Monday, November 08, 2004

the butterfly effect (?)

Great surprise when the sun went down today. I was still waiting for the time that I could eat again, and my cell was ringing. Not ringing, tho, it was just vibrating. And guess who was on the other side of the cell..

It's my buddy from college!! Woohooo.. I am very sure and certain that he didn't read my blog, but he called me, and suddenly I felt like on top of the world. Nah, that's exaggerating. But very happy. At least we still threw jokes and all about everything. And I was so stupid when I said "I'm sorry but I can't hear you.." first time he answer my Who's this? in a bloody British accent. And he said. "Heh.. You left us a year, and you're already talk to me like that?" -translated from Indonesian. OMG..

Not long after that, tossing up tasteless jokes.. Thank God I still have them..

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