great way to start a day!!

The Polar Express posterAgain, okay, I have to say that it's also late.. But the first performance of the latest single sung by Josh Groban is out. It's titled Believe, theme song from the movie The Polar Express. I think I'm gonna watch the movie. Just curious how Robert Zemeckis directed a digital animated features this time. And of course to catch Believe on screen.. Maybe it's just in the end, but es ist mir doch egal.

The Polar Express poster Back to Groban, he performed in the Oprah Winfrey Show on.. I'm not sure. Maybe it's October 26th, though.. Again, accompanied by his sidekick Zachary Provost on the piano. I think the song was OK, not over-the-top OK, but not bad (hope the other fans won't kill me). Kind of rejoicing the holiday season's spirit once again. Just check it out. Maybe it will be on Launch in a couple of days.

Right there on the right, Josh Groban looked all merry when Tom Hanks pretended to play the piano on the set of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Sorry bout the low quality capture, btw.

And as a preview, here is the lyrics to the song.

Lyrics by Glen Ballard

Children, sleeping,
Snow is softly falling.
Dreams are calling
Like bells in the distance.
We were dreamers not so long ago.
But one by one,
We all had to grow up.

When it seems the magic's slipped away,
We find it all again on Christmas day.

Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There's so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need,
If you just believe.

Trains move quickly
To their journey's end.
Destinations are where we begin again.
Ships go sailing far across the sea.
Trusting starlight to get where they need to be.

When it seems that we have lost our way,
We find ourselves again on Christmas day.

Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to
There's so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need,
If you just believe.
If you just believe
If you just believe
If you just believe

Just believe

so there it is.. go head listen to it and enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


A new month, new things to face.. Love it!

Anyway, yesterday I finally hit the gym after some inabilities. And as I thought, lost 5 pounds. Hmm.. Must work hard to gain them back, then. The gym was so very extremely fuckin crowded! Gosh! I hate it. There are soooo many people there, and still new students are registering for membership. What will the gym turn into? Markplatz? Well, we'll just see.

Today, plan to go to Planten und Blomen. Hopefully will get some great pictures and I can show you later on then. I know it may not be the best time of the year to visit Planten und Blomen. But seriously, if I wait for another week, it'll be even worse.

And later on tonight, another orchestra rehearsal. Let's see how it'll go on.

Good Tuesday!