Tuesday, November 09, 2004

sie ist wieder da!

Look at that, isn't it great? Check it out, Hamburger Dom is here again.. -no, I don't mean to check my reflection on the S-Bahn window when I took the pic. But checking it out too won't hurt. Hehehe..-

Dom ads

No, Hamburger Dom is not a Dom (cathedral) made out of hamburger. It is actually a festival in the form of fairground where you can find attractions, kiosk, Liebeskuchen, and my favorite, people. It is held three times a year, and dubbed using the closest season they are in or approaching. There's the Fruhlingsfest in spring, Sommerdom in summer, and Winterdom in fall. Will go there for sure, and take lotsa pics. Hehehe..

It is located in St. Pauli, and there will be a great firework display every Friday starting at 10:30 pm. Let's be there!!

Okay here is a clearer look on the advertisements that was put on on the windows of S-Bahns.

Dom ads

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