Friday, November 19, 2004

herzlich willkommen!!

Hey.. I would like to welcome twenty-two (that is as much as people you see on field in a football match) new, lucky and hopefully interesting people also known as the contestants of The Amazing Race 6. Last night, I watched its first episode, and started to pick favorites but not thinking bout winners quite yet. And let me walk you through them.

Teams of the Amazing Race 6

  1. Avi - Joe. They said that they want to represent skinny white Jews on the show. Too bad this Brooklyn couple got in in last place last night. They were elliminated early and I'm sooo gonna miss their Brooklyn accent. Not quite the week for Brooklyn guys in reality TV, uh? - Last week Chris Russo was fired on the Apprentice 2.
  2. Gus - Hera. Father-daughter relationship started last season (Jim-Marsha) can always be my favorite. But this time around, Gus already tried to create alliance so early in the game. But I agree on he intention of kicking Jonathan out, though. Hehehe.. They were not that good of racers. Love Hera's way of talking and her voice as well.
  3. Don - Mary Jean. Go Mary Jean!! I like her voice and attitude. Wow.. Wish I could know her a little better. Bet they were great grandparents.
  4. Meredith - Maria. Giggle, giggle, giggle.. They had been chosen as favorites by so many people. And I guess soon enough they will also be mine. Heheheh.
  5. Adam - Rebecca. The Devilboy team. Hmm.. Not much to say, made a huge mistake by pumping gasoline to a diesel-fueled car. Duh? I hope they were eliminated last night.
  6. Lori - Bolo. I think this is my most favorite couple to watch. They are professional wrestlers, and the fight between them was soo amusing. Lori was seriously angry to Bolo. And she didn't take his apology easily. I was just wondering what if they continue the fight phisically. That would be awesome to watch. Heheh..
  7. Jonathan - Victoria. Can't stand them. Ugh. If I had someone like John on my side, I think I would simply walk away from him.
  8. Freddy - Kendra. Ugh.. Can't stand Kendra already. I am already picturing her as Nicole from last season. They're tagged as dating models, so in a way, she is Nicole from last season. I don't understand how can they be in 4th place in this first leg. They should be dead last. Heheheh..
  9. Lena - Kristy. Not liking them so far.. But I as well as they are shocked when they finished 3rd. Pretty cool though, how they were just doing things one by one and putting aside their competitveness, and succeded.
  10. Kris - Jon. On the fence.. Not so impressed though so far.
  11. Hayden - Aaron. Psstt.. This is my favorite. Just simply because they are actors. Heheheh.. Everything looks good so far, but let's wait for some other weeks.
One thing for sure, this season will again have female racer as winner. Yes!

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