Friday, November 19, 2004

recently, at a nearby bus stop

A bus was about to come in 10 minutes. Some twenty people were already waiting for it. Some were anxious, some were pretty cool, and some just spent the 10 minutes as best as they could. One man couldn't help looking at his watch constantly. Almost full, the bus stop nearly had free place for people to stand on.

3 minutes to go. And more people were there. One girl picked up her cell-phone and started to mumble some words like, "I don't think I'm gonna make it..". She was somewhat in the back of the line, however she looked very well prepared.

People started to see the bus right out of the corner. An old lady stood up and started to carry her previously-lain grocery. The girl with the cell-phone said goodbye to the other end. Other people prepped themselves to be able to get on. The bus looked empty, though. But still, these people were trying to think whether there were enough places for them.

They started to enter the bus. The old lady got it. The man looked relieved and started forgetting about his watch, and everything looked good for the girl. She would be able to catch it. Yes, the bus was enough for all of them. Even for a young-fat kid who started running like crazy because he didn't want to be left. He got on board eventually, and the bus goes.

The young kid started to look around after only ten minutes on the bus. And he realized that it was the wrong bus. He played it cool and calm, and just got off in the next stop. Which was pretty damn far from where he was. But he looked around, and realized that eventhough it was something different from where he expected to be, there were still a lot that he could see and do in the place.

The kid started to sway his legs. Left tried to race the right, right raced the left. Then he started to whistle a happy tune..

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